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Courtyard Restaurant
Weekend Brunch at Courtyard Restaurant
Weekend Brunch at Courtyard Restaurant
Courtyard Restaurant
Courtyard Restaurant
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2008 Jun 1
Ate dinner here Friday night. The food was delicious!

I started with the terrine (confit of duck leg) followed by the braised beef short rib. The terrine was quite good and the shards of duck were still large enough to taste the meat. The short rib was delicious but what made the dish extra special was the lovely gravy and the brown butter potato puree. It was so creamy and warming. Ideal comfort food. Simply delish!

My friend ordered from the table d'hote menu: starter was a dish of in-season mushrooms mixed with pasta; main consisted of trout. She said they were both very good.

For dessert, we shared the Chocolate, Coffee and Bourbon Mud Cake with Allspice Anglaise and Espresso Praline. What a PERFECT finish to a fabulous meal! We were both curious about the Allspice Anglaise -- it was just a lovely cream with a subtle hint of nutmeg. The mud cake was not heavy, nor was it light. For anyone who loves chocolate, this is ideal!

2007 Sep 14
Went here for a brunch wedding reception. It was exceptional! I can't wait to return. Unfortunately the dinner menu looks too "fancy" for my husband's tastes but I'm sure we will return for brunch or lunch.

2007 Jul 7
We got married at The Courtyard a year ago, so we went back this evening for our first anniversary dinner. Since we were last there, they've changed their menu to smaller plates so that one can have multiple courses and try a wider variety of dishes.

Here's what we ordered and a few comments on it:

Drinks: We started with glasses of the house sparkling wine, to toast our anniversary. Later we grabbed a half litre of the Duboeuf Beaujolais. (One thing we would suggest to the restaurant is to list recommended wines to go with each course, and have them available in smaller servings appropriate to tasting courses. )

My first course: Crispy-Skin Ontario Pickerel, Israeli Couscous, Black Radish, Asparagus Tips, Beurre Noisette. Perfectly done pickerel and nice flavour to the couscous.

mendel's first course: Espelette Pepper dusted Diver Scallops, Kohlrabi Seviche, Avocado Salsa, Fennel Root Salad, Orange Vinaigrette. Gigantic scallops that were perfectly done. Beautifully presented (the kohlrabi looked like a flower).

My second course: Mustard Pappardelle, Olive Oil Poached Tomato, Olive Chutney, White Bean-Garlic Purée, Grana Padano Cheese. The tomato on this was so good, but I love olive oil in general. This didn't have as 'mustardy' a flavour as I was expecting; it was much more mild. An enjoyable second course.

mendel's second course: Yam Gnocchi, Pulled Mariposa Farm Duck Confit, Chanterelle Mushrooms, Le Douanier Cheese Croquette, Brussel Sprouts, Pumpkin Seeds, Roasted Celeriac Sauce. I nearly ordered this one myself, even though I don't often eat poultry day-to-day. The bite I had was very good, though. Nice texture to the pulled duck meat and the yam gnocchi was so good, I would happily have eaten an entire plate of just that.

My third course: Roasted Cremini Mushroom Caps, 4 Impromptu Garnitures. This was the best course of the three I had, as it was both delicious and fun. In my case, the garnishes were as follows: 1) the fennel salad and avocado salsa from the scallop dish (listed above); 2) a creamy, onion-y dressing with two sweet potato 'chips'; 3) small pieces of crispy pork on top of what I believe was squash; 4) a double layer of tomato, goat cheese, and polenta.

mendel's third course: Albenblick Farms Organic Lamb Featured Cut or Two, Roasted Beets, Sunchokes, Mustard. In this case the lamb was done as a scallopini and served with a cheese topping. He said it was delicious.

My dessert: Star Anise Ice Cream Sandwich with Florentine Cookies, Tempura Pineapple and Curry Syrup. I love everything in this dish so I figured I'd love it all together. I was right!

mendel's dessert: Panko-Fuji Apple 'Crumble' with Butternut Squash Semifreddo, Butterscotch Chaud-Froid and Mascarpone Cream. Nice and creamy but not too sweet mascarpone cream and the apple crumble had good texture and flavour.

2007 Jan 27
Went here last night for the Winterlude $45 prix fixe.

The service was excellent, though the food came a bit quick for my liking. We were barely (and once not even) finished a course prior to the next one arriving. If I'm paying that much for food I'd like to savour it a bit before getting to the next course.

There was a delicious bread (salt, peper and anise?) to eat before our apps arrived. We had halibut on a sweet toast with micro greens and some sort of foam on top. The halibut was meaty and not fishy in the least. The foam was not memorable, but the overall dish was quite simple and enjoyable.

The pumello sorbet did its job as a palate cleanser.

For mains we had the seafood plate. The very fresh tasting shrimp had a hint of heat, but the rice cracker it sat on was a bit like eating cardboard. The scallop was mediocre on its own but when paired with the avocado salad the textures created something more interesting. The lobster tail on the jicama slaw was very good.

I had the honey mousse for desert. Honey's never tasted so good as this. Yum!

Overall the food was creatively presented and enjoyable to eat. However many places do this as well or better for cheaper. I suppose this place otherwise stands out in terms of the space, the staff, the wine list and their use of more inaccessible ingredients.

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2011 May 16
The Green Eggs and Ham were aweseome! Scrambled eggs mixed with arugula pesto resulted in classy and tasty green eggs. The chunk of sous-vide bacon was spectacular! The roesti was the only (mild) disappointment.

The angle of my photo doesn't do the size justice -- there were probably three eggs used in this scramble. We were all very satisfied with the quantity.

2011 May 16
Took my parents here for brunch on Sunday and had a great time! The dining rooms are cozy and elegant, with lots of space between tables. Service was super friendly and accommodating. We were a table of seven, including my 7-year old kids.

We were each given a brunchy amuse-bouche of a little biscuit with butter and strawberry jam. Nice touch!

The Tried and True Benny featured the most perfectly poached eggs (Bekings) I've ever encountered. The ham was a nice thick slice, and the Hollandaise was good. The Roesti was a pretty strange interpretation of this classic Swiss dish, featuring super finely grated potato, some onion, and a cooking method (likely deep frying) that resulted in a crisp and dark exterior and an undercooked interior. I found it to be all right but my wife gave me most of hers.

The compressed fruit is a neat touch, although some people might prefer fresh.

All in all, we were very happy with the food and thrilled with the environment and service.



2007 Sep 26
They have a flat-iron steak cut of Kobe here on the dinner menu. It's from Snake River Farms which is a fairly large producer of American Wagyu.