Foods from Montanas Cookhouse

2010 Jul 8
I eat at the Merivale location from time to time.
it's not my favourite restaurant, but the ribs are good and my kids like that they can draw on the tables.

Would go somewhere else for a good dinner out with my partner, but for a decent meal with kids in tow, its a good choice.

2009 Jun 19
I went to the Hunt Club location for a bite with the young lad Wednesday after seeing some advertisement about a new menue. What a mistake that was. It was early granted 4:30pm but 10 minutes before a waitress came to the table. I ordered a beer and it came without a glass. I ordered the chipotle chicken paramagana on a bed of fettucini alfredo. The chicken was tastless guess I'm used to real chipotle peppers in adobo. The noodles were over cooked by 10 minurtes and reminde me of lipton noodles from a bag with that horrid powdery substance they call alfredo sauce. The young lad had a burger and fries. He complained about the fries. He is 14 he has no taste and eats anything. I tried one worst I'v tasted. No wonder they are pushing advertising on t.v. to drum up business. With food like that can't see them staying in business for long. Funny thing is it's always packed by 5:30 go figure.

2009 Jan 16
Bank and Huntclub Lacation.I'v been to this chain more than a few times and was always pleased. Nothing special just average fair for an average price. I think they are starting to slip a bit. I'v had most of their items and never complaind but you guessed it I am now going to complain. I had the fish and chips minus the french fries because they are those thin ones that just taste like the old oil they are fried in so I ordered a baked potato. This was my first mistake a bad server brought me mashed instead. Thats ok I let it go. I cut into my fish to find a greasy soggy fillet with no flavor except oil. My wife had the brisket sandwitch and it was good but I'm not a big fan of sweet applebutter signature sauce. I'm not a big fan of sweet on beef. Pork sweet is ok but beef not a chance. For me brisket should be smokey spicy with just a hint of brown sugar. I had to complain to the manager

2009 Jan 12

We drop in here from time-to-time. Generally the food and service are very good (for cookhouse fare). "The Man" is a fan of their Yankee Pot-Roast Soup, and we both like their Ribs (in all formats). I agree with the previous poster who said their Apple Butter BBQ Sauce rocks as does their Cornbread.

On our last visit (after Christmas Shopping on Merivale Road) we sat in the bar and ordered a couple of appys etc. "The Man" had the Yankee Pot-Roast Soup, and I a salad, we finished up sharing an order of Rib Tips. The food was tasty and filling.

A "funny thing" did happen on this visit. "The Man's" beer came with a dead-fly in the glass... now as a Girlie Girl, I'd be somewhat upset if it happened to me, but as a person who has enjoyed motorcycling and has eaten his share of bugs, he took it all in stride... of course he'd already sipped along on the beer for awhile before he noticed the fly. He was very discrete, and called over the server (another guy)... they had a giggle about that old joke "What's a fly doing in my beer? The Backstroke. And Sssh don't tell anyone, or else everyone will want one." Anyways, they replaced the beer and even compted it. I realize that the fly was probably a one-off thing so I'm still willing to eat there. LOL

2008 Aug 21
Went to the Merivale location with a fairly large group of people here recently, and was a bit disappointed.

I'm fairly certain that anybody who ordered a burger (veggie or beef) had theirs criminally overdone. Mine was definitely dry, chewy, and a bit charcoaly. I'm tempted to throw caution to the wind the next time I'm here and defy their recommendation that all burgers be cooked to well-done. Just so that it's a bit more palateable.

Food came out at vastly different times between the two halves of the table, which is understandable for a large group. What was odd, though, was that they gave us our bills all at the same time, so we who got our food first were sitting around awkwardly for a half hour or so while the other half finished chewing.


2009 Jan 12
Love their Ribs... and they come in a variety of formats, all are Hand-Seasoned and Hickory Smoked:
* Pork Back Ribs (half or full rack)
* Pork Side Ribs (half or full rack)
* Pork Rib Tips (regular or large order)
* Beef Ribs (regular or large order).

I think over the years I've tried them all. They also offer Combos with a Quarter Herb-Roasted Chicken. Both Chicken and Ribs come with a variety of BBQ Sauces (you choose): Texas Bold, Honey Garlic or Apple Butter.

Ribs and Combo meals come with a side of either Homestyle Beans or Coleslaw along with a second side (choice of Potatoes, or Veggies).

2006 Oct 16
I really really love the Apple Butter Rib tips! I dont know what it is about the sauce, but it is delicious! You can even buy the Apple Butter BBQ sauce to take home!




2010 Sep 13
I'd say it's a made for montanas type of soy veggie burger. I say this because i've never seen a bigger veggie burger before.

2010 Sep 1
Here's my two cents, for what it's worth. I haven't tried the veggie burgers at Montana's but did work at Kelsey's which is Cara corp as well. I loved their veggie burger. My boyfriend at the time was a line cook- the veggie burger was a soy protein base that was made up from a dry mix(from Cara Corp.) by just adding water.

2010 Aug 31
for the curious, what type of veg-burger is this? Home made, made-for-Montana's, or is it a more generic Yves type of soy burger? tnx!

2010 Aug 31
I actually completely agree re: veggie burger at Montana's. Literally, the best veggie burger I have ever had. You would never expect it from a chain rib eatery like this, but it is SO delicious.

2010 Aug 30
This has got to be one of the best veggie burgers ever made. It is BIG, and the flavours are delicious. The burger is smothered in apple butter BBQ sauce, and has sautéed onions, mushrooms and red peppers, and feta cheese on top.