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2019 Jun 8
Was here again on Friday and the guy next to me at the bar ordered "dusted wings", which after listening to his questions and the waitresses answers sounded to me like a keto friendly version of wings. I will ask in more detail myself next time I am in.

This prompted me to look at the menu more closely and I did manage to find a "lettuce wrap" which was some kind of meat sandwich wrapped in lettuce instead of some form of bun. The devil is in the details - if that is just a gluten-free meal it may not be keto friendly. But it could be keto. I will ask in more detail when I am in next.

2019 Jun 2
This is called "The Flying Pig" and is listed as "Crispy chicken breast, smokey bacon, avocado, cheddar, sambal mayo, tomato, CT Red Ale BBQ sauce".

It was extremely yummy though pretty close to impossible to eat like a burger - I had to use a knife and fork which is perfectly fine in my books. The fries were perfect as well.

2019 Jun 2
I have been trying to get some coworkers to go out for beers a couple times a month, and one of the requirements for a couple of them is keto-friendly food. Since my own only real requirement is good beer I of course suggest Clocktower Westboro. One of the keto guys tells me that they don't have a single thing that is keto friendly. Their go-to at most places is a plate of wings or a Caesar salad. Well clock tower does not have a caesar, and their wings are battered which is a no-go.

So I went there myself on Friday to stake it out, and I asked one of the servers about keto. She confirmed they don't have a single thing that is suitable.

OK I get it - I find the keto trend a little overwhelming too. Though I have seen it help an awful lot of people lose weight and stay healthy. But I think any establishment who ignores keto is shooting themselves in the foot. Sadly we won't be going here a couple times a month on fridays after work.

2019 May 1
Due to a general”hue and cry”, Waupoos has been re-installed at the New Edinburgh edition of the CT. Thanks Manny!

2019 Apr 18
They still have Somersby, on tap, and Strongbow in cans, not Waupoos. Chez Lucien will be seeing more of me in the near future.

2019 Apr 18
I heard that they were not selling draft cider anymore but offering ciders in cans/bottles. You might still be able to fill your pants.

2019 Apr 17
More cranking on Clocktower: they no longer carry Waupoos cider, at the New Eddy shop anyway. This will definitely cut into their bottom line, as I drank a pant load of the stuff there. . . . .

2019 Feb 24
I would like to comment on the service we received at the Byward Market CT last night. I would like to, but I can’t because there was none. Went about 7pm, maybe 12 people in the place, no one greeted us at the door, so we seated ourselves, no one brought us menus, so we went to the bar and got our own. No one came to take our order, so we left. 2 servers and a bartender, and about 4 tables of customers.

2018 Oct 20
Visited Friday and was disappointed. Service was great, beer was also good. The food was mediocre. My fish and chips were priced right but the fries were just bad resembling something from the frozen food section at the supermarket. Fish was dry but the batter was good. My wife had the grilled cheese and again nothing that would make you want to come back. She had the pub chips that were under cooked.

2018 Aug 27
Excellent beer selection at reasonable prices.

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2008 Jan 21
Just curious which beer you had Shamus. If it was one of the cask beers that would explain the flatness since cask beer is often flat (by design)

2008 Jan 21
Have I just been unlucky? Some of the worst pub brew I have ever had has been here. I've tried the location in the Glebe and in new Edinborough and both times the beer was almost undrinkable - flat and flavourless. I am a huge supporter of crafted beer and really wanted to like the Clocktowers offerings but sadly I cannot do this.

2008 Jan 15
Been there a few times the last few weeks since my son is in an activity around the corner. Went for lunch today. $3.45 is the regular price for their own brewed beer! Glass is at least 500ml if not a British Pint (even bigger). Wow! And apparantly Tuesday nights are wing night and beer is half priced!

2007 Dec 22
Their Festive Porter on tap right now is absolutely fantastic! A very drinkable beer even for people who think they don't like dark beer. Smooth, almost toffee-like flavours with no harshness at all from the roasted malts.

2007 Jun 8
We just came back from having supper at the Clock Tower. We were looking forward to having a beer at our first brewpub in Ottawa (we lived in Montreal before, so we were used to great brewpub beer).

Out of their 5 beers, they only had 2, and this is on a Friday night. I had the Classic Vienna Cask Brown and my husband had the Bytown Brown. We were disappointed. Neither beer had any aftertaste - they both cut "short". The Bytown Brown was terribly flat. I don't know whether it was the bottom of the keg, but we don't remember having had beer like that! The Vienna Cask Brown was a bit better, at least it had some carbonation.

We finished those and I ordered a Stella Artois and my hubby a Guinness. We were so happy after the first sip, which is pretty sad considering we were in a brewpub.

2007 Mar 13
Went for lunch today and had a few beers as well. Or rather, I believe I had some lunch with my beer :-)

Got to chat with brewmaster Pat - he has some big plans in store for the place including a beer education program for patrons. So definitely stay tuned to the Clocktower! They'd been having some real quality issues according to the lads in the brew club, and I believe Patrick is just the guy to clean it up! In fact I believe he already has! Kudos to the owners for recognising they needed a new brewmaster!

The Koelsch - well - they shouldn't be calling it that! I know it's not a protected name in Canada but just out of respect for the brewmasters in Cologne. But it was a very good beer. Not quite to style but I'm having trouble placing what's off so I'll obviously have to go back and sample more so I can figure it out. I believe the finishing gravity is perhaps a bit too high so it's not dry enough on the finish. That's probably it.

The Wishart's Bitter was very tasty, and while I've never had a Bitter in the UK I do believe this to be very true to style at least to my understanding of the style. Would be very easy to drink a lot of this.

Finished up with the Brown Ale. As my friend who was with me commented, "it has nothing that people who say that don't like dark beer wouldn't like". In other words, if you think you don't like dark beer this just may change your mind. Slightly sweet, balanced well with the hops. Very drinkable.

Keep up the great work Patrick! I believe I will now officially start taking the family here twice a month instead of the Royal Oak.

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2012 Jan 14
Confession: I haven't eaten a burger in...hmm, probably 8+ years. It's not that I've made a point of avoiding them, we just haven't crossed paths - i.e. maybe I need to get to more barbeques.

Last Thursday, I was here (Bank Street location) with a couple of friends, both burger enthusiasts, for dinner. They often speak of the excellent burgers here. I read the description of the Angry Goat Burger and it also spoke to me: Herbed goat cheese, banana peppers and spicy mayo. I chose the side of salad: a generous amount of mixed greens with grape tomatoes and balsamic & olive oil dressing (on the side) with a bottle of San Pellegrino - they have a nice 500 ml size.
The burger was hugely delicious and perfectly done. So good, I was back Saturday evening with my sister eating the same. Again excellent. Service was friendly, quick and efficient. I really like this place.

2010 Feb 18
Another absolutely perfect burger today! That will be all ...

2008 Sep 28
Absolutely perfect! Served on a scrumptious kaiser bun with pickles, lettuce and onion. Big burger, and very flavourful. Tough to imagine a better burger.

2008 Jan 15
Once again a very wonderful burger!

2007 Mar 13
Had the "Black and Blue" for lunch today, with blue cheese on it. Mmmmmm, stinky cheese! Everything about it was great except I'm not sure if this was the "black" part or not, but the burger was charcoal black on the outside. Luckily it did not taste really burnt so it was still yummy. I'll try it again next time I'm there and hopefully it won't be so charred. Yummy pickle on the side, served with lots of onion and tomato and lettuce.

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2016 Apr 2
The kimchi fries are indeed a pretty awesome snack, been meaning to mention them here for a while :)

2016 Apr 2
Kimchi fries at the Elgin St location. Great fries and combo of kimchi, mayo, sriracha, chicken and garnishes. All this dish was missing was something pickled (onions, hot peppers). I enjoyed this during appy hour so for $7 I thought it was a great deal and paired nicely with their bitter.

2010 Feb 18
Once again, perfect french fries.

2008 Sep 28
Another 2 strong thumbs for their fries. Perfectly crisp on the outside, tender on the inside.

2008 Mar 3
Had fries (w/a burger) here on Friday and I'm still thinking about them -- they were very good. Home-cut fries are so rare these days.

2007 Dec 23
The home-cut fries I had yesterday were absolutely perfect!

2007 Mar 23
Was back at lunch today and this time had the fries with my burger instead of salad. They appear to be home-cut and were very yummy. Nice and crisp on the outside and tender inside. Good job clocktower!

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2013 May 9
As posted above, the Tuesday wing special is now 6.25 for 10. Very good quality wings.

2010 Jan 27
I paid a visit to The Clocktower Brew Pub (Glebe) last night for their Tuesday night wing night (Reg $9.75, Tuesdays $4.95). The Clocktower has a good range of flavours, all the heats, including Malaysian (suicide), Sweet Chilli, Hot & Honey, Spicy Maple BBQ, Honey Szechuan, Jerk, or Cajun Dusted. I decided to try the Spicy Maple BBQ for something a little different. They're sufficiently saucy and have a hint of sweet maple and BBQ flavour, they are not spicy though. I was a bit surprised that no carrot sticks, celery or sour cream came with the wings (sour cream is extra), but this would only really be an issue with the hot wings for me. In any case, its definitely worth a visit on wing night, and at the Bank St. location at least, go early! We hung out near the bar for about 30mins before finding a seat in the bar area and ate there - a seat in the dining area didn't come up. The Clocktower has a good selection of their own microbrew as well as other beers, so waiting isn't an issue, trying to stay out of the way when there are no seats is.

To note: My friend had the 5 spice chicken - his review was that it was alright, the veggies seemed to be the best part though.

Wing Size: 7.5

Sauce: 6.5-7.5 (6.5 for advertising them as spicy, 7.5 because they're still good)

Recommended Beer: I had a Fenien Red, which is a little sweet and went nicely with the sweet wings, as well as a Wisharts Bitter which had a nice contrast to the sweet...I wouldn't actually recommend alternating though. Pick one and stick with it.

2008 Jan 22
Best wings in the city.
Cheap on Tuesdays...

Today is Tuesday, allllllllright.



2008 Apr 11
There are 2 types of veggie burgers : those that try to look and taste like a hamburger, and those that don't. In my experience the ones that do try are often pretty terrible, while the ones who do not try are often pretty spectacular. Unfortunately, this was one of the ones that tried to look and taste like a hamburger, and while it was not terrible, it was not very good either. I certainly won't be having another. It tasted like soy sauce. Yuck.

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2007 Mar 13
Had a very nice side tossed-salad with my burger today, instead of fries. The veggies were all fresh. They had a choice of maybe 5 different dressings, I chose the blue cheese which was delicious.

I'll order it again.

2007 Apr 26
I am excited to announce that the Clocktower (on Mackay) has changed/added to their menu! As a frequent customer to this pub, I pretty much have their menu memorized and stick to the same old, same old.
So, here is the tuna...I don't think I have the name right but it's the only 'tuna' item on the menu. This was the first time I've actually had a tuna steak, so I really have nothing to compare it to but I really, really, enjoyed it. They serve it on pumpernickel bread (grilled, I think) with some nice wasabi mayo. Such a nice treat having unique choices at a pub. They serve it with either fries or salad...I got the salad which is their standard salad that goes with all the dishes...mixed greens, red onions, grated carrots, chunks of tomatoes, and a honkin' pickle. Dressing is usually on the salad, but I get it on the side!

Can't wait to try the other new items! I'll let you all know of course....

Fresh Foodie: Do you think there should be two separate tags for each Clocktower location? I'm pretty sure that zymurgists' reviews are from the location on Bank, while mine are from Mackay.

2018 Sep 1
$16 got me a metal dog food bowl filled with delightful chips, good creamy coleslaw, thick and tasty tartar sauce, and two chunks of crispy battered haddock. The fish was a little on the dry side but I'll take that over undercooked any day. Overall a pretty decent FnC experience!