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Soybeans boiled in the pod and lightly sprinkled with coarse salt.

Edamame at MHK Sushi
Where to get Edamame

2012 Aug 6
I get mine from Organic Eats farm in South West Quebec (45 mins- 1 hour) from Ottawa. They are the only farm I know of that grows fresh Edamames in QC and They are SOOOO good! So much better than frozen ones, and they're local AND Organic!! Costco I don't think has organic ones. I'm pretty sure they sell them for 3.50$ / lb or something like that. Anyways they are worth checking out. www.fermemangebio.ca

2010 Jan 28
I am planting a test plot of 12,000 Edamame beans on my property this summer. Organically grown and hand picked, they will be ready for the first week of August.

No one else in ottawa can provide FRESH Edamame beans so I expect to sell out fast.

Price is 3-4 dollars per lbs which is 2-4 servings depending on your addiction.

my email is brian.timbs@rogers.com if you want to consider buying from me.

If successful I will plant 5 acres next year

2008 Aug 13
Witchie-coo I have also seen those bowls of edamame at Costco in Nepean and they are definitely big! Which is why I don't buy them since they would take up all the room in my little freezer. If you are looking for something with a little less packaging and if you are ever in Chinatown you could try New Market 168 or Kowloon. They both sell edamame in plastic bags either shelled or unshelled. I think a one pound bag is in the $2 range. If you live in the east end and if you are looking for somewhere closer to home you could try Uni Foods in the Montreal Road Vanier Parkway area.

2008 Aug 13
I bought some Edamame at Costco (Innes), but it was in a box. The box contains 12 individual packaged servings that are microwavable. The box was $8.99.

The packaging is pretty convenient for lunches at the office. But it's an awful lot of packaging, and not so convenient if you're serving dinner to a family of 4. But it's the first place I've found Edamame in Ottawa.

2007 Jul 31
Just thought I would pipe in that I went to Costco (Innes) on Thursday and saw a LARGE bag of Edamame in the frozen section. Never saw it there before so it must be a new addition.

2007 Jul 26
I've never in my whole life seen fresh edamame in a store :(

There was a post on the forum a while ago that listed several sources for frozen-in-the-pod. Check it out here: www.ottawafoodies.com

I would also like to add 136 Market on Somerset as a source.

2007 Jul 26
You can get organic edamame (frozen) both in and out of the pod at the Natural Food Pantry in the Market (on York Street).

2007 Jul 26
Does anyone know where you can buy fresh whole edamame?

I've seen the frozen bean packages, but I like cooking the whole pods. I'll settle even for frozen whole pods!!

If you know where I can get them in Ottawa, I'd be most grateful if you'd let me know!!


2006 Nov 25
I used to get edamame when I would go out for Japanese food - then I discovered how SIMPLE it is to make at home - now I never have to order it in a restaurant ever again!

Just by a bag of frozen edamame at an asian grocery. Throw it in boiling water for 5 minutes, drain, and sprinkle with salt. It will be EXACTLY like what you get in restaurantsand spectacularly cheaper.


2006 Oct 3
I could probably eat 5 orders of edamame from Joy. They arrive at just the right temperature and they sprinkle the perfect amount of salt on them. I can never get enough.


2008 Mar 2
The Edamame was wonderful - served warm and still crunchy. It could use a bit more salt, but was tasty enough for us to order seconds.


2008 Sep 19
$4.99. They're in the back corner near the bottom of one of the fridges. They have both extracted bean or podded form.


2007 Feb 24
The edamame were of good quality, served piping hot and sprinkled with a light dusting of snowflake-like salt. My son is a big fan of these and charmed the server by telling her, "I love edda-mommy!" when she brought them. :-)

2008 Oct 4
3 brands of edamame unshelled, one brand of unshelled.

i haven't bought them yet, but there's one brand that i'm accustomed to purchasing, and i'm happy with it.

i forgot the brand at the moment... the packaging has bright green soybeans all over it...

2007 Jan 7
They were in a horizontal freezer over by the fresh fish section (just across from the unrefrigerated instant jellyfish).

That said, they weren't of the highest quality; many of them had brownish tips. Nor did they seem quite as tender as those we've had in restaurants.

2007 Jan 7
I actually have never been able to find edamame at 168 Market. Am I just blind? Where is this located?

2008 Sep 19
$3.69 at the Loblaws on Rideau

2006 Nov 30
You can buy Edamame at Loblaws. You'll find them in the organics freezer. So yummy!

2006 Nov 28
You can buy edamame at the Wah Kiu (sp?) grocery store (or as my 5 yr old son calls it "We will, we will, Wah Kiu") across the street from Kowloon Market. It is in the freezer near the BBQ pork stall. Just ask the guy at the counter. The package is green and has instructions how to cook them on the back.



2006 Oct 28
I found the edamame here to be good, but those loving lots of salt may be disappointed: it was served relatively plain, salted minimally. (Consider it edamame for the hypertensive!) A good-sized portion, enough for two, is $3.95 -- very reasonable.


2006 Oct 6
Thanks to Tiana (Tiana) for promoting these things.. they are yummy and very fun to eat! I think we'll be making a habit out of ordering edamame in the future.


2008 Aug 11
The edamame was done perfectly. Lightly salted and warm. The pods were still fresh. It was still warm after we carried it home! My only complaint was that I wished that I'd ordered a second serving!