Kochu serves both Japanese Sushi and Korean fare such as bibimbap and kimbap. Kochu mainly focuses on take-out orders, but some seating is available.

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2009 May 23
Thanks for the heads up on the new rolls, Poutine.

I have been woefully lacking Kochu in my life...when I lived on Frank Street I went at least twice a week (I *adore* their kimchi...they actually STILL remember me - I moved in September - and still call me Kimchi Girl).

Gotta go by and check out the new rolls!~

2009 May 22
thanks Poutine
I was just thinking of them as the bus crawled by an hour ago
*mouth salivating @ kochu roll*

2009 May 22
I am so excited! Kochu just recently added new rolls to their menu. Today I tried the Kochu Roll. Words cannot describe how good it is. It consists of; salmon, smoked salmon, deep fried tempura shrimp, mango, spicy crab, fish roe and Kochu sauce (spicy & Korean traditional pepper sauce). That is quite the imagination, but trust me, it works.
Here are other new items that I can't wait to try:
-Tuna Plus Roll (Tuna, Kochu & sesame sauce, shrimp, spicy sauce)
-Bulgogi Roll (marinated beef, lettuce, cucumber, carrot, teriyaki sauce)

2009 Feb 27
poutine, i agree!
the food and the owners are the best assets of this tiny lil gem

2009 Feb 27
I try to come here as often as possible. Kochu has by far the best fresh tasting sushi in town. It's a small place, you can easily miss it, but please don't!

I usually take the "today combo" at $8.95, it consist of whatever the sushi chef feels like that day. However it always has a kamikaze with shrimp, it has just the right amount of heat.Today the other items consisted of 2 pc of Mango tango (mango + smoked salmon), very tasty and fresh, 2pc of Sweet potato rolls, these are melt in your mouth delicious little morsels, 2 pc of spicy tuna and 2 nigiri (salmon + shrimp).

The quality and taste of food is consistant. The 2 owners are adorable and friendly. The sushi price is more then reasonable and rarely can you find sushi rice of this quality, not too sticky, but just enough to hold your roll and seasoned just right. If I could, I would eat lunch here everyday.

2009 Jan 27
ate here twice
had a great time
tiny tiny and very warm inside
we were lucky enough to grab one of the two "patio" tables and had my first try of korean sushi
very nice very pleasant
love seasame oil
needed a bit more wasabi for my taste but have order takeaway since snd always always been pleased
definitely recomend it to friends

2008 May 30
Past lunchtime, headed to the police station to pay a fine... gotta eat, but I only have 20min on the parking meter. Being a fine day, I decide to chance another parking ticket and head up Elgin in search of take out. Subway -- absolutely not. Lebanese, mmmm.... reminds me of too many late nights. Then... KOCHU. Bingo!

I ordered the Korean version of a nori roll, traditionally served without condiments, as the rice is seasoned with sesame oil instead. I watched as a giant roll of rice, 2 kinds of fish, yellow pepper and watercress were laid out and rolled up in the sheet of nori, then sliced and laid out on an adorable floral-patterned plastic take-out tray, with lid.

"OH" said the 2nd staff/owner. "That's a REALLY big roll." Giggling with the maker of this behemoth, she warned me not to expect such a larger roll in the future.

Gotta love ungraded food.

2008 Apr 26
Ordered take out here last Sunday after a very eventful Saturday night.

The bibimbap was really delicious - the vegetables were fresh, the hot sauce was potent. I had never seen this before, but the egg was scrambled and sort of cut into cubes (as for sushi). I didn't much mind though because it was so flavorful and good.

BF had the Udon noodles with kimchi, scallions and tempura bits in soup. It was also very good. The noodles were addictive and the broth was very well flavoured.

Overall, a nice healthy take out option for $15.

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2008 Mar 24
My wife and I ordered bibimbap from Kochu a few weeks ago. Along with the usual veggies, rice and egg, their version includes beef strips which I think are marinated in bulgogi sauce. Quite tasty, and reasonably priced at $6.95.


2009 Sep 15
I agree that these are indeed great. I was a little worried because they have tempura flakes in them which can be very drying if over used, but they were a very pleasant addition to this roll.

2009 Mar 22
These are our new favourites in the realm of Sushi.

We discovered these at Kochu several months ago and they keep us coming back. The taste is like nothing else. We could make an entire meal out of them.


2009 Aug 2
miso, in this case

very light, mild, tasty, just enough of that "cheesy" miso flavour without being too salt


2009 Aug 2
great flavour
nice and garliky
I do fancy mine spicier but still......


2009 Aug 2
yes they do
I forgot to mention there is an extra charge
50 cents on rolls and 1$ for the bowls but more than worth it

2009 Aug 2
Chef Obi, does Kochu happen to do any brown-rice sushi?

2009 Aug 2
because I'm currently doing a carb kontrol diet, white rice is out
not always a big fan of brown rice BUT the brown rice offered as an option in lieu of white rice blew me away

very flavourful! light and fluffy


2009 Aug 2
in this case, pork bulgogi aka Gochujang bulgogi, was very very good

being an afficiando of pork, this ranks up there
sweet, spicy and salty
num num num
stirfried with onions and carrots
sprinkled with black and white sesame seeds and served on brown (white available) rice..wow!

2013 Jan 6
We ordered delivery from Kochu on New Year's Eve. Ordering online was great and we placed our order early for a later delivery which was nice. The food was ok, not great, but I would give it another chance on a non-holiday meal when they might be less busy.

I had the veggie gyoza and it was my least favourite part of the meal. I found them over cooked and shriveled up. The filling was mashed together so I couldn't identify any particular flavour. There was definitely no way to tell what bits were mushroom or not.

2013 Jan 5
Gyoza!!!!!!! They have three different kinds of Gyoza; Beef, chicken and veggi. I tried all kinds
and veggi was the best!! When I chewed mushroom in the veggi Gyoza, it was so yummy!! Of course, beef and chicken were also awesome. I recommend this place if you are Gyoza mania~!!