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Two more from Domus. Seasonal cusine, cozy, clean and friendly.

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Beer-battered Haddock at Fraser Café
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2018 Aug 9
Had a very nice family brunch at Fraser Cafe recently.

The only flaw was that since we started with an order of their homemade muffins (that day's flavour was banana chocolate - irresistable!), we were all too full to finish our meals - we would have been better splitting 1 or 2 muffins as a group. Seriously - the muffins - while delicious - were probably large enough to pass themselves off as licenced drivers. They were served with an excellent jam.

I ordered the heuvos rancheros (which I've strangely never tried before) and quite enjoyed it. The only flaw was that their otherwise very descriptive menu didn't mention that it came with a salad, so I got stuck with a salad I couldn't eat (ranch-type salad dressings are the worst), but given that I filled up without it it wasn't a great loss.
The eggs were properly cooked, and the masa cake and beans were quite nice.

My parents respectively ordered the smoked trout and pancake and were both very happy with these choices.

Fraser's fresh squeezed orange juice and smoothie of the day also went over well.

2017 Jul 31
A business school friend was in town from out of the country visiting family and we decided to go here since he was staying only a few blocks away. I have been for brunch and table 40 dinner but this was first time for regular dinner. We could not get a regular table so get the high table beside the open kitchen while fine was a little too hot for my friend.

I had the shrimp ceviche and my friend the pasta starter and both were nice. He had the BC fish main and I had the venison tenderloin special after eyeing the beef short rib.. It was tasty but might go back for the short rib sometime.

He had the financier dessert and I had some geloto... Each of us had a pimm cocktail and a glass of wine each..

Overall a very good dinner and service was very good but pretty slow, not sure if it is due to a trainee with the server. The show at the kitchen was nice. I might try lunch another time since dinner with tax and tip and a couple of drink was over $100 pp. Worth it for a special occasion but not one you want to do every day.

2015 Aug 14
Had the BBQ Mackerel for lunch yesterday and it was the best dish I've ever had here. The fish was tasty and cooked perfectly.

BBQ Mackerel Rice Bowl – fried egg/broccoli/pickled ginger/nori/bacon

2014 Nov 4
We had a family dinner out on Sunday evening to celebrate my mother's birthday. We all thoroughly enjoyed our meals. My brother and sister in law shared a platter of roast chicken and pork belly that looked really nicely done. I noticed towards the end of the meal that they hadn't tried the accompanying chimichurri (or was it a chermoula?) which is a shame because when I told them they should try it they both really liked it (they are not adventurous eaters!) They also liked the other red sauce that they had left on the platter too :) My mom had a nice salmon dish with coconut milk and red chilies that I tried and enjoyed. My sister has a lot of food allergies which they accommodated by modifying a scallop dish. I got the kitchen's choice which for me ended up being a really tasty lamb dish with a goat cheese and mushroom pancake. The lamb came two ways - I think half must have been braised and the other half some nice cuts done medium rare. It was one of the best lamb preparations I have had in a very long time.

I used to hang out at Fraser Cafe somewhat regularly on quiet weekend nights but haven't been in probably a year. The manager sent our table a cheese and charcuterie platter to start us off because I am "an old friend of the restaurant" which was a very nice gesture and much appreciated. It won't be a year before I'm back again!

2014 Sep 28
My wife`s panzanella salad with a Scotch egg. She certainly enjoyed her salad and loved the Scotch egg, beautifully done and very flavourful. I snagged a bite of the Scotch egg and very much enjoyed the fennel-flavoured goodness, very tasty indeed.

2014 Sep 28
We made reservations and went to Fraser Café for the weekend brunch. It was packed and people waited for a short while at the bar if they did not have reservations.
Service was warm and attentive and no one had complaints. The food was beautiful, delicious and praiseworthy. Between us we had the panzanella salad with the Scotch egg side, the scrambled eggs, the whole wheat and yoghurt pancakes, and 4 orders for huevos rancheros, one with a side of bacon.
Pictured is my huevos rancheros which was lovely to look at and good to eat. I particularly enjoyed the salad with a nicely piquant dressing, the masa cake, the perfectly done eggs, the very tasty salsa, and the very, very tasty pickled onions. The feta went unnoticed, the sour cream almost unnoticed, the black beans were good but I would like more flavours coming from them as I know how good they can be when made to my liking.
As a whole I enjoyed my meal and our visit to Fraser`s a lot.

2014 Mar 21
Just returned from dinner at Fraser Café on what looked to be a pretty busy Friday night. I'd been there for lunch, but not for dinner. My review in a nutshell: terrific food, but service needs help.

We both had the chef's choice (mystery meal! my favourite!) and the halibut plate and the Cornish hen were wonderful. Flat out gorgeous. I have no complaints about the food: portions bang on, nice presentation, complex flavours. Bread was a little non-descript, but okay. Starter frisee and poached egg salad ample and interesting.

But the service. Luckily we weren't in a hurry, because the meal (shared app, mains, coffee) took 2.5 hours. Every stage (looking for a menu, looking for a starter glass of wine, looking to get the cheque, looking to make payment) was a game of "Where's Waldo?" There were wait staff, very friendly tableside manner, but not terribly attentive. I wondered if we'd slipped into one of those restaurant No Man's Land between two servers' territories. I had to ask the waiter if there were any specials. I was never asked if I wanted a second drink. The wallet sat on the table for an eternity before a cheque was forthcoming, and then another eternity for the debit device to be procured.

Food this good deserves service to match.

2013 May 17
Why did I wait so long before trying the Fraser Café. The pulled-smoke duck open face sandwich is quite the treat. Duck was juicy with plenty of flavours and just the right amount of smoke. I’ll have to head back over there soon to try the tuna tacos.

2013 May 17
This picture is a bit old, but its my favorite thing for lunch at Fraser.

Smoked rainbow trout with a salad, beets, and an amazing dijon mustard vinaigrette sauce.

I am salivating just thinking about it....

2013 Mar 19
Fish&Chips, go back for the lunch part of the brunch, and have the burger; best in town.




2008 Jun 16
This is what my partner ordered. It was served with their house sausage, potatoes, and mushrooms with worcestershire sauce. Details to follow with my dish, the same but with scrambled eggs...



2010 May 15
I get that it has become popular to make creamy scrambled eggs (largely on account of Mr. Gordon Ramsay), but why did my eggs taste like cream?

These eggs didn't taste egg-like at all. While I was pleased that for an extra $2, they let us share the eggs, but added extra food to the plate (we each got a sausage patty and a tomato), it was too complicated a compostion to actually enjoy.

As foodlover's photo shows, the scrambled eggs are more like a decontructed omlette. The sausage was drearily dry, although well flavoured. With our plate came a sauce, which the waitress said was comprised of chow-chow and tomatoes. It would have been good on ribs, but it made everything taste like French salad dressing.

The thing is, if you don't like tomatoes, you're out of luck, because the sauce is on everything; it's like they plated it on top of the sauce. Even if you do, it's overpowering.

This was far too complicated an execution of what could have been a really good standard brunch.

2008 Jun 16
Here is my DELICIOUS breakfast...scrambled eggs with cheese curds, potatoes, mushrooms in worcestershire sauce, and the amazing house sausage. At first I thought it was a small order and that I'd leave hungry but it was properly portioned, leaving me feel full and not stuffed. Every little thing was flavoured to perfection. The house sausage was so fresh and flavourful, we both couldn't stop talking about it all day....and we RARELY eat meat. The fried egg breakfast my partner ordered was exactly the same as mine so of course, equally as delish. I almost wish there was more selection to choose from so that next time I could try something else! I'll save next time for dinner instead :)

2008 Jul 16
I just had dinner at Fraser Cafe and it was on par with my dinner I had at Jean-Georges in New York City!!

I had a wild sockeye salmon app with bacon, chanterelles, potato, young watercress and a cucumber dressing. Between our dishes one of the chefs sent over a small taste of foie gras which was perfectly cooked and host to some wonderful flavours, with the 'jam' and pickeld apples and beets. For my main I chose the scallops with seasonal veg and the most delicious parsnip puree I've ever eaten. It was all of the best things about parsnip and absolutely silken. The cherry tomatoes were a sweet addition to the plate as well as the crispy polenta 'croquette'
For dessert I had the chilled vanilla rice pudding with chocolate mousse, crispy slivers of coconut and pineapple. Plump, homey vanilla pudding, spiked with chunks of prime pineapple delivered a knockout punch

Our server, Laura, was so sweet and sincere. She was never too rushed,completely professional and completed my first of MANY dining experiences to come at Fraser Cafe.



2010 Dec 11
We had a fantastic brunch here this weekend on our first visit. The food was super fresh, well portioned and spiced to perfection.

I had Eggs Benedict which turned out to be the best Eggs Benedict I have ever had. Definitely worth the few extra dollars compared to a more traditional breakfast place. The addition of a fresh tomato to the Eggs Benedict rounded out the dish perfectly. The home fries were astounding, with a few different flavours (dill, cheese, tomato and something sweet which I couldn't figure out). The fresh green salad was also a nice touch.

My girlfriend had the Huevos Rancheros which was also delicious, although not quite as awesome as my dish. All ingredients were fresh and prepared well.

It is a bit pricier than your typical greasy spoon brunch place but the quality and flavour make it more than worth it.

2010 May 15
Disappointing, really. I wanted to like it and I wanted for my husband to like it. I enjoyed it, but I wasn't amazed by it. My husband didn't say much through the meal, but for all the wrong reasons.

We asked about the donughts as a dessert, and the waitress suggested ordering the meal sized portion to split. We did this, but considered spliting another dish so that a) we wouldn't be too full and b) brunch would come in under $50.

We split the Scrambled Eggs, which I wasn't impressed with.

The donughts were really quite tasty, but I think that had as much to do with the freshness as anything else. The maple syrup was a nice touch, but the caramel apple compote was too sweet and it was served cold resulting in this weird hot/cold donught.

I'll be back for lunch, but the brunch left me underwhelmed.

2010 Feb 19
A lot has been said about this place so I will keep it short. I was thrilled with my experience at Fraser cafe this past weekend, the service was pleasant and attentive (even with an energetic one year old at the table!), the atmosphere at the new location was warm and the food was great as usual.

I also had the burger and I totally second nickfoodies comments, in addition, I will add that even the bun is made fresh in house (being totally blown away after finishing I had to know all about it and the server was happy to inform me that absolutely everything was made in house, two big thumbs up!) My only comment would be that the fries could have been salted a bit more, but other than that a really great meal.

For Dessert we tried the doughnuts and ice cream as well as the lemon cake and both arrived piping hot, a nice treat on a cold winter morning!

2010 Feb 18
Excellent bacon cheeseburger on the Brunch menu. Delicious, perfectly fried double-smoked bacon and pretty aged cheddar, with a sweet mayo sauce, garnished with tomato and greens. Great fries too, fresh, thick cut. Nice salad with a variety of greens. At $13 a great deal, very filling. Washed down with a pint of Beau's and I'm a happy man.

This is my favourite burger in town

2009 Jun 5
A notch or two above fish 'n chips, and it tasted as good as it looked!