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2013 Aug 26
I went to the Boston Pizza in Gatineau at 61 Boulevard de la Gappe , and me and the GF ordered French onion soup, the steak and bacon skewers, cheese poutine and a plate of their twisted bread.

It was horrible, the french onion soup had no cheese in it, so I sent it back then I just got a little slice of cheese like the size of a nickle in the middle of the soup just floating their, I was not impressed, then the steak skewers were not cooked they were actually blue steak so basic raw meat, I cut one open and yup behold blue steak, then found this monster hair hangin off the bacon, uhh so frustrated lol haha. The twisted bread tasted like dish soap, thinkin they didn't clean the dishes and the soap came off the plate and into the food, so that was gross. But the poutine was descent and edible. I did tip the waitress, after all it wasn't her fault the food sucked, she did exactly as she was suppose to but sadly my family will not be returning to that restaurant and I would not recommend to go to that restaurant if your looking to spend over $50.


2012 Mar 12
The one I previously reviewed is the Gatineau location.

This one is Kanata Centrum. This pizza, enjoyed before last week's game vs Rangers, was nothing short of fantastic. Slightly pricier at $21.49 (unless Gatineau also recently raised their prices), but this pie is bigger, I'm pretty sure. This medium was 13".

Anyway, Kanata was better regardless of the size. Less chewy dough, more ample sauce and toppings, just better all in all, even though Gatineau is still very good.

The Caesar salad was also delicious, as was the ice cold Coors Light.

Best way to redeem my air miles, BP gift cards. Looking forward to cashing in my two other $50 cards at the new store on Carling, next to Canadian Tire west of Kirkwood; much closer than the other two I've visited.

2012 Feb 29
I really like their Tuscan pizza. Well put together toppings.

Pomodoro sauce, pizza mozzarella, cheddar, spicy chicken breast, roasted garlic, fresh spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and feta.

2012 Feb 29
I love their pizza. Medium pep mushrooms at $20 seems pricey, but it's delicious. Nice cheese, excellent sweet red sauce, and such a unique tasty crust. The texture and density of the dough is very similar to Mtl bagels, I swear. Unlike any other pizza crust. I've had the pie 3 times, all identical, consistency is key here.

Ice cold Coors Light which I otherwise don't drink goes down so well here.

2011 Oct 23
Went today with my brother to the St.Laurent location. Wow. Really bad. We both had the worst meal in a long time.

We both had the Cajun rice bowl. In all honesty, this is a quality of bad frozen dinners. (Cause i buy some really good frozen curries that can rival some good fresh ones)

Basically you have a few prawns (which are ok) with peppers and a few other vegetables on top, these are soggy and have no taste, then you have this simple, tasteless, rice on the bottom, and to top it all some tomato based sauce thats just not pleasant. I was hungry so I ate about 75% of mine, my brother probably ate %15. We left probably 15minutes after our meal was served.

I know its mostly a pizza place but that's robbery. I mean I would expect at least a decent meal from such a big reputable chain.

2010 Aug 20
Guys, I have a confession to make.

I think that the Boston Pizza burgers are pretty damn good.

I can't put my finger on why, although I have the nagging suspicion it's a combination of:

- Real cheese
- Thick burgers that just taste beefy
- Just the right amount of fries
- Salt

The last three or four times I've been here I've ordered a burger, and never been disappointed. I can't even say that about Kelsey's any more, which used to be my gold standard for chain restaurant casual dining burgers.

And I thought this way even before their ad campaign talking about how good their burgers are!

2009 Jul 12
Kanata Location

While reading your review Embean I would have sworn I thought I was reading my own... my boy friend and I went to Boston Pizza the other night too and believe it or not, ordered the exact same thing, minus the dessert.

Because of our work schedules, we are frequently looking for a place open late with decent food. I totally agree with your comments on the atmosphere, I showed up at 11:30 pm wearing sweatpants and felt right at home!

The potato skins were nice, flavourful, with a good crunch. The Perogie pizza used sour cream as it's sauce (which I was very hesitant about but turned out delicious) and topped with potato and other perogie toppings. It was also nice and spicy, which I like.

Finally, the servers were amazing! Sometimes when you show up later for a bite to eat (they serve till 1 am) you are rushed, or the servers put up the chairs at the table RIGHT next to you... you know what I mean. Not here, we felt as though we could take our time, and the servers were extremely knowledgeable and friendly. George is the best and he usually works the late shift.

This place is very consistent when it's late (11 pm and on) and you're hungry.

2009 Jul 11
I was recently at the Kanata location and was also pleasantly surprised.

First of all, I appreciate their excellent beer/wine/cocktail selection. I had something involving banana liquor which was quite good.

We had the potato skins to start, which were decent. Then, we had a perogy pizza (spicy potatoes, green onions, bacon, sour cream) which was also quite good. A medium fed 2 hungry people + there was enough left for 2 lunches the next day.

Also had a piece of "chocolate explosion" cake for dessert, was quite good, and 2 of us could barely finish it.

Came to about $50 after tax, before tip, which I thought was pretty reasonable. This place might not be "upscale," but the food was very good and the portions quite decent. The service was timely and friendly. I would much rather visit a place like this than something like Milestones, which one could say is also trying to be trendy... but I find Boston Pizza to be a much more comfortable atmosphere with much more "honest" food, if that makes sense.... it's not trying too hard. Will probably visit again, but the locations are a bit inconvenient.

2009 Jan 12
We've been pleasantly surprised by this "chain" restaurant and have visited them quite a few times over the last few months, both in the evenings and over lunchtime during the Holidays, and we even got delivery once (although you have to pay for delivery). See Forum Topic "Delivery Charges & Tipping"


"The Man" decidedly likes their Cajun Rice Bowl which is described as "a dish inspired in Louisiana; tender pieces of chicken breast, prawns, tomato, green pepper and red onion sauteed in our spicy Cajun tomato sauce and served over rice." He says it's yummy, and the serving is huge, he always brings home the leftovers for lunch the next day.

We've also been happy with their Lunch Deals, I have had the Pizza & Salad Combo, and "The Man" their Oven-Roasted Chicken Quesadilla with a bowl of Chili. Again there was too much to eat, and we asked for a doggy bag.

For a chain restaurant, they also have decent pizza (we usually like gourmet thin crust pizza from a local Italian Restaurant). Besides the Deluxe (Sauce, Mozzarella, Pepperoni, Smoke Ham, Green Pepper & Mushrooms) we've also recently discovered the Rustic Italian (Sauce, Mozzarella, Cheddar, Spicy Italian Sausage, Red Onion, Green Peppers and topped with a sprinkling of Diced Tomatoes, Grated Parmesan Cheese and Fresh Herbs).

Their wine list is very short but I continue to enjoy their Two Oceans Cabernet Sauvignon by the glass... unfortuately not on their "by the bottle" list.

Have only tried one Desssert the "Apple Crisp" which is listed as "slices of sweet Granny Smith Apples in a butter sauce baked to a crisp with delicious brown sugar and oat crust. Topped with caramel sauce and served with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream." It lived up to my taste-buds expectations.


I was disappointed with their "Homestyle Lasagna", and I'm not even sure if I was served the right one because they offer two on the menu. I've decided to keep on the lookout (to confirm which one was brought to me, after I see the other) and perhaps give one of their Lasaganas another chance... hopefully they can't both be bad.

On a couple of occasions I've ordered their "Toppers" for my salad. The Garlic Shrimp Skewer was Excellent, BUT the Baked Salmon Filet always seems to be too dried out. Haven't tried the Chicken Breast as of yet.

2008 Oct 5
Stopped in here to catch a Pre-Season Hockey Game and a bite to eat. We sat in the Sports Bar and it was packed (the game wasn’t available as a regular television broadcast… hence the crowd). Saturday Nights they feature their Schooners (32 oz of Draft Beer) and Fishbowls (3 oz Cocktails). “The Man” ordered a Schooner, and I passed on the Fishbowl, instead opting for a regular sized Caesar (1 oz of Vodka). They offer two choices when it comes to the Caesar, one spicier than the other… I went for the hot one (believe they call it the deluxe). The glass was large, and the rimmer was peppery, the drink was topped off with a wedge of lime, a pickled bean, and a giant olive pierced with a hot pepper. Yowser!

We ordered a Deluxe Small Pizza (sizes offered are Individual, Small, Medium and Large)… I’m glad we went with a small because the pizzas here are bigger than normal. A Small here is a 10 inch, and has 8 slices. The Deluxe featured signature pizza sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, Pepperoni, Smoked Ham, Green Pepper and Mushrooms. The pizza was great… I was surprised by the quality of the ingredients. I remember when Boston Pizza first came to Ottawa back in the 1990s, the pizza was very “cardboardy” then, it’s good to see that the cornerstone of their franchise has improved!

Service was good, even considering all the people vying for the server’s attention. We will keep this place in mind for a quick bite in the future.




2009 Apr 15
Spicy Perogy Pizza = YUM

2009 Jan 12
Excellent pizza from a "chain" restaurant. In the past we've enjoyed the Deluxe. So we decided to give another flavour a try...

The Rustic Italian (Sauce, Mozzarella, Cheddar, Spicy Italian Sausage, Red Onion, Green Peppers and topped with a sprinkling of Diced Tomatoes, Grated Parmesan Cheese and Fresh Herbs)... was very tasty and they were liberal with the toppings.

A Medium sized pizza provides plenty for the two of us, with enough leftovers for lunch the next day.

2008 Oct 5
The pizza has greatly improved at this Canadian Franchise Chain since they first arrived in Ottawa back in the 1990s (when it tasted like a frozen pizza and its texture was cardboardy).

We ordered a Deluxe Small Pizza (sizes offered are Individual, Small, Medium and Large)… I’m glad we went with a small because the pizzas here are bigger than normal. A Small here is a 10 inch, and has 8 slices. The Deluxe featured signature pizza sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, Pepperoni, Smoked Ham, Green Pepper and Mushrooms.

The pizza was tasty, not as good perhaps as those I would order from the local Ottawa independent pizza place, nor as outstanding as the gourmet version I can eat at my favourite local Italian eatery, but far better than many of the BIG CHAIN competition.



2008 Oct 5
The Caesar here comes in 3 formats. The regular 1 oz pour, the Deluxe 1 oz pour extra spicey with all the trimmings, and the Caesar Fishbowl... an insane 3 oz pour. I chose the Deluxe.

The Deluxe Caesar comes in a tall glass encircled with a spicey rimmer, real peppery... infact you can see the chucks of fresh ground pepper. The drink was garnished with a wedge of lime, a pickled bean, and a giant olive pierced with a hot pepper.

This Caesar packs a punch!


2011 Oct 4
FYI the tags on the peppers are edible, but that is no excuse for serving them. The peppers should have been washed and the tags removed just for aesthetics

2011 Oct 4
Had a horrible lunch today at there Barrhaven location.
Ordered the spaghetti bolognaise as I felt cold and wanted a nice hearty pasta.
My daughter chose the fettuccine with vegetables.
My pasta was a horrible bottled sauce tasting tomato sauce with a few tiny grey specks of meat!!
Daughters pasta was tasteless and the red pepper slices had the tags on them.
Obviously never removed them before slicing,
Made us wonder if they bothered to wash them first.
I asked the waitress if the kitchen had made a mistake and given me the wrong sauce.
Was told that it the right sauce they gave me.
I asked if I could get a meat ball to add to my pasta so I could have some protein.
Off she went to order the said meatball and came back asking for my plate as they wanted to add it to the sauce on my plate.
I opted to just get the meatball as there was really no sauce left (absorbed by the pasta at this time) this grey little ball arrived on a plate no sauce to cover it just a grey sorry meat ball.
At this stage we asked for the bill and left.
We will never return to this very sad location.