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2017 Mar 1
All day breakfast means you can now poutine your Egg McMuffin! But please don't; the gravy is pretty awful. :-)

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2013 Jul 12
This was actually really tasty. The fries were freshly made and perfect, and the Quarter Pounder BLT was about as good as McD's burgers get.

Bells Corners location (Robertson at Moodie). Kids' last day of school...

2006 Dec 14
I must admit, other than Yukon Gold Duck Fat Fries, Mickee Dees' fries are the bomb. Just don't refrigrate them and eat them the next day. They lose that hot, greasy yumminess that we all know and love.

2006 Nov 25
McDonald's fries taste like McDonald's fries. If you want that "McDonald's" pre-frozen taste then go nuts.

2006 Nov 7
You're right! I seem to remember that they dropped the beef fat several years ago to accommodate vegetarians, but then they brought it back because the fries didn't taste as good without it. Kind of like what happened with "new" Coke. :)

McDonald's has been working for years trying to come up with a trans-fat-free recipe for their fries. So far, no luck.

2006 Nov 7
Re. "fried in (hydrogenated) vegetable fat" -- not entirely. "A blend of partially hydrogenated...beef fat and cottonseed oil."

I am filled with shame about this, but: I eat these despite having been otherwise pretty strictly vegetarian my entire life. I was too old to go back when I found out about the beef fat. These are the _sole_ exception to the 'vegetarian' thing; I don't cheat anywhere else.

Re. "oh so good if they're less than 2 minutes old" -- oh, yes, yes...

2006 Oct 11
Agreed. Still my favourite fries ever.

2006 Sep 15
Sure, they're fried in (hydrogenated) vegetable fat and they're pretty salty. But they're the standard against which all fries are measured. Thin, crispy, and oh so good if they're less than 2 minutes old. ;-)



2009 Jul 24
Like UrbanRoutine I only seem to eat this stuff while on vacation... otherwise I'm not much of a Fast Food Lover. But, there is something about driving down the road with my hand in a take-out bag munching on McD's fries! I too only like their regular burgers, not a fan of their Big Macs etc. But a regular Hamburger or Cheeseburger is a perfect combo of pickles, onion bits, and condiments.

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Snoopy Loopy - Ya crazy as it sounds... but then again McDonald's has had a OF Page McDonald's since April 2007 (Previously only listed Coffee, Bacon & Eggs Breakie, and French Fries).

2009 Jul 24
I think there totally is a place in this world for McDonald's. I have always dug the basic cheeseburger as the perfect road food.

Whenever we head down the 401, lunch is usually two cheeseburgers. They're cheap (less than $3 for two), not super filling, and they're all hot, cheesey and pickle-y. It's hard to argue with that.

2009 Jul 24
It's a weird middle ground, since you figure that everybody knows what a McDonald's hamburger tastes like and either likes it or doesn't.

Me? I see no problem with giving a review of the double cheeseburger. Because it's delicious.

(That having been said, this could lead to a slippery slope of pro-McD's vs. anti-McD's reviews; something that is probably best avoided.)

2009 Jul 24
Are we seriously reviewing burgers at McDonald's? Or is this an ironic post?

2009 Jul 23
The double cheeseburger will always be my go to fast food fix after a night of debauchery on the town.
I know it's crap food... but who cares


2007 May 3
It's as though they mixed sawdust with toe nail clippings, laced the concoction with Windex and added a hint of Nestle Instant Coffee Mix. yummy :)


2007 Apr 26
This is what I got one day after ordering a Big Breakfast. Hadnt had one in I know why.