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Now located inside Green Fresh Supermarket.

St Honoré Bakery
St Honoré Bakery
St Honoré Bakery
Ga Lei Bow at St Honoré Bakery
Foods from St Honoré Bakery

2013 Feb 10
I dropped by yesterday and wandered around the store, picking up a few items. From 9am to almost 10am I watched them making buns and separating them, but never putting them on the floor. Nobody approached the counter, so neither did I. The bins were silently waiting, their plastic maws open, for the contents to be placed as described on the placards below. But no.

I felt creepy, stalking the bakery section like that, so I bought my items and left. Unsatisfied.

It appears that they are set apart from the bbq section as there is a sign that says all bakery items are to be paid for separately.

2013 Feb 10
So do they run the take out food as well i.e. BBQ Pork, etc. or just the bakery?

My doctor used to be down the street from the market above the Shoppers at Vanier Parkway so it was convenient before. Now that she change back close to where her original office was, more of a special trip.

2013 Feb 8
Will be there on Sunday to check out the selection and the quality. Kids will be happy for wiener buns in their lunch on Monday.

2013 Feb 8
Maybe once they move we can change the company name to the proper spelling: St Honore Bakery.

I guess we'll have to wait to see how they list it this time.

2013 Feb 8
The sneering fellow was the 'Buns Nazi' like the 'Soup Nazi' in Sienfeld.

Instead of "No soup for you", it was "Pho-dollah fiffy eh" ($4.58) or "No moe coco-nuh twiss" (no more coconut twist buns).

I kinda got used to his cool, stand-offish, straight to the business 'tude.

Glad to see them back. Good product at a good price.

2013 Feb 8
Confirmed. The lady who was at St. Honaire is now working/running(?) the bakery inside Green Fresh. Didn't see the sneering fellow who regularly worked the cash.

Purchased some sweet bbq pork, curry beef, pineapple custard and chestnut buns. Delicious as always and w/out the younger eastern Mr. Burns serving me was a nice bonus.

2013 Feb 7
sourdough I don't go to Vanier very often and most likely won't go there until the weather warms up. I tend to ride my bike out that way during the summer months on my way to Beechwood-;) But the supermarket is located in a strip mall right at the corner of River Road and Montreal Road. There is a resto and a beer store in the same mall. If you like Mexican/South American cuisine Mercado Latino is just down the street on Montreal Road.

2013 Feb 7
Can someone who frequents Vanier let us know when they've moved in? I'm not familiar with this place, but will make the trek once I know they are operating.

2013 Feb 7
Yup, there it is. There's me curled up in a ball of shame.

2013 Feb 6
So that supermarket is going to outsource their bakery? That bakery section that was there before was pretty mediocre.

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2007 Dec 5
Warm and tastey ones here.