2009 Aug 28
Hello Group.
Anyone know where I can find a rack for hanging pots?
Maybe a circular type one?
I need one for my cottage kitchen as it's so small(the kitchen).
Thanks in advance

2009 Aug 28
Hi Frank,

I use Ikea's Grundtal "hook and rail"-type shelves (www.ikea.com) in my smallish kitchen. It works well, because you can hang smaller pots and pans off the bottom of them and keep the heavier ones on top. It's convenient as hell, but it does require wall-mounting, rather than ceiling-mounting. Do you have a wall available?

2009 Aug 28
Hi Frank, I saw several scattered around Ma Cuisine store. I actually got mine at HomeSense..of all places. My friend has the Ikea as well and she really likes it too.

2009 Aug 28
Yeah, I use the ikea stuff too but you need a wall to affix it too.

2009 Aug 28
If you want to go cheap, and fashionable, just find an old small wooden window frame (minus the glass) and attach hooks and hanging hardware yourself. You might be able to find one at the ReStore, or yard sales.

2009 Aug 28
PiO - I was thinking the same thing, seems like it would be a good DIY project for something a bit more unique, and to your spec

2009 Aug 28
Thanks for the replies folks.
I need one that hangs from the ceiling as there's
a small window instead of a wall.

My cottage is rustic enough. (you have to manually
pump water from the lake using a hand pump)
I was thinking black metal would fit right in.
But the window idea is worthy of note.
Where is this Ma Cuisine store?
Thanks again

2009 Aug 28
Have a look at some DYI. I like the bike wheel one...




2009 Aug 28
Oh Oh!!! I just remembered something! At Rona, I saw a super nice one and it had lights too! It was 50% off! If I did not have one already, I would have bought it for sure!

2009 Aug 28
Ma Cuisine is located at Dalhousie @ Murray in the Byward market.

2009 Aug 28
Poutine: I wanna do the DIY bicycle pot rack. I don't think husband would let me though :(

2009 Aug 28
I'm gonna have to check out the Rona one.
I got a gift certificate for Rona from
my sister on my Bday. This might be a perfect
use for it.

2009 Aug 28
LWB; I know, it looks so neat! For a cottage you could also use an old iron wheel from a wagon or something, a more rustic look...

Frank: I saw it at the Rona on Le Plateau in Hull. I would call ahead and see if the Rona you are going to has it in stock... If I remember right, they had more then one model, in different sizes.

2009 Aug 28
This is the one I found at HomeSense. This was in my old place. We have since moved and have yet to install it in the new kitchen :-(

2009 Aug 28
Is this the sort of circular pot hanging rack you are looking for?


2009 Aug 28

2009 Sep 1
HAHA. Win.