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See also: Frenzie's Gourmet Burgers
Fast food joint in Sandy Hill, burgers, hotdogs, fries, poutine and onion rings. Mostly take-out, six seats for eating in and some tables outside.

Famous Frenchy's
Onion Rings at Famous Frenchy's
Bison Burger at Famous Frenchy's
Famous Frenchy's
Onion Rings at Famous Frenchy's
Double Cheeseburger at Famous Frenchy's
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2011 Feb 20
Poutine (Family Sized): The poutine is pretty good but not the best. The gravy is a little watery for my liking and the fries seemed a bit overdone. Still good, just not the best. Also, Family Sized is crazy huge. You should split between at least three people. This thing is so big it's comical.

Cheese burger, all dressed and all tasty.

Oh yeah, and fountain Pepsi is the best.

We need more places like this in Ottawa. It's pretty unique to have a quality, fast burger joint and it's a nice change of pace from the usual pizza and shawarma. The location could be better, but it's only a 10 minute walk from the Byward Market.

2011 Jan 1
I agree. Ate here then checked Urbanspoon. Should have checked there first!!!!!

2010 Oct 2
Was terrible!

2010 Aug 29
Went to Famous Frenchy's with a buddy from work a few weeks ago. Nice friendly atmosphere from the get go. They advertise a "Kobe beef" burger which is shipped from Alberta. The guy behind the counter (most likely the owner) couldn't tell me if the beef was actually Kobe or simply Wagyu (either way, best beef out there) . Still ordered it with a side poutine. My buddy got the bison burger and fries. We were both impressed with the way they were cooked. Definitely the best burger I've had in an Ottawa restaurant, and I've eaten my fair share. The poutine was tasty. Definitely not the best I've had, but by far not the worst. My buddy told me the Bison burger was cooked to perfection. If you have the money for it, I highly recommend their Wagyu burger, on its own or with a side.

2010 Apr 30
I have eaten at Frenchy's three time now (I almost wanted to say thrice, but I'm not Mr. Burns.) Objectively speaking, they make a decent burger. Not the best, but far from sub-par. The service is friendly, yet not very fast. The burgers are named after the owners children: for example the Alex burger is a normal hamburger; the mollydog is also just a normal hotdog - so don't think the special names will significantly change the burger.

Their fries are pretty good, but not really my thing. they are close in style to swiss chalet fries (which are also good) but I like crispy fries. Their poutine had very fresh cheese curds which were nice and squeeky, however the gravy has a bit of a swiss chalet sauce taste to it. Some people would really like their poutines here, but its not great for me. Yet I cannot say its bad either.

Back to the burger - It is above par, quite large and made fresh in front of your eyes. In fact last time I had a burger here I saw the guy hand forming the burgers (and just to appease the clean freaks out there - with gloves of course.)A combo is not too cheep, burger - small poutine and small fountain pop come out to $10.12. But a small poutine was more than enough, the burger is quite large (with copious toppings - they even had sauerkraut.. YUM!) and if you eat in, they'll refill your fountain drink as much as you like (but to be honest - it was awefull tasting pepsi).

The one thing I have to say is that the servers/cooks are nice fellows and they aim to please. The place has a cool retro vibe to it, however there are not many seats, so I would suggest eating out. They have a giant big screen with blaring rap videos all day. this I don't really like - nothing against rap (in its pure form) but Much Music vibe is essentially a porn channel with horrible music. From a business point of view, a lot of people would not come back for this reason - especially if you have kids.

Another highlight of this place is the fact that they have wonderful unorthadox burger options. Osterage, Chicken, Bison, and *Kobe Beef* (which clocks in at 16 dollars for the burger alone) however they do sell. The server guy showed me a receipt in which the very same day he sold 3 Kobe burgers on the same bill. I have never had any of these as I don't feel that a burger should cost that much money, however, I guess i should try them sometime.

Over all famous frenchy's packs a very decent burger and it is worth your while to check it out.

2.5/5 Cheers, Rob

2010 Mar 19
Went last night with the hubby after having driven by this place several times, smelling the sweet aroma of BBQing beef. With the weather warming up and backyard cookout smells wafting all over the place, we were both in the mood for some burger action.

This place I would compare to a well loved greasy spoon. The chairs were all wobbly, space was tight, could've done without the MuchVibe...but damn were the burgers tasty!! I've seen some pretty mediocre reviews of this place in several places online, but it looks like they have gotten their newbie growing pains sorted out.

We were quite pleased with the quality, taste, price and service. I could go in and just get an Alex burger - for under $4!! - and be happily filled with that. Portions are great bang for your buck.

My all-dressed Alex with hot peppers was excellent, the fries were just right; not overly greasy with a nice crisp to them. I did not try the bison my other half ordered, but no complaints from him on that end.

We will come back for sure!

2009 Nov 3
yuk all around. the bison burger was as dry as a microwaved cardboard box. poor food safety practices perhaps can be attribuited to being new in the biz.

2009 Aug 30
might be something you want to bring up to ownership IF
but I doubt it
realize a veggie burger would be cooked along side beef and bison burgers

when I read your post I thought about a poutine burger...Howard reminded me of the gravy

I had to laugh, I doubt if it's ever seen a cow

but a french fry, o-ring, and cheese curd sandwich
does sound tasty (segway: Homer Simpson)

2009 Aug 30
Obi, happen to notice whether Frenchy's does a home-made veggie burger?

2009 Aug 30
finally made it there after several weeks of wanting to
nice short day to end a long week (lol only 60 hours)

while walking up to the joint, I could smell that fries were recently blanched and the oil was fresh
did not have that miasmic smell like peanut butter that much overused fryer oil gives off

walked was clean and looked well tended
while not partial to the continuous rap music played on the big screen, I loved the art deco stools and the nice black finish to the buddy bar

ordered the double burger with the works + hot peppers
o-rings, not caring they were frowzen and a diet pepesi ( really jonesing for a diet dr pepper at this point)

the beef was fresh and sadly like all hand-formed patties not allowed to rest they cooked up misshappened, a big lump there and thin spots elsewhere but lordlyloo was it tasty

the cook did wash his hands after popping the patties on the grill and then tending to the fixing

the fries were as I suspectly, nicely blanch
the oil hot and pristine, 370F,
my friend while not overly impressed by the lack of seasoning on the burgers, S&P, did declare it much better than teh Wroks

I found it very juicy on the verge of sloppy then reminded myself it's a burger
loved the flavour of the beef itself enjoying the flavour profile only grassfed beef has

the o-rings were crispy all through the meal
my friend declared the poutine the best he's had in Otown

the cashier very pleasant and helpful, the cook smiling and clearly enjoying what he's doing as we discussed the fine points of blanching fries

so glad we tried this place as I've been sadly shocked at the way fresh fries has been treated in most places in the downtown core

the burgers were huge
I could not finish the double cheese I ordered
could not believe a gentleman finished a quad the day before




2010 Oct 2

2009 Jul 26
Cheese and ketchup only



2010 Oct 2
yuk dripping in oil

2009 Aug 14

Chimichimi said they were just McCain's onion rings, but they were good rings. Not oily, crunchy, and battered (the way a good onion ring should be).

This was a medium order of rings.

2009 Jul 26
Those onion rings come straight out of a McCain's bag - I was so disappointed when I saw my order coming out of the bag, I almost asked them not to bother, but the basket hit the fryolator before I could chime in. On the other hand, the poutine is amazing (I only eat it about once a year, and this definitely hit the spot).

2009 Jul 26
All of these onion rings were only $2.85








2010 Oct 2
dripping in oil


2009 Aug 14

I went with the Bison Burger, intrigued by the Bison meat and by the deal on right now ($8.95 as opposed the usual price of $10.95).

It was meaty, and moist and all around a good burger. But the flavour of this bison patty was not as 'unique' as I have had at other establishments, so next time I'm going to go with a regular beef patty.

I added cheese and bacon, all dressed for toppings as well as pickles (love the pickles) and hot peppers. Everything was tasty, fresh. An excellent burger!