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Now located inside Green Fresh Supermarket.

St Honoré Bakery
St Honoré Bakery
St Honoré Bakery
Ga Lei Bow at St Honoré Bakery
Foods from St Honoré Bakery

2012 Jun 8
A decent chinese bun bakery and much better offering than some of the others in town.

When there in the afternoon on way from running some errands in town.

Looked around and the coconut cockatail bun was fresh out of the oven as well as a few others (but less interesting ones like ham and egg and frankfurter bun, etc.) Bought a 6 pack coconut cocktail bun, coconut twist, BBQ bun, curry beef bun, fried curry beef bun and egg tart for prices between 89 cents and $1.25. Then tossed a mini portugese chicken bun and 3 sticky rice into the purchase. Some for me and some for my parents to sample.

I quickly munched through the warm coconut cocktail bun and the curry beef bun. the coconut cocktail bun was excellent, help by being fresh from the oven and very tasty.

Had a mini taste of the egg tart when my Dad was sampling it. Decent enough but had some at dim sum aroun town that were much better with flakier crusts and warm custard.

They actually have a decent selection of mini buns and that might be the way to go if you like variety but do not want to eat through multiple large buns since it is a lot of white bun and sugar in some of the offerings.

I think it might be good to zap the bun in the microwave for say 30 seconds to warm it up.

2012 May 23
Pretty much anything with coconut is my favourite here. It's a busy little shop because it offers excellent value.

2011 Aug 31

Second visit to "Saint Honore Bakery Cake Shop" - I picked up BBQ Pork buns, fried curry beef buns, and sesame seed covered, sweet red bean paste and glutinous rice filled sweet buns.
I was a bit disappointed in the flavour of the pork bun as Chinese BBQ Pork is pretty tasty; the baked bun is filled with a saucy bbq pork and onion filling that doesn't have a lot of flavour. Still, I liked it warm.
The curried beef bun was deep fried so the bread has an interesting texture, and the filling (hamburger with onion, celery, & spices in a little sauce) was tasty and a bit spicy; I don't know what the seasonings in the spices were, they didn't stand out as very distinctive, but did add some flavour. Pretty good, but greasy!
The sweet bun wasn't what I thought it was (Jin Dui) and was a bit disappointing with a small amount of sweetened red bean paste and large amount of glutinous rice flour filling, and was really way too greasy, especially a few hours after getting it home. It tasted mostly of oil when cold. It may be gluten-free except for any gluten in the oil from cooking other things.

Dang, I had intended to bring home some coconut twists as I liked them on the first visit.

2011 Jun 19
The last time I was here, they were out of BBQ pork buns, so I picked up a minced pork and preserved vegetable bun. It was pretty delish. Not as excellent as a curry beef bun, but that's because nothing is ;)

2011 Jun 19
Wow! The bargain hunter in me loves this tiny shop! Tasty and filling baked and fried treats galore. Glycemic indices out the wazoo make this a place to visit as a treat rather than a daily staple, but if you're craving a doughnutty thing you can't beat it.

In the picture (clockwise from top left):
Hot Dog - Bread with a wiener inside.
Fried Curry Beef Bun - A tasty curried ground beef filled doughnut!
BBQ Pork Bun - Filled with tasty Char Siu (BBQ Pork)
Coconut Twist - Sweet and filling. Huge.
Doughnut - Plain doughnut, shaped like a palmier, rolled in sugar.

The quality was great -- I especially loved the beef and pork buns and the coconut twist (eat it fresh!). Value is jaw-dropping compared to the overpriced bakeries we see elsewhere. These items ranged in price from $0.69 to $1.09.

A whole family can have dessert/snack here for the price of one pastry at Art Is In Bakery (where the quality is distinctly higher but the value is lower). Perhaps a more fair comparison might be against Tim Hortons, where the prices are similar but the quality is far lower.

I just noticed how small everything looks in the photo. They are not!! That Curry Beef Bun in the center is about 6 inches long.

2011 Apr 6
I went here for the first time today and I already want to go back!

I got a Portugal chicken bun, and a curry beef bun. Both were 99cents! They were still very warm, and I sunk my teeth into them on the cold walk home. Chewy, yet light, sweet and savory. I'm already planning a return trip tomorrow!

They also have hot dog buns, which I didn't try but I thought the idea was neat enough, even the pickiest kids would eat those I'm sure!

2010 Sep 13
This is my new place to get my baked-goods fix. If you love bbq pork buns, you have to come here for freshly baked, chewy rolls filled with yummy char siu. Also, try the fried curry beef rolls. It's basically a beef donut. A BEEF DONUT. It's big enough for 2.

Their sweet buns are also amazing. I love the pineapple cocunut.

The coconut twists sell fast!

You can stuff yourself (and your loved ones) silly for next to nothing. Most of the buns (even the big ones) are a dollar or less.

2010 Apr 29
Clearly St Honaire is the catholic saint of chinese buns. How did I miss this place? I've been through various vendors no longer around, happy buns, china town bakery, the bakery that used to be where the New pho bo LA is now ... and now St Honaire. I had the bbq pork, pork with fermented veg, and curry buns. All really good. Lots of filling, the beef curry bun one of the best I've had. I guess they've been there for a while - I hope they stick around. T&T has nothing on these guys (or the others no longer with us).

2010 Apr 26
we love this bakery and go often. the coconut twist is wonderful and when the bring out a fresh batch, be sure to buy a few. definitely my favourite donut/sweet bun in the city.

my husband really likes the bbq pork buns. i do not like the vegetable buns, seems to be from a bag of mixed frozen veggies (with lima beans). that just means i fill up on the sweet rolls instead.

we have also tried the pound cake and they do fancy birthday cakes. the icing used is very light and fluffy, which is great.

i honestly didn't realize this place wasn't reviewed before. it is our tiny hidden gem. prices are also reasonable.

if you haven't been to a bakery like this before, you grab a set of tongs and a cafeteria tray at the front door. load up your tray with goodies and hand over at the till.

2010 Apr 24
My parents just picked up a fried red bean bun, cocktail bun and pineapple bun for breakfast... so delicious!

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2007 Dec 5
Warm and tastey ones here.