Formerly Lichee View Restaurant.

Dim Sum at Ng's Cuisine
Ng's Cuisine
Ng's Cuisine
Ng's Cuisine
Dim Sum at Ng's Cuisine
Dim Sum at Ng's Cuisine
Dim Sum at Ng's Cuisine
Dim Sum at Ng's Cuisine
Dim Sum at Ng's Cuisine
Dim Sum at Ng's Cuisine
Dim Sum at Ng's Cuisine
Dim Sum at Ng's Cuisine
Dim Sum at Ng's Cuisine
Dim Sum at Ng's Cuisine
Dim Sum at Ng's Cuisine
Foods from Ng's Cuisine

2012 Apr 17
Napa with Garlic: This was quite good. Nice pieces of Napa swimming in butter topped with a mountain of garlic. (~6 table spoons of minced garlic).

Pungent and tasty with a whole lot of antioxidant goodness.

2012 Apr 17
Shrimp Balls: the sentiment at the table was that the shrimp balls were a far superior version of chicken balls. They were juicy, lightly breaded and freshly fried. The were served with a sweet sauce. Very good.

Chinese Broccoli: Swimming in butter, Legit.. nuff said.

Some rice noodle dish: Wow! Iím really sorry I donít remember the name of this noodle dish but man, it was amazing. One of my friends said, ďit has got that dirty Chinese taste, like someone dowsed the noodles in charcoalĒ. I think thatís an apt description, the dish was soy based, but it had a very nice charcoal flavour Ė most likely created by very high heat in a wok? The dish included bean sprouts, green onion and the noodles were wide rice noodles.

Spicy Chinese Beef: Next to the stellar noodle dish mentioned above, this beef was fantastic. Meh, the quality of the beef was not the absolute greatest, but it was acceptable. The sauce though, was incredible. Very spicy, very full and thick, with a deep gravy like flavor. This meal went very well with the huge bowl of free rice they included with our meal.

All in -tax and tip incl. - this was 40 dollars, for 4 people. Oh and there was enough left over that I ate Chinese food for breakfast the next day.

The value of this restaurant puts other restaurants to shame. I thought the food was tasty, service very fast and the food was a fantastic price.

Highly recommended for late night food along Merivale.

2011 Feb 12
Although I had heard sketchy things about this place, I'd also heard good things about the food. I ordered some dim sum and a few other dishes and I was impressed. Prices were also very good.

The service was a little iffy. When I came in, the woman was on the phone. She stayed on the whole time, including while she took my order. I wasn't too impressed but thought that maybe she was talking to someone overseas.

I finally had salt and pepper tofu. It was awesome. I can see why this is a favorite. I didn't have the problem that Ashley indicated.

I also ordered salt and pepper squid that was a good sized portion for 10.95- The squid was a little chewy but still good.

The shrimp shu mai were good as were the deep fried shrimp balls. I recently had an experience at another restaurant where both of these dishes seemed very strongly flavored and extra chewy. The ones here were good.

I also had a portion of port dumplings which were good and meaty.

The only thing I wasn't a fan of was the spring rolls. They were so small and tighly wrapped that they tasted mostly of spring roll pastry and little of shrimp filling.

The prices for everything were really reasonable.

2009 Jul 21
So, after having tried this food with my hands (see post on eating with hands) we decided to go back with my family and my in-laws for a get-together to celebrate the birth of my new son. We got the BBQ duck dinner for 6. All in all, it wasn't bad. Clearly not on par with Toronto, but, meh, it's Ottawa, so enjoy it =)

2008 Feb 28
I had lunch here today, and thought the food was actually quite good. We had spicy chicken with garlic sauce, sweet and sour pork (some of the best I've had), beef with mixed vegetables, and a vermicelli with duck dish. Now that I've read the other reviews, I'm hoping I don't come down with something horrible. :-)

2007 Nov 7
I believe what Ashley is referring to was a document that CFIA produced on how Lichee View was using/preparing ungraded eggs in their food. I believe CFIA does not get involved in rating restaurants cleanliness, but they do ensure the food being used has been certified as safe for consumption. The same report also had a lot to say about the handling and preparation of meat in a lot of Ottawa's lebanese fast food restaurants. No comment! I'm the same document could be produced if someone did an access to information request with CFIA.

2007 Nov 6
Among all the Chinese restaurants I have tried in Ottawa, Lichee View got my vote for ďone of the worst Chinese restaurants in OttawaĒ undoubtedly.

When this restaurant was first opened in 2003, every one was so happy to have a good Chinese restaurant in the mid-town area and every one wanted to try it out. Many positive reviews came out and we went there for our group dinner (and we took a group photo there and that is why I knew it was opened in 2003). We had two big round tables (of 10 each), one table for adults and one table for children. The dinner was pretty good at that time. I still remember the kids walked to Dairy Queens to get ice creams after dinner.

My friend also ordered take-out from this restaurant for Christmas party and we all loved the food. Well, things didnít stay the same for long since the food was going downhill significantly in our subsequent visits.

Lichee View and the already closed Good Friends (located in the existing location of Jo Moo Ting) were included in the top 10 dirtiest Ottawa restaurants list published by Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) on Ottawa Citizen in 2004 (if my memory serves me right). I believe that CFIA in Ottawa took action to report those failed to comply with the restaurant hygiene requirements to alert the public. I remember that was a heated discussion when Toronto Star published a report regarding food hygiene at the food court establishments on Spadina in Toronto downtown area. Many customers complained to CFIA that they should release the report to alert the public. (Somehow I havenít seen any similar public report of that sort from CFIA for a long time. Wonder if such list still exists upon public request.) On the topic of restaurant hygiene, it is surprised to hear that even fine dining restaurants can fail to pass the hygiene standard. My Canadian Caucasian friendís daughter worked in a fine dining restaurant in the west end and she told her mom how dirty the restaurant was. (Donít want to say the name yet until it is publicly announced by CFIA.)

Anyway, back to my review of Lichee View. We havenít set our foot in this restaurant for almost 4 years. On a Saturday night two weeks ago, after our 2-hour ballroom dance practice at 10:00PM, one of our friends asked us if we want to have late night snacks. We were at Merivale location and didnít want to go to Chinatown. Lichee View was the closest place to us. My friend said we can just go there to check it out.

When we arrived there around 10:20PM, their parking lot was full and inside was 80% full as well. This was a good sign. So, we decided to try it out.

When we went in, we waited for about 5 minutes at the entrance and no one came to check on us. I stopped a server on her way to the cashier desk and told her that we wanted a table for 4. She simply pointed us to a table. So, we were seated by ourselves. (Donít laugh. This is typical for Chinese restaurant.). When I looked around, I noticed that most of the customers were quite young, likely university students who came here for late Saturday dinner.

Later, we were given their late night snack menu (a subset of their dinner menu, but a smaller food portion). Most of the dishes were $3.50 each. We ordered the following from the late night menu:

Deep-fried Tofu
The tofu arrived on our table first, with nice golden brown color. It did look great! But unfortunately, it only tasted okay. When I bit it, lots of water came out. It just indicated to me that the chef didnít drain the tofu enough before deep-frying. My friend had one bite and didnít eat the rest of the tofu.

2007 Nov 6
(continued from previous post...)

Preserved Egg & Pork Congee
Congee (or Jo, just like Jo from Jo Moon Ting) must be simmered with pork meat (and pork bones) for hours (just like a bone soup needs hours to simmer to get the flavor out). The congee we got was actually instant pork congee. The kitchen simply threw the cut-up preserved egg and few slices of pork meat into the plain congee (by the way, the congeeís water was absorbed by the rice porridge, meaning the plain congee has been sitting in the pot for a long time). When a Chinese restaurant canít even make a plain congee right, you can basically forget about this restaurant. My Zojirushi rice cooker makes better congee than their kitchen. Sigh!

Stir-fried noodles with bean sprouts
This one was okay. Taste was average.

Spicy pork belly
Have you ever tried this food? Chewy food for your mouth to work out. Their version of spicy pork tummy was okay.

Spicy and Salty shrimps
Shrimps were not fresh. But taste was average.

Cold Cut Pork Hock (sliced)
Our worst experience was the pork hock (Chinese version of cold cut with spice). We were talking most of the time and my friendís husband ate one slice and told us the meat had bad smell. My friend tried it and spat it out. I tried it and also spat out immediately. We agreed that the meat had gone bad (may be hard to taste because of the spice sauce). I asked my husband to drop his slice. We told the server that the meat had gone bad and she responded to us that the smell may be from the radish below the meat. I told her very firmly that she can try out the meat herself and we were not going to eat it. So, she reluctantly took the dish away and asked us to order another dish. We ended up ordering the fried noodle again. I can tell you that if we ate that meat, we would definitely get food poisoning.

My friends said, ďWe will not visit this restaurant again in our next 5 yearsĒ. But we wonder why this restaurant is always packed. Because of good price or because they offer late night snacks in the mid-town area? This is a mystery to us.

We talked to our other friends about our experience. They told us that they went there for dim-sum on last Saturday morning. The place was also packed. They told me that their dim-sum was very bad.

We all complained that Ottawa has no good dim-sum place any more. Letís drive to Toronto to have good dim-sum.

2006 Oct 24
LOVE this restaurant. Sometimes it is frustrating at dim sum as the carts are small and keep running out - but the food is delicious and their prices are extremely reasonable. Their whole fish at dinners are suberb.

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2012 Jul 11
Dim Sum is best with a number of folks so you can get a number of different dishes to share.

But ... I went it alone and was quite pleased.

The highlight is not in the picture. Beef brisket noodle soup. Came with lots of udon noodles in a rich beefy broth. Ample shards of nappa cabbage and the best part was the roasted red chili bits, Szechuan peppercorns and the slick of chili oil on top. Nice heat.

Others were : Fried egg noodle with bean sprout. OK.
Chinese greens with oyster sauce. Yumm
Sticky rice in leaves. Mystery meat inside rice was tasty. OK
Fried pork dumplings. Big and meaty. (One is missing in the pic).

Lots of left overs.

2011 Dec 3
So, as mentioned below, I was eager to try Lichee View given the vegetarian/vegan options that Johanna mentioned in her review. All I can say is "Hallelujah!" I'd given up on finding vegan dim sum in Ottawa and relegated myself to ordering off menus while everyone else enjoyed tasty nibbly morsels. Today, I had the vegetarian spring rolls, mushroom dumplings, steamed greens, steamed mushroom noodle rolls, and sesame balls. Everything was very tasty and filling.

The staff were friendly, helpful and willing to double check on ingredients, and the carts rolled by with new selections regularly. The general cleanliness seemed decent; though, I didn't check out the bathroom.

The bill for four of us came to $63 which was reasonable given how much food we ordered and how hungry we were. I won't jump the gun and favourite this place yet, but we'll be back.

2011 Nov 27
I also left room today for some mango pudding with condensed milk (a change from our usual dessert of sesame balls). More yum.

2011 Nov 27
A change of pace today left me with room for Ja Leun pictured at right, aka Chinese donut rice noodle roll. This was the highlight of today's dim sum, crunchy, freshly fried, a good sprinkling of sesame seeds, green onions and served with hoisin sauce and soy sauce. It is a filling dish but absolutely delicious, so much so that I've been thinking about it on and off the rest of the day...

2011 Nov 22
Totally agree. I was super excited to read about the vegetarian options! I thought I had to go to Toronto for those. I just emailed my brothers to see if they want to head over next weekend.

2011 Nov 22
Holy #$@% Johanna... your review makes me want to go there NOW. And your pics aren't crappy, they're EVIL.

2011 Nov 21
Vegetarian spring rolls with plum sauce: substantial, toothsome rolls with a great, flaky wrapping, one serving between 2 people just never seems to be enough but one must leave room for the next trolley...

2011 Nov 21
Cuttlefish in curry sauce: if you like squid then this one is hard to share, with the cuttlefish cooked tenderly, the sauce flavourful and gently spiced but not "hot"...

2011 Nov 21
Cheung fun: steamed rice noodle rolls with mushrooms and a few other vegetables, absolutely divine if you're a mushroom lover but I find you have to ask for them: somehow the rice noodle rolls sit on the lower level of the cart and are never pointed out unless you ask about them... (and again, this pic doesn't do them justice!)

2011 Nov 21
Steamed mushroom dumplings for those of us who can't get enough fungi... yes, these taste nth times better than my crappy pics!