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2011 Apr 30
At ilikerealfood to me that is not the best Shawarma ( I respect your opinion). However I can't eat from a place where good customer service absent. And to those who thumbed me down I wonder if you would feel happy to be ignored, given the worse part of the food, due to race while spending your hard earn money. I'm sorry it was one of the worse experiences going to a restaurant. The food was bad too potatoes cold, chicken was dry like I said food quality and service gone to hell.

2011 Apr 30
Although I and many other foodies agree that this is by far the best shawarma in town, I also agree that they give preferential treatment to arabs. Seen it so many times. They always charge me extra for tabouli, or extra pickles, but gladly fullfill requests - free of charge - to people of their race. Anyways, I always get a mixed plate and just tell the cashier that it is a chicken plate. My one dollar sneaky savings makes up for the rudeness.

Still the best shawarma thought.

2011 Apr 29
Racist and rude. My mother and I use to be regular customers at Shawarma Palace but now that is over. Not only has their customer service gone to hell but so has their food quality. Their hummus taste like cardboard. The customer service is more preferred towards arab/middle eastern people. I noticed if an arab/middle eastern person orders food they will give them the best part and larger portion however if another customer of a different race or ethnicity they give them the worse part of the food and a smaller portion.

My mother and I went in and the server behind the counter was taking forever with an arab customer even exchanging numbers. He blatantly ignored us not even hi or I will be with you in a second. No greeting was given. Finally the server came over. I requested for a mixed plate since my mother and I were going to share. My mother eats beef but I don't due to allergies so my mom asked for the beef to be placed on a separate plate on the side. They said that it would be extra. Extra for a small saucer? What happened to customer service any establishment/ restaurant and you request for a side plate their would be no objection. Not only that when the server was serving the other middle eastern man he took from the fresh chicken but then tried to give us the old one!

I'm sorry but when running a business race, colour, ethnicity has nothing to do with it. You're there to provide good customer service and to make money. Especially since there is so much competition not only among the umpteenth Shawarma places in Ottawa but other restaurants. You think these people would like to provide good customer service so people would keep coming back.

When my mother and I went there there were only one other person in the restaurant they should get use to it. With them exercising poor customer service, business practices and poor food quality I can't see why anybody would want to subject themselves to horrific food and service.

2011 Mar 30
Best Shawarma in town. By far! they're roasted potatoes are to die for and their garlic sauce is awesome. Their rice is not bad either

2011 Feb 17
The Rideau location is the original and in my never so humble opinion by far the best shawarmaria in the city.

2011 Feb 6
ok, didn't know Sandy Hill extended all the way there.

In any case, I had food from here on Thursday. I ordered a chicken platter.

To start, the service is super friendly.

The portion, for $12.95(i think it was) is HUGE. It's enough for two meals. So it's great value.

For me, Lebanese food is nice because you get a bit of everything and that is really what the platter is about. Some nice fresh chicken, nice garlic, hummus, rice, salad, and you get to add whatever else you want in there, some hot peppers, turnips etc. They are so genereous with the chicken, you get lots. They don't skimp at all.

I'd be interested to see what other stuff they have since it seems so well run, great service, and generous portion.

2011 Feb 5
Uhh.. yes. Hence the Sandy Hill tag. :)

2011 Feb 4
is there a location of this on rideau street too?

2010 Jul 21
Probably has something to do with your post being barely coherent.... Take a minute, look at how other people are posting reviews (using sentences, expressing ideas, rather that listing random words...), do the same, and your posts wont get tag.

2010 Jul 21
not very good
I explained why, but I've been flagged :(
Am I allowed to say that?

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2014 Jun 28
Rideau location: Chicken was dry. portions ample. kind of pricey ($35 for two chicken platters and two small mango drinks). cutlery and trays weren't all that clean (hair on the trays, residue on cutlery). the guy preparing the platter touched the salad with his open hand. he could have used the tongs, sheesh.

Hummus 1





2014 Jun 28
Well, my son an I tried it for the first time last night. Rideau location.

My son said it was the best shwarma he's even had.
But he also said he found the chicken quite dry.

I slather mine with garlic sauce so it didn't matter.

We both had the Chicken Shwarma plate.

Other point - the food trays weren't all clean, one had some hair on it (yuck), and the cutlery wasn't super clean either.

The guy making the chicken platter touched the salad with his open hand (pushing it in towards the center of the plate). He could have use the salad tongs.

I not squeamish, but the cleanliness of the place did not impress me.

Also for two chicken shwarma plates plus two small mango drinks it came up to $35.

I think that's rather pricey.

You can get about the same or better quality at Shwarma King on Bank a lot cheaper.

I was able to finish mine my paltter too, though I can rarely finish a plate from Shwarma King, they give you so much.

This is the first time I tried the Rideau St. location of Shwarma Palace.

I'll be going back to the Shwarma King on Bank, or the Carling location of Shwarma Palace next time.

2012 Mar 12
UFC fighter Nick Denis wrote a blog on his love for Shawarma Palace.

2012 Jan 29
In regards to T. Hills I have to say I'm not surprised by his comments regarding racism at all! I'm an Arab-Canadian who was born and raised in Ottawa and speak very little Arabic.

I walked into this place with a friend a little while back so that I can introduce to him what I once thought was the best shwarma in Ottawa. By the time it was our turn in line, I proceeded to place my order in English. I could tell the man behind the counter was disappointed. He must have asked me about 4 or 5 times why I don't speak the language while giving me dirty looks the whole time. Worse yet, I had repeatedly asked him to put hot sauce in the shwarma and he just kept ignoring me completely, as if I was even there. The only time he acknowledged this request was AFTER the shawarma was folded up and mumbled I would get some on the side. After that he started talking to my friend in Arabic who does understand the language about me and how I should know it.

Just because I look like an Arab doesn't excuse this man or anyone else for that matter to behave so ignorantly. This is discrimination. I mean God forbid I speak English when we live in Canada!

As far as the food quality quality goes it has indeed declined. Whoever said the Shawarma was dry and the hummus tasted like cardboard in a previous comment was right on the money! So all this considered, needless to say I will not be back here.