grill ideas - non traditional. no meat please. [General]

2010 Jun 30
i need some grill ideas using just a plain, old propane bbq.

on my current rotation:

grilled pizza - put fresh dough directly on grill
grilled angel food cake - cut cake into large slabs, grill both sides and top with whipped cream and fruit
grilled corn - serve with wedges of limes and garam masala
grilled tofu - cut into slabs, marinate, grill, serve fajita style
grilled bread - thick slices of bread, brushed with olive oil, grilled and served with salad.

regular veggies - toss with oil & sea salt, grill, serve alone, on pasta, on salad

any more ideas? i have challanged myself to at least 1 new recipe a week.

2010 Jul 1
A friend of mine used to swear by grilled perogies. I'm pretty sure they boiled them first.

Another person I know grilled green onions. It works best if you use the thicker bunches