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2008 Mar 27
I went to the Scone witch (downtown location Lyon and Albert) for the first time today and I loved it! I tried the sconewich tomato, pesto and goat cheese with a feta scone (DELICIOUS!!). I saw that they have tables there so you can have lunch and get a soup or salad to complement those unique scones! :)
I also got for tea time a orange scone and a ginger one. I've tried the orange one so far and it's perfect!
They sell jams and other nice things there so it's worth paying a visit!! Best scones I had in Ottawa so far!

2007 Nov 26
So I got to the Scone Witch for my first time today...I've been to the one on Crichton before, but not this one.
I really like the decor in here and how everything is set up. A touch confusing though as to what you're supposed to do and where to order. I seen the sign at the back counter that said "Order Here", so that helped! But still didn't know what to do after that, like where do I pay? Should I pay before I eat or after? I got it all figured out in the end anyway.

The only negative of this place is that it could really use a good dust bunny cleaning. It was hanging off the walls and cobwebs in the corners! I could see all the dust too on the low hanging lights....not good for someone like me who notices these things and then it's all I can think about!

2007 Aug 6
I dragged my parents to the Scone Witch one fine morning to let them have a safe - yet unusual - breakfast experience. All of us were happy with the choice. I enjoy the fresh scones on occasion, and the eat-in offerings are simple yet satisfying.

I love love love the breakfast mushroom ragout with scrambled eggs. The ragout has a wonderful umami flavour. The salad dressing is tangy and light.

Cons: small building with extremely limited seating.

2007 May 1
I was in Scone Witch for a fast break. Their scones are always delicious. I had a salmon scone served with a fresh salad. Everything was good! I like this place for its simplicity. To try even some of their good British teas.

2006 Dec 3
I was really excited to go here after reading reviews from Ottawa XPress and comments users had left behind.

After much decision I decided to order the feta scone, so I did, to which they said, "Sorry, we're out."
But it's on the menu! Dispirited but still anxious, I chose the ginger scone. They were not being baked either.
I had to go with my third choice, a lackluster oatmeal scone that wasn't as unique as my other two choices.

The person at the counter asked if I wanted jam with it, so I said yes. Big mistake, because they charged me extra for that and I had forgotten to ask since I like my scones plain anyway.

The jelly was way too sweet and the scone itself was nothing special besides being quite filling.
As I prepared to face the elements outside, I scowled at the fact that what I came here for (YUMMY scones with flavours not seen elsewhere) was not being served. Should I go back and risk another $5 on something I don't really want? I don't know.

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2010 Mar 5
To die for! My new favourite meal is here at the Scone Witch. You can have it with a salad or a soup, I opted for the salad and was pretty impressed.

After reading some reviews about the staff, I didn't have an issue at all with them. In fact I found them to be very accommodating and helpful.

2007 Nov 26
I had the tuna sconewitch today with tomato and black olive paste on a herb and onion scone. It was good yet somewhat flavourless....I guess I was expecting more from the black olive paste? Anyway, this would not deter me from eating anything else from here. Such a nice change of pace than your typical sandwich.


2010 Dec 22
i forgot how much i appreciate good scrambled eggs!
when the chalkboard says "creamy eggs", they really mean it.

salads come with a light honey mustard dressing. fruit on the side always seem to have a bit of pomegranate, kiwi, pineapple, grapefruit, orange and strawberry.

i don't think there's any need to comment on the scones, but i always go for the brunch because it seems to be a proportional deal.

btw, the day-olds basket always used to be empty and no savoury scones left but i went this past sunday and there were a lot available. i wonder if the new location has any bearing on this or if i was earlier than usual (11am)?

2007 Nov 4
We went to Scone Witch this past Saturday and were very pleased. My gf and I both got the scrambled eggs special (she went with the one with goat cheese (and the goat cheese was plentiful), and I got the mushroom rague). We both got salads on the side, 2 glasses of orange juice, a scone each (she got the onion and herb scone and I got the vanilla one - though we shared), I got a coffee and she got a hot chocolate. All together, the meal cost $32 and we left a $5 tip which is reasonably generous given that you place your order at the counter (though they do bring it to you.

For our money, we were very pleased. Some more upscale brunch places should come here to see how food should be cooked. The scones were incredible as was the rest of the food. I particularly loved my coffee and she was very happy with her hot chocolate.

The downside (if its important to you) is that its pretty informal place and you place your order at the counters. Having said that, I found them to be polite and quick to bring it to our table. I am fine with a relaxed atmosphere and ordering at the counter but if its not your thing...

We went to the Metropolitan about 5-6 weeks back for brunch and this was easily better in terms of the food and the service - and it was cheaper. I wasn't disappointed in the Metropolitan (it was what I expected - it was ok) but it was not that memorable. Scone Witch left me feeling impressed and thinking this is the place to go for a nice little brunch. As Mr. Schwarzenegger once said, I'll be back.