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2011 Aug 23
Ordered haddock and chips for take out today. I quickly realized I was in trouble as no cutlery, napkins, salt, ketchup or vinegar was supplied - I guess that is partly my fault for not checking. The batter was indeed light and crispy but found it too greasy. The fish was was nicely cooked. The chips were good but without salt or ketchup, I couldn't finish them. The tartar sauce was nothing special. The coleslaw was tasteless.

For $13.50 (incl tax) i expected a little better.. this was just above average.

2011 Jan 29
Between us we have tried most of the starters and never been disappointed. I particularly like the clam chowder.

Fish and chips are good - only one thing, though - we order the haddock and I cannot be sure that it really is haddock. Haddock normally comes as a long piece of fillet (like at The Glen, for example), not a chunk. I'm not accusing them of anything, just making an observation. Batter is nice and crispy. Portions are good.

The only thing we don't like is the Kraft chemical tartar sauce.

NOW - if only they had mushy peas for that authentic British experience!! (Hint hint)

2010 Nov 5
I've eaten here for years and I have to say the location has really improved.
Before, a few years ago all they had was a take out counter and no eat in space at all- price were super cheap then.
They will also steam shrimp and lobster from the fish store if you want to have it at home and not want a whole meal.
I remember them telling me to steam lobster or shrimp was free at the store side.

The bouilabaisse is very good and a huge portion.
I used to get the fried smelts all the time-but only once this year.
The clam strips are very good and you can tell they sre made from fresh not frozen clams (frozen ones are always too rubbery).

If you do not get enough lemon or sauce they will bring you out another portion for free.
I also like that they have those anise candy at the end of the meal.
The server always gives me at least 10 of them,lol.
I used to get food here twice a week when I lived in the area.
I doubt they will go under-they have been serving food there at least 20 years at least (used to bike there after highschool to get stuff sometimes)...and that was many years ago.

The crab cakes with the mango sauce are pretty good too!
I know last year they had a coupon in the entertainment book for a discount.

2010 Oct 27
went last week on a whim with our son while waiting for daughter to finish rehearsals.
busy, had to wait 25 minutes for table.
seemed like mostly regulars.
place looks better inside than outside.
service was excellent, 2 wait staff handled the service very well. excellent in fact.
food was very good and quick, but not too quick, just right.
fish and chips were very good, although i think they use frozen chips instead of fresh cut, could be wrong.
nice surprise, nice evening, nice place to add to list.

2009 Dec 22
I had their "catch of the day" fish and chips a couple of weeks ago with friends. It was grouper, which I hadn't tried before, though the battering process I'm sure eliminates any concerns I'd have about eating a previously unknown fish.

It was deliciously greasy, and easily the best fish and chips I've had in recent memory.

Their parking kind of sucks though, so it's best to arrive early.

2009 Aug 11
having lived in the area for many years i'm ashamed to say i've never eaten at the Merivale Fish Market until today. i'm glad i finally stopped by because the fish n' chips are spot on - thick, crisp batter but also generous with the halibut/haddock. fries are hand cut, not frozen (there is a healthy serving buried underneath in that photo). certainly one of the best chippys i've been to in the city and the closest that comes to my old haunt in Perth, The Crown & Thistle.

this is greasy. it's fish and chips - it's supposed to be!


2009 Aug 11
Best fish and chips I've had in Ottawa yet! Same we've-been-doing-this-for-generations feel (and taste!) as the little restaurant on the wharf in Shediac, New Brunswick near my relatives.

2009 Feb 13
I always eat in and never had a problem. It's Hard to find a place that serves better fish and chips in Ottawa. I guess thats why One fish Two Fish went under.

2009 Feb 13
Merivale Fish Market is normally one of my favourites for fresh fish. The other night, the SO wanted fish and chips so I thought I'd grab takeout from here.

Like I said, I'm a big fan of their fish counter but the fish and chips was some of the greasiest I've ever had. Tons of batter and the bottom of the takeout box actually left a grease stain on my countertop. Maybe the fryer wasn't hot enough, but I don't think I'll give the fried stuff a second chance from here.

2006 Sep 15
It's a bit on the oily side but that isn't always a bad thing. Great classic fish and chips!