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Foods from Signatures by Le Cordon Bleu

2007 Jul 9
In response to vorpal, there are multiple tasting options with wine pairings, all of which change seasonally, if not more frequently.

You can view the current a la carte menu, along with tasting menus, at

2007 Jul 9
Does anyone know how much their dinner tasting menu is (without wine) per person? I'm interested in going next time I'm in Ottawa but being a slightly poor grad student, I don't want any nasty surprises :).

2007 Jul 6
Now you're just being mean! I just love butternut squash anything, and those Bison medallions are making my mouth water. Thanks for all the info on Signatures. Now I just have to find a friend who'll go with me...

2007 Jul 6
Maybe for dinner (?), but they are actually not a SNOOTY place in general IMO. My friends all came to eat (as my guests; you get a free membership when you are a student) when it was my turn to cook, and they just wore nice shirts and pants lke normal 20-somethings - (my boyfriend's shirt didn't even have a collar on it, it was just a stylish black longsleeve shirt, and it was fine, and it probably would have been find for dinner too).

BTW - The appy and main that I contributed for the assignment was:

Appy: Butternut Squash Risotto Cakes, with Procuitto and Red Pepper Aioli

Main: Bison Medallions with Foie Gras Mustard, Pear and Blueberry Compote, and Roasted Garlic Potato Rosti

2007 Jul 5
I won't ask you why you have a 'I skied my BUNZ off in BANFF' T-Shirt.. mostly because I'm now getting way too distracted... er from my original question. Thanks for the answer, I might have to shell out the $50 to become a member... (As an aside, I assumed that Signatures was the sort of place that if a man showed up without a jacket, they would loan you one so you looked 'appropriate').

2007 Jul 4
Hmmmm...probably not a strict one, like you could get away with a nice top and slacks, you wouldn't have to wear a suit or anything. I doubt there is an ENFORCED dress code at any rate, but it is probably expected that you try to look at least somewhat put together (like, not a t-shirt saying "I skied my BUNZ off in BANFF with jeans or something).

The website doesn't mention a dress code.

2007 Jul 4
HOT, is there a dress code for this Club Des Amis lunch service?

2007 Jun 30
Signatures is NOT actually a part of the training course - though the school is in the same building in the restaurant. The students do not cook in the restaurant EVER except for a special lunch service called "Club Des Amis" (more on that later).

I've never actually been in there too eat surprisingly (except for the "student lunches") as it's a little too expensive for me these days, however I've been in their kitchen numerous times (restaurant observation shifts as part of my course) and I can tell you that standards are impeccable. The head chef is, of course, french (France). The sommelier is very knowledgeable - she came in as the second best in Ontario at a recent competition.

The space itself is a big old Victorian house that features many separate rooms for a more intimate feel.

Club Des Amis: An interesting thing for foodies actually to taste some new creations. This is a "student lunch" service. Open every Thursday and Friday from 12 to 1:30 pm, member of the Club can get a 3-course lunch conceptualized and prepared by Superior students under the supervision of one of the Chefs.

You can buy an initial membership to the Club for $50 per year, then the cost per lunch is $29.75 for members and $39.75 for non-member guests. Membership dues are used towards developing the student library and resource center, and student activities. The three-course lunch includes a glass of wine selected by the sommelier, coffee or tea, tax and tip included.

Not bad eh? An appy, main, dessert and a glass of wine for $30?

2007 Jun 29
Is there no one else that has been to this place?

Ashley,s comments were trucated as well? or have you actually eaten here and what would have been your memories, other than the bill? Ie, how was the food...? it is a training group of course, so inconsistensy may be a big issue?

Would hate to pay for a student,s haircut...

2006 Nov 27
When you go to Signatures @ Le Cordon Bleu (the only CAA/AAA 5-diamond fine dining restaurant in Ottawa), be prepared that the meal won't be cheap. But you can be sure that the dining experience will be a memorable one.

Be prepared to spend at least 2-3 hours there to enjoy the food. Their menu normally includes duck, lobster, foie gras, scallops, lamb, beef. If you don't know what to order, try their "Taste of Canada" which is their version of Tasting menu.

The dining experience is something you will remember. They change your plates between each dish. They serve you and your companion's meal at the same time. You feel like you are the royal guests.

But anyway, it doesn't mean they don't make mistake. My friend told me about the bad expereince she heard.

There was a going-away lunch for a faculty dean of a university in Ottawa. So, all the deans picked Singatures for the farewell lunch. A dean's secretary made the reservation for the group lunch few weeks ago. One week before the lunch, Signatures called the Dean's office and sent them the menu for preview. All the deans were very impressed by the details and services offered and looked forward to trying the food there. However, one dean told my friend that all she/he ate was only salad. She/he never saw the other food. She/he was not happy about the long wait and left the restaurant. My friend heard that that dean will not want to go back to Signatures again.

I guess the server forgot that lunch is different than dinner. Don't expect customers to wait for more than couple hours to enjoy the lunch. The server should have checked with them for their preference - Are they in a rush to go back for meeting, or do they prefer to enjoy their meal slowly? This will change the whole situation.

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