Foods from Mekong

2009 Sep 21
Totally agree with Death Before Decaf - this is good food, but it's not Chinese or "Asian".

The Crispy Beef is to die for. I'm a huge fan.

2009 Jul 29
For the record, as of the May 19 inspection, which is the most recent inspection for Mekong, they are now in full compliance.

Everyone can stop being paranoid now.

2009 Apr 18
To be fair - the issues cited in this inspection are non-critical non-food related issues, havng to do with maintenance, and do not nessecarily indicate that there are unsafe practices going on. For example, a kitchen that is not equipped with a separate hand-washing sink (as deemed ideal by this governing body) will be marked as non-compliant unless they install one. This does NOT mean that the staff does not wash thier hands at one of the other sinks, it just means that the restaurant does not have the suggested "special hand-washing" sink that is deemed ideal. The suggestion on the inspection report would probably state something like "Ensure proper hand-washing procedures are regularly followed to prevent contamination" - again, this does not mean that the staff are NOT already alredy washing thier hands, it is a request to ensure that extra special care is taken based on the abscence of a "special" sink.

In the case of this specific inspection report, the offence is that they do not have the ideal "dipper well with running water" and it is suggested that they therefore take extra care with thier set-up to ensure there is no bacteria growth - again it is NOT stating that they are keeping thier equipment in a bucket of sewage currently, it is just pointing out that the set-up is not ideal and extra care will need to be taken. The other issue cited is a floor problem - this could be as small as a few tiles being broken or a puddle of water on the floor - which does not affect the food at all - these inspections also take into account the safety of the employees, so non-compliance does not automatically mean non-compliance in relation to your food - it could just mean that there is a tripping hazard somewhere for an employee.

2009 Apr 18
Never been in this place but I have heard stories from friends about unsanitary conditions in this restaurant. The inspection shows this in the link below . If you read the report the infraction was not corrected during the inspection not a good thing.

2009 Apr 12
I love this place. Used to eat in but now we tend to order in. I find the staff very friendly. We love their cripsy beef and shrimp with garlic.

2009 Mar 7
one of my favorite restos in ottawa, anytime someone from out of town wants to go eat i take them here.
great atmosphere and decor
good service
and amazing food

2009 Jan 6
Good Food: Yes. Good Chinese Food: No. Mekong is the most Canadian of the Chinese restaurants I have ever been to. The food is definitely tasty, a table of three of us split Spring Rolls and Satay Skewers to start, then moved on to Crispy Beef (the star of the night), Mixed Vegetable, and Kung Pao Chicken, but each dish was distinctly tailored to Euro-Canadians. This is not a place where the Asian community seems to dine. Everything is much sweeter than at other restaurants and much less spicy. All of our menu items had a star indicating its spiciness, but none of us felt any kind of heat. While it was good food, I wont be going back because it really didn't strike me as good rendition of Chinese food.

2008 Mar 12
Arrived late Saturday to Ottawa airport and couldn't get home to West Carleton--buried under snow. Daughter lives in Chinatown so rather than fret decided to do lunch. Long walk through unplowed sidewalks!
3 of us had an excellent lunch. I've been here a few times before and at times have found MSG and salt overwhelming but this time all was good. Service great--she brought water, offered tea and drinks arrived promptly.
We started with hot & sour and won ton soup--both great. I enjoyed the small wontons, more of them (8 in my small) and a flavourful but not too salty broth, lots of bok choy and green onions. Didn't sample the hot & sour but it looked loaded and was said to be delish. Also started with artfully presented vegetarian spring rolls. Couldn't complain.
Next we shared a couple of things. Due to allergies and non-red meat eaters we had to choose carefully but again all was good.
Had the stir fried vegetables and crispy noodles--lots of fresh good vegetables, noodles crispy and "sauce" not too corn-starchy or salty. I've never had lemon chicken but this was good--deep-fried coating was light, chicken breast was tender but not soft and the sauce was flavourful with lemon, not corn-starchy and not too sweet.
Service was attentive and friendly.
With 2 large Kronenburg, 1 ginger ale and tip, $60.00. Doggie bag for 1 large lunch, next day included.
We'll be back--daughter tells me cocktails are great. Maybe next time.

2007 Jan 3
I consider Mekong a pan-Asian restaurant. Their menu includes Cantonese, Szechwan, Vietnamese and Thai Foods.

We tried their Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Szechwan Style Prawn (Garlic Tomato paste Hot Sauce), Stir Fried Sliced Beef with Mixed Vegetable in Satay Sauce and Stir Fried Chicken with Snow Pea. The food taste were only average. However, the service was excellent. My friend told us that their service is why Mekong is loved by their customers, not the food. I have to agree with this!

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2007 Sep 19
One of the better variations of General Tso's I've tried in the city. The chicken had little to no batter (a nice change!) with a light crispy outside layer and juicy morsels of chicken. The sauce was a deep red, if I recall correctly, and had just the right mixture of sweetness with a spicy kick.