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2018 Oct 23
Last weekend a friend was in town and wanted to meet up with me for breakfast on Saturday morning. Since she had a luncheon later that day we picked the Scone Witch so she could have lighter fare and I could have a heartier meal if I chose. My friend had a lemon poppyseed scone and a large coffee. She said her scone was delicious. I decided to have their breakfast special which consisted of scrambled eggs with my choice of topping (I picked the mushroom ragu), a scone (I picked the lemon poppyseed), my choice of jam (I picked the raspberry), some fresh cut fruit and a small salad. Everything was delicious especially the mushroom ragu. Thankfully we had an earlier (9:00 am) breakfast since around 10:00 it started filling up fast.

2013 Aug 7
NUser5582, this is a foodie site, not a site for the restaurant. Try contacting them directly.

2013 Aug 7
Whilst visiting Ottawa during July (from the UK) we popped into Scone Witch at New Edinburgh. My wife had chilled Watermelon and Mint soup which she thought was delicious. We are now back in the UK and have tried a recipe to recreate the experience in Canada - but it didn't work well. I'd be very grateful if the Scone Witches could publish their recipe, so that we can try to recreate it here.

2013 Jun 16
Who doesn't love scones and tea?

I had decided to bring a friend here for brunch on a weekday. it was quiet and intimate at the Beechwood location.

Staff was pleasant enough for an indecisive pair such as us.

Breakfast was very good but the prices were far steeper than anticipated as they had gone up a few dollars more since I had last seen. We prefer Tutti frutti.

I enjoyed the scone so much I left with 6 scones to bring to my family in Montreal. Everyone loved them.

All in all, lunch seemed like a better bargain. An afternoon tea here is a must

2012 Sep 16
I absolutely adore the Scone Witch. It is an amazing place to go with friends and co-workers. I recently went with a few international students to introduce them to scones.

Although it was around lunch time, there wasn't a rush or line up. A lot of people were coming in to pick up and pay for orders. I was able to get a 3 seat table with no problem. The tables looked clean and the staff were very pleasant.

The scone station is near the back end and the drink/payment section is closer to the front. You have to go to the scone station first and then make your way back to the drink area.

I thought the staff were pretty nice. Almost every single time I've been there, they have been pretty hospitable and welcoming. I've asked them questions in the past regarding their options and they've never made a negative remark towards anything. I guess it may depend on the time of your visit.

I ordered a blueberry scone with 1/2 blueberry jam and 1/2 devon cream. The scones looked fresh and were flaky from the inside. The combination tasted amazing and it was good for a small lunch/snack.

I also ordered the lemonade tea they offered. It was very bitter with a hint of sweetness.

The total came to about $6 with tip which I thought was a good price.

2012 Aug 28
The sconewitches are usually excellent the chutney on the cream cheese and cucumber sconewitch is tasty, and the pesto and goat cheese scone is really good too.

The service is not always great I ordered a sandwich to go on Friday and I was waiting for over 40 minutes. It wasn't super busy either 6 people in line ahead of me waiting for scones.

Good place, but don't go if you want to get something quick it sometimes takes a while.

2012 May 3
I've been wanting to go for years, and finally got the chance to try their brunch last time, with the scrambled eggs and the mushroom ragout.

Didn't really know how and where to order at first, where and when to pay...
So I started asking questions: what are the scones I can choose? What's the difference between this menu item and the other one?
The person behind the counter wasn't very friendly and told me three times that I could figure that out if I read the menu...

The guy at the coffee station was friendly though, and we were finally able to pay and sit down. Great big windows :)

The food was great, I loved their herb and onion scone!
The scrambled eggs were simple and nice. Very light. Salad dressing was good.

The mushroom ragout was good too, but I was a bit surprised since I was expecting a "ragout"...
To me they tasted like mushrooms with seasoning...
Still very good though.

The place was pretty crowded, as I often see from outside too.

Overall very good place to relax, but not sure if I would go back, just because of the service.

2011 Aug 12
I first went here about a year ago and loved it (had chicken in white wine sauce on a herb and garlic scone - awesome!). I returned today for lunch with my boss, and it was everything that I remembered...

I got the "meal" witch - mushroom ragout on a feta/herb/garlic scone with a side salad.

The scone was perfect - slighty warm, light, flaky, moist in the center with a gorgeous *crisp* sensation as your teeth go through the outermost layer.

They topped it with a humongous mound of ragout made purely of mushrooms - 100% laser-thin slices of slow cooked mushroomy goodness. No real sauce - the mixture was moist enough to be delicious but not wet enough to leave any kind of sauce on the plate. It appeared to be made mostly of white and creminis with a few unidentifiable "wild" mushrooms here and there. By their texture I presume the wild ones are dried. No white wine, cream or butter that I could detect, but it was still perfect. I would not change a SINGLE thing about this combo.

The side salad was fine - a mix of greens, three thin slices of cucumber, a few halved cherry tomatoes, three black olives, and a homemade citrus/honey/olive oil vinaigrette, perhaps a little heavy on the olive oil. Very fresh.

And dessert....

A vanilla cream scone with 1/2 devon cream and 1/2 house-made lemon curd. Need I say more?!?!?! Scone - light, flaky, warm, very mild vanilla flavour (perhaps would have been disappointing without the toppings if you were looking for a distinct vanilla flavour). The devon cream comes from a jar, and they gave the perfect amount. The lemon curd is thick, tart and phenomenal. I really was too full for dessert, but come on...

My amazing boss paid for lunch, so I don't know what the total was.

The staff, both at the food counter and cash, were sweet and appreciative when we brought back our dirty dishes.


2011 May 23
I love heading to The Scone Witch for lunch. I have yet to try the breakfast, but I'd imagine it's equally as good. The atmosphere in this converted house (looks like the house from Up! between a bank and Constitution Sqaure)is casual and cozy. My favourite is the goat cheese, tomato and pesto sconewitch - it's amazing! I also enjoy that they have seasonal scones, such as pumpkin scones in October. All their scones are fantastic!

2011 May 15
Never liked scones until now! I always thought scones as these brick-hard nuggets that tasted bland. The scones here are buttery, moist, and uniquely flavored (i.e. current and ginger is my fav). I like the decor. There's a kinda Indie-Restoration Hardware vibe. Service is friendly or at least helpful (I get smiles most of the time). Prices seem reasonable to me $2.00 for one scone without any toppings, etc. Lots to choose from for breakfast or lunch. This place is soooo good!





2010 Dec 22
i forgot how much i appreciate good scrambled eggs!
when the chalkboard says "creamy eggs", they really mean it.

salads come with a light honey mustard dressing. fruit on the side always seem to have a bit of pomegranate, kiwi, pineapple, grapefruit, orange and strawberry.

i don't think there's any need to comment on the scones, but i always go for the brunch because it seems to be a proportional deal.

btw, the day-olds basket always used to be empty and no savoury scones left but i went this past sunday and there were a lot available. i wonder if the new location has any bearing on this or if i was earlier than usual (11am)?

2007 Nov 4
We went to Scone Witch this past Saturday and were very pleased. My gf and I both got the scrambled eggs special (she went with the one with goat cheese (and the goat cheese was plentiful), and I got the mushroom rague). We both got salads on the side, 2 glasses of orange juice, a scone each (she got the onion and herb scone and I got the vanilla one - though we shared), I got a coffee and she got a hot chocolate. All together, the meal cost $32 and we left a $5 tip which is reasonably generous given that you place your order at the counter (though they do bring it to you.

For our money, we were very pleased. Some more upscale brunch places should come here to see how food should be cooked. The scones were incredible as was the rest of the food. I particularly loved my coffee and she was very happy with her hot chocolate.

The downside (if its important to you) is that its pretty informal place and you place your order at the counters. Having said that, I found them to be polite and quick to bring it to our table. I am fine with a relaxed atmosphere and ordering at the counter but if its not your thing...

We went to the Metropolitan about 5-6 weeks back for brunch and this was easily better in terms of the food and the service - and it was cheaper. I wasn't disappointed in the Metropolitan (it was what I expected - it was ok) but it was not that memorable. Scone Witch left me feeling impressed and thinking this is the place to go for a nice little brunch. As Mr. Schwarzenegger once said, I'll be back.



2010 Mar 5
To die for! My new favourite meal is here at the Scone Witch. You can have it with a salad or a soup, I opted for the salad and was pretty impressed.

After reading some reviews about the staff, I didn't have an issue at all with them. In fact I found them to be very accommodating and helpful.

2007 Nov 26
I had the tuna sconewitch today with tomato and black olive paste on a herb and onion scone. It was good yet somewhat flavourless....I guess I was expecting more from the black olive paste? Anyway, this would not deter me from eating anything else from here. Such a nice change of pace than your typical sandwich.