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Foods from Lavergne Western Beef

2011 Mar 22
Lavergne is now on Twitter : LavergneWB


Will be advertising specials via this means, as well as new products (coming out next week!), and of course regular products.

2010 Nov 15
Lavergne's is at 3971 Navan Road - between Tenth Line and Mer Bleue.
When you're in the area, I highly recommend a visit to the Mer Bleue Bog Trail/Conservation Area.
A superb and beautiful little hike.

Also, here's a great write-up (with directions) of other food businesses in Navan...

2010 Nov 14
Can someone pinpoint this place for me on google maps? The location finder here on the website does not seem to be anywhere close to the place - at least not in browsing around Streetview

I'd like to find it before going looking for it.

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2011 Mar 24
I've been too lazy lately to slice my own bacon so have been buying it at work with the ridiculously low prices on it there. My wife cooked some tonight under the broiler - had never seen it done like that before. Came out perfectly! I'm going to have to buy more bacon now so I can get her to show me how to do it so I can make a video of it :-)

Bacon on sale right now #2 bacon buy 10 lbs for $27.50. I think til Saturday.

2010 Nov 26
I picked up a slab of their once-smoked, uncooked bacon today to see how I stack up against the big boys :-) Theirs is extremely good, but my wife and I both prefer mine. One thing that really surprised me with theirs is how smoky it is - I love a good smoky flavour and do about 3 hours of smoke on my own bacon, but theirs was even smokier. Their double-smoked bacon must be insane!

I think the maple syrup in my cure makes the difference since I use quite a bit - thanks to monty's recipe. Mine is a bit saltier - my latest batch at least, which turned out a bit saltier than usual for some reason I'm not sure why. And I think my herb and spice mixture comes through better.

Given that this was about the same price as store bought bacon, I'm left wondering why anyone would ever buy the regular stuff. Sure it is not quite as good as mine, but that is splitting hairs because this is incredible bacon!


2012 Feb 3
I got lucky - went out today to get a pork belly to make bacon and they had a fresh batch of blood pudding just made today! Get it while you can because they only make it every 2 or 3 months and it does not last long each time.

Just had it on a toasted bagel with dijon and it was incredible!

2010 Dec 22
Nooooooo! I went back today to stock up, and was told that this is only seasonal and the season is now over. Waaaaaaaaaa!

2010 Nov 26
Oh man! Real blood sausage finally! $4.20 for 3 huge pieces is just an insane price. I vacuum sealed 2 of them and tossed them into the freezer, and dug right into the 3rd one. Unfortunately the only thing I have to compare it to is the big factory stuff, so it should be no surprise that this is far better than anything I've ever had before. Well worth it.

2010 Dec 23
Oh man, I should have bought a much bigger slab of this stuff yesterday! I bought a tube about 4 inches long and as big around as a small mouth mason jar mouth, and it was only a buck fifty! And really yummy. Considering going back out today to stock up - I bet this stuff freezes great.

2010 Dec 23
For about two-and-a-quarter I got a circa 750ml tub of extremely yummy kraut.

2010 Dec 23
These are extremely crispy cukes in a really yummy brine. Every bit as good as my own home made dills. I usually have a bit more dill in mine but make no mistake, these are superb pickles.