Open for Takeout & Delivery during Covid-19 [General]

Mar 18
Can we start a list of places which are open for take out or delivery? Since most places are closed this can be a quick list
- restaurant name
- hours of service
- pick up only
- delivery radius

I think any breweries, coffee shops, bakeries, etc fit into this list too

Mar 31
Nickels has taken over the Chenoy's space at the multiplex off Maloney in Gatineau. They currently have curbside pickup. 15% off regularly priced items. They also have 3 items that are $10. Club, fries and slaw; smoked meat, fries and slaw and pickle; smoked meat spaghetti. From these specials $1 goes to a charity.

Pretty good food overall, the club is huge, the smoked meat is the best I've had in the area. The fresh cut fries are also very good.