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2017 Sep 8
I ordered delivery from this place the other day and, with the exception of the felafel, it was great. The potatoes with garlic were pillows of deliciousness, and the hummus was great. The felafel sandwich was tasty but the felafels themselves were surprisingly dry. And I mean crumbly dry. Maybe it was due to the elapsed time between ordering and getting it delivered. I will go back but I will pick it up.

2016 Jan 15
Boston Globle declares this place "the best meal deal in the NHL"

2015 Feb 21
This is unquestionably the greatest shawarma in Ottawa (and quite possibly Canada). Service is quick, courteous and efficient, and prices are nigh unbeatable. Servings are always generous and a platter is more than enough for two.

But of course what makes it the best in town is the taste and the quality of the ingredients. I go relatively frequently and I've not once had a piece of dry chicken. Their hummus is twice as good as store-bought hummus (even Farmboy's roasted garlic hummus, which I quite enjoy). And I would eat their garlic sauce by itself; it's that good.

I've also tried their falafel, which is delectable. But nothing beats a chicken shawarma sandwich with a side of garlic potatoes. My arteries won't thank me but my stomach (and my wallet) will.

2013 Jul 12
Went to the South Keys Location (AGAIN), since I live so close. This time it was for a quick take out sandwich.
Friendly service with a smile (as I find to be the norm at the south keys location) and as good as always. Moist/crunchy chicken, tasty garlic sauce, not overbearing, and nice crispy fresh vegetables.
I just wish they would make a large sandwich like they do at their west end location :(

They even rushed me through as I told them I was on a time crunch!

Even if I didnt live in the area, I would seek out the Palace.

2013 May 6
Since this is my favourite shawarma place, there's something I'd like to bring up and -- surprise, surprise -- it has to do with the customer service.
I'd say I've been going to Shawarma Palace once every two weeks for the last year. I don't expect them to recognize me. I am polite but not extra chatty, and although I'm not Middle Eastern, I kind-of look it.
On a regular basis, by the time I make it to the cashier after having ordered, I either end up with no food bag (where it went, I have no idea) or they forget to pack a part of the order. It has come to the point that it might be a joke that they play on me? (No, not likely. And that's some serious paranoia, I realize.)
I want to know, does this happen to anyone else here?
Note: This does not happen more or less often when it's busy. It's just happens more often than not.

In the interest of making this a "review": HOLY CRAP! THIS FOOD IS GOOD.

Updated to add: I am eating it right now. It is SO GOOD.

2013 Apr 30
Hit the Hunt Club location this evening. Satisfying meal. Chicken was very moist and with three spits devoted to chicken there is no shortage of crunchy bits. There was even a decent ratio of fat mixed in yummy. Hummus very good, you even get a squirt of oil on it. Fresh pita(yes not a typo) came with my chicken shawarma plate. There is enough business that the potatoes were fresh too. $12.95 can feed two people. Still tasting that garlic sauce. Salad well not my thing so it sat there. Next time I will see if I can get a bit of tabouleh since that was one of the things we did not get to try. Turnip were of the shredded variety. My wife on the other hand did not enjoy her sandwich. She said hers was dry. I really can't figure that one out. Must be me but I did't get the greatest vibes from the staff. Can't have it all but you will leave stuffed with some coin left over.

2013 Apr 25
Tried the Hunt Club/Bank St location last night.

Was totally satisfied. The food is as good as the Rideau street location, the prices are the same, some of the staff are the same, and the restaurant itself is way way way nicer. Lots of comfy booth seating, more room so the lineup doesn't overlook your table.

... and FFS, who even thinks of putting a gas fireplace and a waterwall into a shawarma place, let alone doing it so nicely?

Very happy to not have to travel across the city for my shawarma fix any more. As long as this location maintains the same quality and service, i'm going back.

2012 Dec 16
I refuse to eat shawarma anywhere else but at the Palace. The plates are ridiculously big (enough food for two people) and the garlic sauce is killer good. I've converted many shawarma sceptics into believers here (including my very traditional grandparents!)

As for the service, the guys are super friendly and work hard. Like any other place, a smile and small talk goes a long way, in arabic or not.

2012 Aug 11
I'm not middle-eastern looking nor do I speak Arabic and still my friends and I have always received great service. OK - maybe one of the cooks has the tiniest crush on is that why I'm getting great service? LOL perhaps....

But eh...that's life in general. People are not treated equally and we all learn this at a pretty early age. I will say three things however:

1) Maybe if you are a regular you will gradually get better service. Doesnt hurt to be friendly and strike up a conversation either...
2) I have indeed been charged extra for tabouleh at several different shawarma places, including 3brothers on rideau and also dalhousie. I thought the extra charge was normal (what, 50 cents?) I don't always ask for it.
3) I just hope that everyone goes into Shawarma palace with an open mind and doesn't expect to be subjected to this "racism" or "preferential treatment" that a few members have mentioned. In the five years I have been going to this establishment, this issue has never even crossed my mind.

We are all guilty of giving people preferential treatment and while I understand that you expect the utmost fairness when you are a paying customer and so on...but it just happens (and very often). Just last week I was treated like total crap at the Fairmont in Toronto and there were many reasons for me to believe it was racially-motivated. And I do notice that service at certain establishments can vary depending on whether I go with my white friends/family or black friends/family(ahem* white privilege *cough). In the end though, if you don't like it you should mention your dissatisfaction to the manager/owner of the business or just take your business elsewhere. No tears over spilt...tabouleh.

2012 Aug 10
So I’m sad to say, I have ‘scientifically’ tested the preferential treatment at Shawama palace and I conclude (personally, I don’t speak for everybody) that some receive better treatment then others at Shawarma Palace.

A friend of mine was visiting Ottawa, so I decided to take him the Palace, we shared a huge platter. The platter was great my friend was impressed. As I ordered I asked for tabouli, and they said it would cost extra (as usual). I argued back saying it is usually included (at most places) and I can even see it on the picture above. To no avail, I just got attitude and I accepted it. My friend witnessed this. I also asked for extra garlic on the side to which they charged me… ok understood but let me continue.

My girlfriend is Lebanese and she speaks Arabic. She ended up meeting us at the Palace once we had already ordered. I did not tell her about what had happened, but I told my buddy to remember what took place and back me up when she arrived. (my girlfriend has always believed me about the topic, but this was to test my theory without letting her know my buddy was in on it).

She ordered a sandwich, and what do you know… she didn’t even ask for tabouli or garlic and she got a huge ramekin of garlic on the side (for free) and a little portion of tabouli. I really think that is bad business. Upon her arriving at our table, I had my buddy corroborate my story, and she agreed that it’s really shitty of them to do that. Although the palace is objectively one of the best shawarma’s in town, this leaves a bad taste in my mouth and thus I pick shawarma prince over the palace any day of the week. The cool dudes there would never do this.

This is my experience and I hate to report that it has happened multiple times. Fact (for me ).






2014 Jun 28
Rideau location: Chicken was dry. portions ample. kind of pricey ($35 for two chicken platters and two small mango drinks). cutlery and trays weren't all that clean (hair on the trays, residue on cutlery). the guy preparing the platter touched the salad with his open hand. he could have used the tongs, sheesh.

Shawarma -2



2014 Jun 28
Well, my son an I tried it for the first time last night. Rideau location.

My son said it was the best shwarma he's even had.
But he also said he found the chicken quite dry.

I slather mine with garlic sauce so it didn't matter.

We both had the Chicken Shwarma plate.

Other point - the food trays weren't all clean, one had some hair on it (yuck), and the cutlery wasn't super clean either.

The guy making the chicken platter touched the salad with his open hand (pushing it in towards the center of the plate). He could have use the salad tongs.

I not squeamish, but the cleanliness of the place did not impress me.

Also for two chicken shwarma plates plus two small mango drinks it came up to $35.

I think that's rather pricey.

You can get about the same or better quality at Shwarma King on Bank a lot cheaper.

I was able to finish mine my paltter too, though I can rarely finish a plate from Shwarma King, they give you so much.

This is the first time I tried the Rideau St. location of Shwarma Palace.

I'll be going back to the Shwarma King on Bank, or the Carling location of Shwarma Palace next time.

2012 Mar 12
UFC fighter Nick Denis wrote a blog on his love for Shawarma Palace.

2012 Jan 29
In regards to T. Hills I have to say I'm not surprised by his comments regarding racism at all! I'm an Arab-Canadian who was born and raised in Ottawa and speak very little Arabic.

I walked into this place with a friend a little while back so that I can introduce to him what I once thought was the best shwarma in Ottawa. By the time it was our turn in line, I proceeded to place my order in English. I could tell the man behind the counter was disappointed. He must have asked me about 4 or 5 times why I don't speak the language while giving me dirty looks the whole time. Worse yet, I had repeatedly asked him to put hot sauce in the shwarma and he just kept ignoring me completely, as if I was even there. The only time he acknowledged this request was AFTER the shawarma was folded up and mumbled I would get some on the side. After that he started talking to my friend in Arabic who does understand the language about me and how I should know it.

Just because I look like an Arab doesn't excuse this man or anyone else for that matter to behave so ignorantly. This is discrimination. I mean God forbid I speak English when we live in Canada!

As far as the food quality quality goes it has indeed declined. Whoever said the Shawarma was dry and the hummus tasted like cardboard in a previous comment was right on the money! So all this considered, needless to say I will not be back here.