Onion Rings at Pong's Poutine
Onion Rings at World Burger
Onion Rings at Big Rig Brewpub
Onion Rings at D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
Onion Rings at Dick's Drive-In
Onion Rings at Famous Frenchy's
Onion Rings at Famous Frenchy's
Onion Rings at Dick's Drive-In
Where to get Onion Rings


2014 Jun 29
Great rings. Satisfying, crispy, not greasy.

2014 May 25
Delicious rings at World Burger. Thick and not all batter, lots, hot, with side of tasty Chipotle mayo.


2007 May 11
Just got back from Lick's.

I really love their onion rings. They "bite off" instead of seperating, when you take a bite. No pool of grease in the bottom of the container either.

Even after they had cooled down a little they were still "bite-able" and tasty.

I just hate it when you bite into an onion ring and the onion slides out, falls onto your chin and burns you.

None of that going on here.



2010 Jan 7
I'm totally obsessed with the curry mayo. The rings are just a good bonus...

2009 Sep 16
Rings were perfectly ok, but a "Tower of Rings" should have more than a 10 rings. Overpriced.

2008 Mar 29
These were good but I find the rings at Dick's to be superior in flavour and texture.


2009 Sep 27
Totally agree about Dick's having the best onion rings (and burgers & milkshakes for that matter) in the city. Forget The Works, this is where it's at!

2009 Sep 26
best rings in the city so far @ dick's. the vietnamese peeps (who bought this place from the dude that flips and revamps restaurants and later moved to stoneface dolly's) are very evasive when it comes to telling you the ingredients for their rings.

after a few tries to replicate, i suggest: coating with a buttermilk, salt (and/or MSG for the extra kick), flour mixture followed by heavy dredging in honey flavored panko breadcrumbs. these breadcrumbs are my preferred choice for texture, crispy and light when cooked and turns a nice golden color.

taking this one step further - experimented this for deep fried bananas and BABY we got a winner. slap on some caramel or chocolate sauce... and SAY MY NAME!!! you can basically coat any of the 4 food groups with this and be one step closer to god. yaknowm'sayin'!

2009 Apr 19
Can't wait to try them. A&W and Kelseys also have good rings.

2009 Jan 4
Still the best in Ottawa. Hands down!

2008 Mar 10
I like them a lot but I agree they are very similar to A&W's which are probably much cheaper.

2008 Jan 6
I finally got to try these and they sure are good but extremely greasy. I got them to go and they cost a smidge over $5 with tax. A huge quantity, easily enough for someone to eat as a meal.

They are super crispy, almost overcooked, and seem to be breaded with panko crumbs. There is a tasty saltiness to the batter reminiscent of A&W rings. However, unlike A&W, these ones don't fall apart while you're eating them.

I probably won't get them again, simply because I can't handle eating a pound of onion rings (I might be exaggerating there). They'd be perfect to share across 3 or 4 people for a tasty snack...

2007 Feb 1
I agree, those onion rings ARE the best in Ottawa. If only I could persuade my partner to frequent Dick's more often... I just realised how dirty that sounds! I mean the restaurant damnit!

2007 Jan 14
Best in the city!

Crispy. Generous amount of onion in the batter. Remarkably cohesive -- these didn't fall apart at all, no onion sneaking out of its ring, nothing. Great batter. Etc, etc.

(Yes, I've had The Works'. Good. But these are better.)



2010 Oct 2
yuk dripping in oil

2009 Aug 14

Chimichimi said they were just McCain's onion rings, but they were good rings. Not oily, crunchy, and battered (the way a good onion ring should be).

This was a medium order of rings.

2009 Jul 26
Those onion rings come straight out of a McCain's bag - I was so disappointed when I saw my order coming out of the bag, I almost asked them not to bother, but the basket hit the fryolator before I could chime in. On the other hand, the poutine is amazing (I only eat it about once a year, and this definitely hit the spot).

2009 Jul 26
All of these onion rings were only $2.85


2009 Oct 27

Breaded Onion Rings - big cruch, big onion. Served with a chipotle mayo dip. Chipotle was very mild but the dip complimented the rings well.

I'm not a huge fan of breaded onion rings (I prefer battered) but these were good.

This portion was in the Kitchen Sampler combo.

2013 Feb 8
I was pleased with the freshness and flavour of the rings here! Thick cut onion in a crunchy and tasty beer batter. These are classic rings done right, without any unnecessary cleverness or fancy.

Except for the dip. It was unnecessary and overpoweringly perfumed with liquid smoke. I found myself moving it some distance away so I could enjoy the rings without receiving unwanted input from my nose.

At $8.50 this is not exactly a bargain priced plate of rings, but it's a generous snack and it hits the spot with a pint.

2015 Oct 9
A large pile of excellent rings arrive piping hot and delicious. I think they were $4 and they made for a satisfying lunch!