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Scones at Sconewitch Take-Away
Scones at Sconewitch Take-Away
Foods from Sconewitch Take-Away

2009 Sep 9
The Scone Witch is moving into the former Jazzoo cafe location at 35 Beechwood. Signage does not indicate when it will open, it just says coming soon.

2009 Aug 6
I think the location on Crichton closed. I went looking for it this morning as I was in the neighbourhood and there was no sight of it. The only thing the internet tells me is that the local New Edinburgh paper makes a mention of the building being sold and the owner looking for another location, and someone's blog post saying it is due to close in a month's time (and this was in may)

Sad. I was looking forward to a scone this morning!


2007 Jul 31
I spontaneously picked up a sandwich scone today. This is the poached salmon and cucumber on a herb and onion scone. It came to over $5 which I thought was a little high for the small size of it but I don't mind paying for deliciousness!! The salmon was perfectly cooked, the cucumber was thinly shaved, and it was made with a little mayo and mixed greens. I knew I wasn't going to be dissappointed here and I definitely wasn't! Yummy yum...can't wait to try other sconewitches.

2007 Mar 6
Finally got to the Scone Witch on Crichton this morning....the square scone is Cheddar and the round scone is Lemon Poppyseed (wanted to try one savoury, and one sweet). They were very flaky and light, a little different than the ones the bakery I work at make....but still yummy all the same. On their menu, they had 3 or 4 savoury selections and about 5 sweet. I was dissappointed that they didn't have Herb and Onion, Feta, or Vanilla Cream, so I had to re-choose. :(

I asked the lady if they were calling this location the "Scone Witch Takeaway", she said no but they still are tagging it this way so people don't arrive and think they can get a table and sit down like their location downtown. It is very tiny and if anyone remembers Delish that used to be there, it is renovated now and looks a little different.