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2016 Aug 27
Catch of the day was red snapper done fish and chip style this Friday. Two piece was $16. While the batter could have been more on the crispy side it was enjoyable. Fries were fresh cut and had that meaty dense texture that holds up to the deep fryer in the potato flavor department. Tartar sauce was thick and tangy. Slaw was fresh but could use some extra zing. Good place to get your basic quick fish fix when the craving arises.

2014 Jan 17
Went here for lunch yesterday. Hubs had the catch of the day (grouper) fish and chips. The batter was not crisp and the fish was not cooked. The waitress tried to tell us that grouper cooked as fish and chips only seems uncooked but it really is cooked. It was exchanged for haddock and that was fine. I have cooked grouper many times and it does not end up with a raw texture so I don't know what she was talking about. I had the large bouillabaise which was okay. The white fish it contained was not cooked, the salmon was as were the mussels. The one shrimp was cooked fine as well. The broth was delicious. We also shared an order of crab won tons and they were very good. I haven't been very happy with the place the last few times we have been there so I won't be rushing back.

2011 Apr 7
My husband and I ate here on Monday, and we were blown away! We both had the fish (haddock) and chips.

The fish was fresh and flaky, and the batter was light and crisp. Fries were hand-cut, and everything came out piping hot shortly after we ordered. Tartar sauce and coleslaw were home made and delcious, and portion sizes of everything were generous.

Service was super prompt and friendly. The owner was hanging around and thanked us sincerely for coming when we left.

Awesome experience, awesome food. We will most definitely be back.

BTW - The batter, tartar sauce and coleslaw are all dairy free!

2010 Nov 28
I came for dinner here about 2 weeks ago and had a good experience overall.

I think the prices/food value here is quite good. However, the exception would be the oysters which are listed at "Market Price."

I ordered 6 Malpeque oysters, which are small oysters. The same week Farmboy had them on special for .49ea. I got zinged for $3 a piece. So, $18 for oysters. I looked up Arome's (Lac Leamay)price, which was $3ea as well for Malpeques. Considering that Arome is an upscale place and that Merivale Seafood Grill had holes in the vinyl table cloth, I wasn't too thrilled. However,next time, ask the price in advance- lesson learned.

My mom and boyfriend started off with a crab cake app. When they arrived, I thought they were overdone, based on the color (quite a dark brown) but apparently they tasted terrific. They were reasonably priced at $8.95/2- I know that crab cakes can end up being quite expensive.

I had a small bouillabaise(sp?) which I think was around $8. It was very good and had quite a bit of seafood in it. My mom had the grouper fish and chip special which she said was excellent. The fries that came with it were super and homemade as they should be with "fish and chips."

My boyfriend had the almond crusted mahi mahi special with a white wine sauce, mixed vegetables and rice pilaf. The portion was quite substantial and he loved it.

The drink/beer/wine list was nothing remarkable. I think my boyfriend ended up with a Sleeman's, my mom a couple glasses of white wine and diet coke for myself.

In total, the bill was $104 which I felt was reasonable for the amount of food and given that it was seafood.

The service was not great- I am under the impression that this is the place for an early dinner and that they like to close around 8pm. We arrived at 7:30 because my boyfriend was at work until 7pm. Sometimes, I find servers start getting a little slack when closing time starts to roll around. Although our food came out promptly, it took awhile to actually get our order taken. There were only two people waiting tables and most people were winding up their dinners. The servers seemed to be more interested in getting closing duties done. Consdering that it was only 7:30, I was a little irked, especially because my mom was in from out of town and this was my selection for our dinner out.

I would definately call for a reso if planning to come for dinner later than 7:30pm.

Essentially, this place is casual dining experience, like Red Lobster but with actual culinary talent in the kitchen and I think the food is more reasonably priced.

2010 Sep 15
Merivale Fish Market & Seafood Grill is located at 1480 Merivale Road, between Baseline and Clyde. Its interior is modest and seems to have a neighbourhood following that pop in when doing dinner at home just doesn't suit the clock.

With Joey's Only gone from the neighbouring Loblaws plaza and the One Fish Two Fish gone as well from across the road, it is a recipe for success if they can keep the basics in check. Fresh fish. Well prepared. Good service. There just isn't anything else close by.

The place was quite full for a Tuesday evening. It looks like the place seats 40+ happy clients. The Seafood Grill is attached to the Merivale Fish Market, where you can find a wide selection of fish and seafood, if all you want to do is shop for making dinner at home.

I ordered halibut fish and chips. Each dinner is served with two pieces of fish, fresh cut fries, homemade coleslaw, tarter sauce and lemon. All this for $14.95. All portions were generous and I wasn't able to finish.

The fish was done to perfection. Nice crisp batter, not too thick and most importantly not greasy. The hand cut fries are great. I like that the coleslaw is homemade. I like mine with more kick though.

Many around me ventured beyond fish and chips on the menu, which leads me to believe that it is worth checking out what else they have to offer.

If you are interested in reading more, feel free to check out my blog.

2009 Dec 29
Went with a friend on the 23rd for dinner. we started with the fish soup, fantastic.
Slightly spicy broth with generous amounts of salmon, white fish, mussels and a nice fat shrimp on top.
The fish was not over cooked in the broth and the mussels were plump and tasty.
They had fresh Atlantic lobster just received that day so we oppted for this.
Arrived freshly steamed and tasted just like it had been freshly caught,.
My friend comes from Bridgewater and said it was flat our the best Lobster she has had in Ottawa.

2009 Feb 22
Had dinner last night, started with a basket of fried sprats to share with bf. They were crispy and lightly dredged in flour, only negative could have had a little seasoning added to the flour and more lemon, only 1 small piece of lemon for the entire basket.
Next had the best clam chowder in Ottawa, loads of clams and very little potato, very nicely seasoned.
The fish and chips a bit of a disapointment as they were so greasy that my plate had a nice layer of oil. the fries looked and tasted like they had been reheated a couple of times. The slaw was very tasty and not drowning in mayo as a lot of place seam to do.
Overall a nice evening in a small and very busy grill.

2009 Jan 16
Fresh fish!I am so pleased to finally find a fish and chips restaurant that is really good. The fish was fresh and wasn't frozen for six month like most other fish and chips in the city. They actually had real fries as opposed to all other restaurants that either have those crappy battered ghostly thin all you can taste is hydrogenated oil fries or fries that are so processed that they resemble something from a plastic bag in your supermarket in the freezer section. It was a real treat. No other restaurant in Ottawa comes close. We were there early and it was full so this place is well known by the locals.

2007 Oct 8
They make excellent fish & chips and their fried calamari is always perfectly cooked. The clam chowder is also a favourite of mine, as well as their seafood soup (served like a cioppino, tomato based, slightly spicy, lots of garlic...) The last meal I had from there was memorable (it was a special, not a regular menu item), grilled salmon served on a goats feta risotto with pine nuts. Rich, delicious, excellent! Also, try their jambalaya if they have it as a special.

2006 Sep 15
This place has a totally unique and awesome atmosphere. It feels just like you're in a cozy East-coast Mom-and-Pop fish-and-chips joint.



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