Across from the Superstore at Richmond/Kirkwood.

Their menu includes curry, Thai noodle dishes, a variety of sandwiches and sausages (with quite the list of toppings).

Prices range from $3-6. A range of drinks are also available.

Pad Thai at Bite This
Bite This
Bite This
Bite This
Pad Thai at Bite This
Bite This
Bite This
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2016 Jul 14
On a recent day off I went to Westboro for a mid morning doctors appointment then some foodie shopping in the neighbourhood. I am usually in the area for an afternoon medical appointment then a quick trip to the superstore before heading home. I have been spying the Bite This food truck across the street for some time now and recently the opportunity presented itself I was able to stay for lunch this time. The layout is nice - there are quite a few tables in front of the food truck and the inside is comfortable enough to move around in. The only annoyance is that the menu is near the door on the way out. When I was there around noon on a Monday there were only a few people there so waiting for my sandwich didn't take too long at all. They have Thai style dishes - vermicelli dishes, tacos, and sandwiches - as well as a few daily specials. I ordered a Ho Chi Mihn sandwich which included pork, fresh veggies and peanut sauce. I enjoyed my sandwhich very much and look forward to a return visit.

2013 Jun 26
So we went today for lunch. We ordered the Marrakech and chicken curry/mango sandwiches. After about 10 minutes of waiting, they called us to tell us that they were out of the Marrakech sandwich. I'm not sure why they didn't know this when we ordered, but anyway, we then substituted with the Cowboy. We also ordered fries. The condiments on the chicken sandwich and the naan bread were excellent. As for the chicken, there wasn't much of it. The same can be said for the Cowboy. There were only a few pieces of very thinly sliced beef and the last third of the sandwich had no beef at all. The fries were good. If only the one sandwich had skimped on the meat I would have written it off to error. However, given that both sandwiches had a scant 2 ounces of meat each, I won't be rushing back. There are too many other places to go where I think you get better value.

2013 Jun 19
They are directly across the street from the Real Canadian Superstore on Richmond just past Kirkwood You should be able to identify them by the colourful Adirondack chairs.

I think the side street is Clifton.

2013 Jun 19
Where exactly are they? We went looking for them today for lunch and couldn't find them. Ended up at Juniper.

2013 Jun 18
I waited 25 minutes today for my order.
I liked this place better in it's old location where not as many people knew about it!

They have their menu board inside the trailer for some reason. You can't read it until it's time to place your order. Turn the dang thing around so people waiting in the long line can decide what they want!

2012 Nov 4
I talked to owner Donna Kyd recently and she said she is now leasing the spot across from Great Canadian Stupid Store in Westboro. Although it's a house, the last business in there was a surplus goods store.

Her old spot in the used car lot is up for sale (for development. read: condos) and since here lease was expiring next summer she made the move.

She plans on "Doing something special" with the house/building on the location. Possibly a cafe ?, possibly just winter seating ? (and still prepare food from her trailer), or possibly ....

I wish her good luck what ever she does because she is a successful early player in the alternative street food scene here. She had to fight city hall. And she won !

2012 Nov 4
Saw their truck set up across from the Loblaws Superstore at Richmond/Kirkwood. Looked like tables and chairs set out around it too. Maybe they have just moved locations?

2012 Nov 4
Drove by yesterday on my way to the store and it looks like thy are gone for the season!

2012 Aug 26
Personally was not a huge fan of the pad thai. It ight have been the cilantro? I'm not one that think it tastes like soap, but I do just find it very overpowering and it was just not right. for me anyway.


The sandwiches? oh the sandwiches! HEAVEN!

Have had the Cowboy(have asked for it in the past but was always sold out, she was sold out this time but managed to make me one!) and have now had 2 curry it up. and I am a FAN in a big bad way.

I actually would love the curry it up without the big mango slices and with just what I think is a type of Mango jam. But for me that's just a texture thing. The addition of the grilled onions is genius, and I can't even describe how good it is.

The cowboy is also a huge winner. They don't skip on the goat cheese(or at least they spread it in such a way that akes you feel like you have lots of it!) perfectly roasted veggies and not tons of seasoning and on great great bread.

2012 Aug 25
Tried Bite This for the first time today. Ordered the pad thai but did not come away from the experience feeling the same as Captain Caper (whose review is below).

It wasn't the worst pad thai I've had but it wasn't that good. The portion was fair for the $7.75 price. I ordered the chicken over the tofu but had very few pieces. Noodles were cooked nicely but I simply wasn't a fan of the sauce.

I wouldn't order it again, but I would return to try their sandwiches.

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2019 Aug 31
I somehow have never been to this place but glad I finally did. I tried the pad thai which is now $11. It is a good deal as it is served in the take out paper box, so there is a lot. I also agree that it is the best take out pad thai. It is a bit tangy, a bit spicy and a little bit sweet. It is tomatoey, just as I prefer pad thais to be.

2011 Apr 23
Best Pad Thai I ever had from a street vendor ... the again, I've never been to Thailand .... yet.