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Now located inside Green Fresh Supermarket.

St Honoré Bakery
St Honoré Bakery
St Honoré Bakery
Ga Lei Bow at St Honoré Bakery
Foods from St Honoré Bakery

2019 Jan 22
I too was sad to see the baked goods disappear. I popped into Greens Fresh a couple of weeks ago intending to get some take-out from their hot food buffet to have while watching the Golden Globes and to get an egg tart for dessert. When I arrived I was sad to see that whole section had disappeared. The renos are in fact nice but I will really miss that bakery ;(

2019 Jan 21
Yes, got caught on that during a bun run a few weekends ago. Green Fresh however has done some nice renos since the last time I visited.

2019 Jan 21
Awww, man :( Guess I will keep going to Kowloon for my standard bun fix...

2019 Jan 19
This business is no longer at Green Fresh; I don't think it exists anymore.

2016 Jan 26
Apparently the previous owner of St. Honore Bakery retired a few months back.

I had noticed the quality going down and much more discounting (buy 6 get 1 free and buy 8 or 10 and get 2 free) here. Also have not seen the old owner around after a few trips after Mom and Dad's blood tests so actually asked the staff. Not sure if he just retired or sold it to someone else or sold it to the store.

The buns are huge now with mediocre dough but the filling remains the same size so dough to filling ratio is way off. Whoever that is controlling this is going for quantity over quality. You can tell it is not good when the day old bin is full of bags even when they are discounting the fresh ones so they are not selling through.

2013 Feb 11
Drove my mom to a couple of stores yesterday, including the market the St Honaire bakery has moved to.

There are now 2 cash registers in that corner, one of the BBQ and takeout food and the other for the Bakery. The lady and an older lady was there and there were a few standard cakes in the display cases and several types of New Years Cake (in round takeaway tins) for sales near the cash register. There are the sweet new years cake for 3.88 but also 2 savory ones for $5.38 or 2 for $10. For the savory cakes, 1 with turnip and the other with taro and both have small pieces of chopped bits, likely bbq meats or chinese sausages.

The bun sections was almost bare with some curry beef buns, some ham buns and a plate of fried balls with red bean paste and sesame seeds on the shelves. These balls disappeared pretty quickly and I managed to snagged the last 2. Asked about the coconut twists and they brought out the large twist still warm yum... My mom bought some of the new years cakes and will try to upload the picture later when I have some time and my connector.

Asked them about the move and they moved about 2 weeks ago. Told them I went to Booth mid Jan and found the sign that they were closed for reno.. Guess they were already getting ready for moving. Wonder if they cut a deal to supply some stuff to the restaurant next door.

The store was busy and they cannot keep up with demand on a busy day since a few people were hanging around waiting for stuff. I usually go to Booth St. later in the afternoon during the week when I can stop by on way to somewhere else. I have rarely seen more than 1 or 2 other people at the same time when I get a 6 pack..

2013 Feb 10
Do they make banh mi buns?

I haven't seen any.

Strictly Hong Kong style bakery I thinks.

2013 Feb 10
The BBQ has always been separate but that used to cover the bakery too.

2013 Feb 10
Do they make banh mi buns?

2013 Feb 10
Rizak ... seems they let the buns cool down before placing them in the display cases. Don't let that stop you from buying some.

I love the coconut twists and once went in to get 4. The display case only had one. I was about to leave. Went over and asked at the counter instead.

The Buns Nazi asked me "Haw meeny u whaa ?". I said 4 and with that he pulled 4 from a cooling rack.

Don't let his abrupt coolness fool you .. he real is a customer focused kinda guy. (But don't expect a smile though ... no matter what.)



2007 Dec 5
Warm and tastey ones here.