Shafali restaurant - Dalhousie in the ByWard Market.
Shafali Bazaar - ByWard Market building.

Samosa at Shafali
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2017 Dec 24
Shafali Indian Cousine Restaurant at 308 Dalhousie is one of my favourite restaurants.
I have been going there for years. The owners are amazing, friendly and prepare quality delicious Indian meals every time.
I find the atmosphere beautifully warm and charming. The staff are always friendly! A great place for a night out.
I haven't gone to the Kiosk at the Market building..perhaps because of the lunch time rush the food isn't quite the same.
It's a five Star for me!

2015 Jul 10
It looks like Shafali (Glebe) has closed. The food was pretty good and the staff was very friendly, but it was the FOURTH Indian Restaurant in the Glebe.

2015 Jan 14
Last night I attended the Ottawa Film Society's first screening of the New Year. I usually enjoy a quick dinner at the Vietnamese Kitchen before the show but last night I was in the mood to try somewhere different. After soliciting dinner recommendations from ottawafoodies here: Forum - Dinner recommendations near the Mayfair movie theatre I decided to try Shafali Bazaar in the Glebe.

After taking a quick glance at the menu I decided to try one of their combination dinners settling for the lamb curry and chickpea curry option. Dinner started with an appetizer of a couple of onion bhajis and a couple of samosas and a small salad. The bhajis were nice and crisp, the samosas were fluffy and light and the dressing on the salad were all delicious. The main course consisted of a spoonful of lamb curry, a mound of chickpea curry, rice, and more salad. The curries were a little more spicy than what I am used to but they were delicious none-the-less. My only complaint is that I felt they skimped on the lamb curry and overcompensated with the chickpea curry. Dinner ended with rice pudding. Other than the curry portions I enjoyed my dinner, the service was personable and the price was right. I look forward to going back.

2013 Mar 11
I really like this place, the location, and the service is great.

Unfortuneatly, I have to mention that after picking up a few take out veggie samosas, onion bajiis and some naan to accompany a mung bean curry that was simmering on my stove .. well, that night I was up all night due to my sensitivity to MSG :-/

Also, at these prices I would expect fresh naan and not the heated prepackaged stuff they provided for the takeout.

I will give this place one more try and specify no MSG, and hold off on the naan because the service is so personable and the fish curry was good.


2012 Dec 5
Went to Shafali in the Market tonight for a quick dinner. Nice atmosphere, pleasant service. Decent menu, reasonable prices I thought. Had one of the combo platters. Food was largely disappointing: All three curries (mutter paneer, butter chicken, and goan seafood curry) tasted rather similar, and all were really, really sweet as someone noted below. All sauce and rather little meat. I won't be back.

2012 Oct 31
Went to the new location in the glebe today for a quick lunch with my dad. He has the chickpea curry, while I had the chicken one, with a side of Naan bread.

I have got to say, it was perfect. Beautifully seasoned (a bit spicier than I normally eat, but in a good way, so I may need to increase my spice), and the chicken was so tender. The naan was fluffy, and delicious, and the rice has improved and was a real treat to eat. I really enjoyed it, and probably will be back again.

2012 Aug 21
Date of Visit: July 25, 2012

My wife and I visited this place some 6 years ago and really enjoyed a couple of Thali platters together. On this most recent visit to Ottawa, I wanted to try them again but, after perusing the online menu and the dinner menu at the restaurant, I found no mention of Thali plates at all and started to think I had maybe confused this restaurant with another. I soon discovered, however, that Thalis are only available on the lunch menu and, though being a little disappointed, I stayed and happily ended up enjoying a very good dinner indeed Ö

The Dishes
Mussel Ka Surwa ... Rating: 5 out of 5
Chapati ... Rating: 4 out of 5
Onion Bhaji ... Rating: 5 out of 5
Sheek Kabab ... Rating: 3 out of 5

Given the sweetness of the Mussel curry and the dipping sauce for the Bhajis, I have a general sense that Shafali has deviated from its roots somewhat in order to appeal to western palates. I donít think they can be too harshly criticized for that, however and, ultimately, I was impressed with the place and enjoyed a good dinner. It is definitely worth trying.

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2011 Sep 26
Went to Shafali a few months back and have to agree with Johnny English - really not very good. I'm from the UK too and had the worst Indian meal I've ever had outside of the UK in this place.

Really my dishes were just tomato sauce and meat. The spicier dishes I guess they squirted in some chilli sauce. No sign of any marinading, extended preparation or complexity of taste - all things you get in good Indian food.

I suspect we're spoiled in the UK and probably we've come to appreciate a distinct offshoot of Indian food. Maybe it's unfair to expect the same in Canada.

Poor food would be bad enough but the service here sucked too. I think it took us 3-4 hours from arriving to finishing our food and we ate quick! Waitress had an "oh, I forgot!" moment with our appertizer order and the owner has math issues which led to a 20 minute process to come up with an accurate bill. Luckily we were a lighthearted group and had a good laugh but I'd have been disappointed if this was a big night out or a special meal.

Sorry, but this is a long way from good Indian food or even a great experience. Maybe I've been spoiled but please, go find some good Indian food in Ottawa before going here so you really have something to compare against.

2011 Jul 25
I hit up the takeout section today in the market building on my way to class and had the Lamb Curry. I forgot to order Naan, but when I saw the price, I was glad I didn't. With two pepsi's, it came out to about $16. That's a fair bit pricey, but that's not why I'm writing this. To the Meat (hehe) of the review, the curry!

I liked it. The Lamb was nice and tender, and juicy, which was nice. The sauce had a bit of spice, but not too much, except for the spice pod I found and accidently bit into. The Salda was okay, and the dressing was nothing special. The rice, to be blunt, kinda sucked. It was hard in bit, and very mushy in others, and didn't have that much flavour.

Overall, a bit too expensive for me. It tasted good, but, at the same time it wasn't much.

2011 Jun 5
I stopped in at the byward market stall location today to pick up some indian food - with the plan to hopefully have enough left over for lunch tomorrow. I ordered the Channa Masala meal, the mutter paneer meal and a peice of naan. Thinking I would be buying a good quantity of food, I didnít mind the 21$ price tag for this.



2008 Feb 18
Among the best veggie samosas that I've had in this fair city. Nice and spicy, and they dose the pastry with nigella seeds, which increases the deliciousness manyfold.

2007 Feb 25
My son and I enjoyed sharing a veggie samosa at the Shafali Bazaar in the Byward Market Square. His review, "This is spicy. I like spicy!"

In addition to the traditional potato and peas it also contained diced carrots and corn. Not normal but still a nice tasty snack!


2009 May 5
Had the Vindaloo chicken with a side of naan and a side of raita. The menu and the waitress both warned me this item was "HOT hot" and they weren't kidding! My mouth was burning, my nose was running but it was so tasty! Rich, spicy sauce; big tender chunks of potato and chicken; topped with a bit of cilantro - delish! Small portion (compared to our society's standard) but was full when I finished. A tad pricey for the portion size but it was so tasty I didn't mind too much. Will be back!


2010 Sep 24
I went to Shafali Bazaar on a recent lunch time visit to try the chicken tikka wrap. I believe it was reviewed in the Citizen awhile ago and it has been recommended by friends. I loved the naan and the chicken was very moist however I didn't like the sauce at all. It was too sweet and they put waaaay too much sauce in the wrap. Next time I will stick to the butter chicken or a curry instead.

2009 Jul 13
chicken tikka wrap from the shafali bazaar in the market = ultimate satisfaction. so good I want to curse :)