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Beef or chicken or other meat in a spicy sauce. Sometimes made with potatoes, due to an interesting confusion between "Aloo" being Hindi for "potato" and the origin of Vindaloo from the Portuguese/Goan "Vinha d'Alho" wherein "Alho" means garlic.

Where to get Vindaloo


2009 May 5
Had the Vindaloo chicken with a side of naan and a side of raita. The menu and the waitress both warned me this item was "HOT hot" and they weren't kidding! My mouth was burning, my nose was running but it was so tasty! Rich, spicy sauce; big tender chunks of potato and chicken; topped with a bit of cilantro - delish! Small portion (compared to our society's standard) but was full when I finished. A tad pricey for the portion size but it was so tasty I didn't mind too much. Will be back!