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2019 Nov 10
My son liked his 43. Guay Teau Lad Na with pork ($15.95). I tried a little and even though I love the spicy hit of pad kee mao I'm reeeally tempted to get this next time.

The gravy is heavy on black pepper and wok flavour. Scrumpdillyicious!

They seem to use this vegetable mix for many of their dishes, which might be disappointing if you're expecting Chinese broccoli (aka gai lan) with your Pad See Ew. That said, it's a nice mix so I'm not going to hold it against them.

2015 Aug 6
We recently discovered this gem, and have been going for lunch regularly.

It isn't a 'sit and relax and savor your lunch' type of place, it gets packed and they turn the tables quickly, catering to the nearby office crowd.

We always go for the lunch combo, which for $14 includes a tom yum soup to start, and then a platter with a spring roll, fresh mango salad, a curry (usually yellow chicken curry of some sort) and a stir fry (usually beef or pork) and some rice.

This is excellent food for the price, and if you go for the special combo it arrives quickly. Today we were in & out in half an hour!

You can order specific things from the menu instead, and I guess they take a bit longer to come out. They always look good when we've eyed up other peoples food, but we just love the convenience & variety of the combo.

Hopefully things are a bit more relaxed in the evening, but haven't had the chance to try yet.


2019 Nov 10
Chicken Pad Kee Mao ($14.95) was delicious and pleasantly filling. This place is my current go-to for Thai food—partly because it's tasty and partly because it's not far from where I live.

For Pad Kee Mao afficionados, I should mention that the heat in this dish comes from dried powder chili peppers rather than fresh Thai chili. If you prefer the flavour and stronger sting of fresh chilis then you might not be thrilled with the version here.