I think this is what you call Kosher Pickles but am not 100% sure. Whole baby cucumbers pickled in a brine which encourages natural bacteria living on the cucumber to ferment the carbohydrates into a type of vinegar which preserves the fruit. A certain concentration of salt is required for best fermentation, so these type of pickles are usually salt to extremely salty. As a result of the fermentation, the brined they are in is usually very cloudy.

Fermented Dill Pickles at The Piggy Market
Where to get Fermented Dill Pickles

2010 Dec 23
These are extremely crispy cukes in a really yummy brine. Every bit as good as my own home made dills. I usually have a bit more dill in mine but make no mistake, these are superb pickles.


2010 Dec 24
hard to beat pickles that come from a place called "The Pickle Patch" ^^

i think Piggy Market sells them exclusively as 1L jars. i never knew pickles could be... fizzy. thumbs up for fermentation!