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2008 Jul 2
To do ribs at home, I suggest heading over to Craig "Meathead" Goldwyn's website:


This ex-weed smoking 'Hedonism Evangelist' has helped me take ribs (and Pulled Pork) to a new level.

He is a regular judge at the Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitational Barbecue.

He has written hundreds of articles about food and drink for consumers as a syndicated columnist for the Washington Post, and the Chicago Tribune, and scores more for Restaurant Hospitality magazine.

He hosted the Food & Drink Network on America Online for nine years, and has taught at Cornell University's famous Hotel School in Ithaca, NY, and at Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago.


2006 Sep 19
This is what ribs are supposed to look like! I slow-cooked these for 5.5 hours over mesquite.


Mar 7
Meaty, juicy, tender, with a tasty bark! The pork rib on the bottom left was a hearty toothsome bit of delight.

Top left is pork shoulder, ready for pulling. Mat showed us how easily the bone slipped free. Awesome.

Top right is that wonderful fatty brisket. Mat squeezed it a little to animate the juices. ANIMATED JUICES people! You know it's a special dinner when AJ shows up.

Bottom right pic is a view of some of the sides. In case you don't want to fill yourself with just meat, these give your plate some good variety.



2009 Oct 27

D&S has 3 types of ribs (beef, St. Louis Style, and pork back). I had the Kitchen Sampler which came with 2 St Louis style ribs.

Crispy bark, tender meat, sweet and smokey sauce. Not overly big or meaty, but very tasty. Smoked low and slow over hickory.





2009 Jan 12
Love their Ribs... and they come in a variety of formats, all are Hand-Seasoned and Hickory Smoked:
* Pork Back Ribs (half or full rack)
* Pork Side Ribs (half or full rack)
* Pork Rib Tips (regular or large order)
* Beef Ribs (regular or large order).

I think over the years I've tried them all. They also offer Combos with a Quarter Herb-Roasted Chicken. Both Chicken and Ribs come with a variety of BBQ Sauces (you choose): Texas Bold, Honey Garlic or Apple Butter.

Ribs and Combo meals come with a side of either Homestyle Beans or Coleslaw along with a second side (choice of Potatoes, or Veggies).

2006 Oct 16
I really really love the Apple Butter Rib tips! I dont know what it is about the sauce, but it is delicious! You can even buy the Apple Butter BBQ sauce to take home!



2016 Aug 4
Pictured is the chicken breast and ribs combo with rice pilaf and baked apples. I find that the ribs are a little less tender than a couple of years ago and a little too saucy. The chicken was a bit dry.

I used to find the downtown location the best of the three in Ottawa in terms of quality and predictability of the service. It is just ok now. At all three, the portions seem a bit smaller.

2007 Oct 2
There is no doubt that these are by far, hands down, the best ribs in the city!

2007 Sep 30
The only redeeming quality of this chain restaurant. Ribs are fall-of-the-bone tender with a fairly sweet BBQ sauce.


2008 Oct 25
I had the little heifer plate here. 1 lb of beef ribs, lb of wings, fries, coleslaw, pickles. We got hot wings but they tasted medium. They were average. But the beef ribs (there were 3) were huge and tender and soft and sublime!!! Fall of the bone good. Not too much fat. We got them with hickory BBQ sauce which was very good and not overly sweet.

Service was good. Our hostess did her best with many tables.




2009 Mar 3
Quigleys has excellent Smoked Baby-Back Pork Ribs... cooked real slow using mesquite & applewood and served up with a nice spicy BBQ sauce.

The nice thing about Quigleys is if you come in with a smaller appetite you can still enjoy the fall-off the bone ribs as they offer an appetizer sized portion.

LeRoy's -1



2009 Apr 8
The Ribs were fall off the bone good. The Whiskey Sauce was delicious… from what I could see the sauce was “mopped” onto the ribs as opposed to the ribs being slow baked directly in the sauce, but the sauce tasted like it had simmered for hours to bring out its goodness. Needless to say, the ribs were very yummy, and like Chimichimi I'm thinking the best that I've had in Ottawa.

Finger-lickin delicious. Although I loved the Whiskey Sauce, I need to go back and try the others – Tequila, Scotch, Honey, Buffalo and Hot.

2009 Jan 24
These ribs are amazing. Not pit BBQ style, but very very good, very tender, meat just flakes apart, the sauce was delicious and tangy (had the scotch BBQ sauce). The portion was pretty good, I think it was around 6 full side ribs. I'd say they are the best ribs in Ottawa (until someone makes proper pit BBQ).

2008 Aug 3
These ribs kick serious southern butt. Tender, meaty bones accompanied by, not smothered in, a Jack Daniels BBQ sauce (there are three other sauces)made this a meal worth the drive to Hallville.