Foods from Baan Thai

2015 May 11
Went with my wife on a Friday with reservations. It was a full house as it was the first we've been. It was 30C+ outside that day and their AC must of been busted, because it was stifling in there.

Fortunately the food was fantastic and service was super quick and friendly despite how busy it was. I started with the Tom Yum as I always do at a Thai restaurant. I think they have the best in Ottawa. My main was a seafood dish in a spicy garlic sauce. They were very generous with the portions as they were with my wife's pad thai.

This was my second time there, and I'm sure they'll be a third. Just not on another hot day.

2012 May 18
A Tale of Two Thai's continued.....(see previous review of Siam Bistro)

Last night we went to Baan Thai before a show at Centrepointe.

I was a bit leery of eating Thai again after our experience at Siam Bistro but decided to take the plunge.

Again, atmosphere and service were great - no issues.

I did ask this time about MSG. They told me they don't ever add MSG to anything, but that the oyster sauce they use has MSG in it and they can use less (or none in the case of an allergy). I don't have an allergy, just an intolerance.

Food - what we ordered:

Fresh Wrap - Rice paper wrapped with chicken, tofu, and vegetables, served with creamy peanut sauce

Gaeng Ped Yang - B.B.Q. duck in red curry with fresh sweet basil, Thai eggplants, bamboo slices, sweet pepper and coconut milk

Gai Ped Med Ma Muang - Chicken stir-fried with cashew nuts, sweet pepper, onions and dried chillies

Kaow Pad - Pork stir-fried with jasmine rice, eggs and mixed vegetables.

All dishes were delicious, although there could have been a bit more duck in the curry dish.

The other two dishes had ample amounts of meat. Sauces were tasty with good consistencies (I hate a watery curry sauce - this one was nice and thick and coconutty - is that a word?)

And the best part??? NO stomach issues after. We both felt fine for the rest of the evening.

So really not sure what the deal is at Siam Bistro but I am happy it's not a widespread issue :)

2010 Aug 9
Baan Thai is my favourite Thai restaurant in Ottawa. While I was attending Algonquin College, a friend of mine introduced me to this unassuming place (tucked into a small strip mall on Centrepointe Dr.) and I was hooked. Once I graduated, I worked at the Ottawa Sun and had the pleasure of interviewing the owners for a feature on the lives of immigrants living in Ottawa.
I was taken aback by how sweet, kind and genuine they were -- not quite what I was expecting from busy restaurateurs. The reason I bring this up is because their good nature really seems to translate into the food and ambiance, the whole experience of dining in their restaurant. The name sums it up quite well - Baan Thai meaning Thai home.
The restaurant has become a lot more popular over the last few years and I am extremely happy to hear it. Every once in a while I'll forget to make reservations and be turned away at the door. Oh, well -- my fault. The dining room can get quite squishy too, on a busy night, but I've never really minded. The wait staff are very, very friendly and polite.
Now, how about I get to the food? I have never had a fresher-tasting meal. My favourite item on the menu are the starter soups -- pick any, really -- but the Tom Yum Goong, especially. The shrimp are always huge and the mix of herbs and spices makes for a perfect balance.
I have to say, I've been impressed with every dish I've ever ordered here and I'm hard pressed to pick favourites. However, (of course) their pad Thai is the best I've had in Ottawa. The consistency of the sauce coats the noodles perfectly, not too soggy, to allow the crumbled peanuts to do their job. The meat, whether shrimp or chicken, is always tasty.
The yellow curry (chicken and potatoes) is rich and spicy, probably very fattening, but it's perfect over jasmine rice. Very addictive.
Now, I digress. I don't have the culinary know how to properly explain why this place is so good. So, I don't feel like I'm doing the place justice. (What am I even doing here with you foodies?) :)
I guess I'll have to take some pictures next time, or maybe learn about Thai ingredients, so I can really put this into writing.
For now, I'll just leave it at this: The flavours in these dishes are so robust, so fresh, that I can't even compare it to other Thai food I've eaten in the area. The atmosphere is comfortable, warm and inviting. The staff are friendly, sometimes a bit slow, but only because the place is so busy. The prices are beyond reasonable for the quality. Don't rush your dining experience and you'll have a wonderful evening.
Final rating: A+

2010 Jul 8
I've eaten at and ordered from Baan Thai several times.

The food is very good - I particularly love their Red Duck Curry.

My biggest complaint is their take-out service. I find the wait for take-out is often unreasonably long, up to 45 minutes, and on more than one occasion they have made mistakes with my order.

I will definitely eat here again, but I now get my Thai take-out in Nepean elsewhere.

2009 Sep 23
We've been eager to try Baan Thai every since we heard about it. On a Wednesday night, they were almost full but still managed to find us a table for two. Service was friendly and effective. The atmosphere was darkish and pleasant, like most Thai restaurants.

The food was very good, but we found it to be way too sweet compared to other Thai restaurants. The Tom Yum soup was excellent (see food-specific comment). The Neau Nam Tok barbecued beef salad was extremely flavourful, but the beef showed no hint of having been barbecued. The Gaeng Garee Gai chicken and potatoes in yellow curry was sweet like a dessert pudding, and the potatoes were somewhat undercooked. The flavour of the sauce was nice except for the intense sweetness (it must have had half a cup of sugar in it) and we ended up fishing out the chicken and leaving much of the sauce. The Pad Ki Mow with Shrimp was unusually saucy and deeply flavourful, with big chunks of bell pepper, shredded carrot and red cabbage, and a beautiful carved beet. Unfortunately, it too was on the too-sweet side compared to other Thai restaurants.

So... if you like your food sweet you will love the Thai food here!

2009 Sep 17
Still my fave thai place in Ottawa. Ate there last night. Always a delight!

Their pad thai and yellow curry with chicken and potatoes are just pure comfort food for me.

2009 Mar 10
Baan Thai is by far my fave thai place at this moment in time. I have eaten there twice now and was beyond pleased with the experiences. It truly is a little hidden gem.

We had takeout last Saturday -- what a feast for all the senses. The food tastes incredible! Although I don't enjoy things are that overly spiced, Baan Thai is not shy to spice things up which is a nice detour from other thai restos that tend to keep their dishes 'safe'. The food is beautiful, particularly if you dine in.

We ordered (if I can recall everything) the shrimp/tofu/chicken wraps w/ peanut sauce(no.2 Fresh Wrap - best I have had so far), pad thai (no. 42 - orgasmic and heavenly), green curry with chicken and eggplant and peppers (no.21 Gaeng Keaw Warn - nicely spiced), yellow curry with chicken and potatos (no.20 Gaeng Garee Gai - so yummy that no chicken or potatos are necessary - just the sauce); green mango salad (no.13 Yum Ma Muang - so fresh and good!), and a veggie dish (no.41 Pak Khana Fi Dang - good). I think there was another chicken and veggie dish - not sure which one.

SO scrumptuous! SO mouth-watering! If you haven't yet ventured to Baan Thai, please take the time to.

2008 Apr 23
This place is a hidden gem. I have only ever gotten takeout from here but everytime I've gone to pick it up the dining room has either been packed or half packed with reserved signs on every vacant table.

They do an awesome hot and sour soup and the red curry chicken is my favourite standby. The mango salad is delicious but kinda skimpy on the shrimp (only 3 little shrimpies!). Hubby likes the pad thai - he's pretty easy to please.

I will miss this place so much when I move away from the centrepointe area.

2007 Jul 28
Just ate here tonight. We had the fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce and grilled calamari to start. Both were very well executed, the spring rolls ended up being the highlight of the meal. We then dug into our pad thai and shrimp and eggplant in a black bean garlic sauce. The pad thai was good, nothing mindblowing, and the shrimp in black bean sauce was ok I guess. The menu described the shrimp with black bean sauce to have basil in it... I think I counted two basil leaves, and maybe 3 black beans in the entire dish. It was very garlicky, and it overwhelmed the dish a bit... overall, the food was good... just not my #1 thai place in Ottawa...

2006 Nov 25
Very tasty. We ate here last night, and while, not the BEST thai I've EVER had, it was quite a bit tastier than the other thai I've had in Ottawa. The mix of flavours was very well balenced - I was pleased that the spicier dishes we had were not totally overwhelmed with hotness - although spicy, you could still really taste the flavours underneath as well.

The star of the meal for us was the spicy green curry with chicken, eggplant, peppers, and basil. My boyfriend scarfed it up and I was lucky to get one plate!

Decor is very pleasant and pretty- nice red walls! Service was attentive and friendly, polite and professional but not overly formal.

While I'll probably keep looking for "the perfect thai" in Ottawa, I would definetly return here over other places I've tried so far.

Location is in the middle of nowhere basically - way out past Baseline, but if you're nearby you should definetly try it - or if you have time to kill go ahead and make the trip.

They also do take-out. Score!


2009 Sep 23
The Tom Yum Goong was one of the most deeply flavourful I've encountered. It lacked the chili and bright lime kick usually found in Tom Yum soup, but instead offered a richly mellow flavour full of kaffir lime leaf and lemon grass. It is marked as "spicy" on the menu but the one we had should not be. Bonus points for a relatively generous count of 3 shrimp and a good portion size compared to other Thai restaurants.