Foods from Haveli

2009 Dec 22
I ate there twice this past summer. Naan bread, Murg Makhni, Veg Manchurian, it was all delicious, though a bit more than I like to pay, but that's what you get for eating at Byward Market restaurants.

2009 Aug 4
I've eaten here 10 times or so over the last 10 years and every time I ask myself "why did I just do that"? It's easy to get sucked in. Good location, believable decor and what other Indian food is there is there worth eating in the Market?

But, invariably the dishes are exactly the same. Very poor ingredients, way too much oil, everything fried and battered. I swear the dahl soup I had tonight had tomato soup base in it. Nutritionally this is about as far away from simple peasant Indian food as you can get. If you don't ask for very hot, you're in for a bland bland time as there is no dimension to the spice. There's no way those spices are ground fresh. If you ask for extremely hot, it gets hot but at the entire expense of flavour and body. Like eating dried chili peppers.

Basically, a tourist trap. Overpriced, overcooked soulless food. Anybody that still thinks this "Ottawa institution" is the bestneeds to go to any of the other highly rated places here - Biriyani House, Rangoli, Nupur, Passage to India. All are better. Expand your horizons!

2/10 rating!

2007 Nov 23
The butter chicken is fantastic. So rich and smooth, just like it should be. Very nice decor, classy.

2007 Jan 17
I'm a bread man.. and they have the best chapati in town. Some places even try to pass of a naan as a chapati... but not Haveli. Thumbs up.

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