weekend smoking fun (with food porn) [General]

2009 Jun 8
Hi, in a blatant attempt to get more friends, and reach gold status, I decided to try adding my own food porn to the site. This weekend I bought a costco pork loin/rib roast ($5 off!). I did a dry rub (Memphis magic - or google meathead's magic dust) and wrapped the roast in bacon. Here are the before pics.

2009 Jun 8
Here is a shot of the center - I tried to get the smoke ring, but its not overly visible here. I also found the end near the smoke, much more smoked than the other side - next time I'll have to remember to flip the roast around. Over all very tender and juicy - which was a bit surprising for a loin.

2009 Jun 15
do you have the recipe for the Rhubarb desert? I have so much rhubarb i dont know what to do with it all.