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Cornbread at D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
Dessert at D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
Armadillo Eggs at D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
Pulled Pork at D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
Dessert at D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
Wings at D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
Ribs at D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
Pulled Pork at D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
Hush Puppies at D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
Onion Rings at D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
Cornbread at D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
Foods from D and S Southern Comfort BBQ

2012 Apr 24
I was really eager to try D&S since I love that type of food, and after seeing it featured on 'You Gotta Eat Here'.

The food experience, however, was a disappointment.

The highlight of the experience was the service. Our server was incredible!

The lowlight was the actual food ... unfortunately.

Two of us ordered the Southern Pride Platter ( Armadillo Egg, beef brisket and chicken leg) both with hush puppies and red rice. The other ordered Dave's Meat Platter (beef ribs, beef brisket, and pulled pork) with fries and corn bread.

- the Armadillo egg was tasty enough (cheese stuffed jalapeno pepper wrapped in ground meat)

- the beef brisket wasn't very tasty, I wanted it to be more succulent and flavourful. In fact, it tasted quite vinegar-y which is not what I expected

- the chicken leg was pretty awful as it lacked flavour and I thought the roast chicken one can purchase in a grocery store is more flavourful. UGH, I hate saying so but it's how I feel. Neither of us finished our chicken.

- the hush puppies were great, I really enjoyed those (fried corn bread with onions and jalapeno)

- the red rice was okay (rice cooked in tomato sauce with onions and green peppers)

- the beef ribs were delicious! If I were to return to D&S, I'd order those next time

- the pulled pork was disappointing and also lacked a succulence that I had wanted and expected

To end the meal, we tried the smoked chocolate cheesecake. It was delicious, although we didn't really find it had much of a smoked flavour as John C from 'You Gotta Eat Here' had indicated.

All in all, I was pleased with the service but less so with the food. I really really really wanted to love it. Oh well.

2012 Mar 7
Went to D&S tonight with a bunch of friends and everyone was happy with their meal. Ribs, chicken, and brisket was ordered, as well as a child portion order of ribs. The chicken was well seasoned and tender and the sauce was flavourful. My co-diners were very happy with the ribs, and couldnt stop raving about the flavour of the meat and sauce. The daughter was very pleased with her meal and dessert (of ice cream) and now wants to have her Birthday party there! All of the sides were well received, and I think they solved their issue with the cole slaw as it was quite tasty.

2012 Feb 29

TUESDAY WING NIGHT- Just under a pound of the best wings you will ever have for $6.50.

WEDNESDAY RIB NIGHT- We sell our St.Louis cut ribs for $1.25 per bone. We try to encourage customers to use this time to sample all our different sauces. Our sides are sold separate but at a very reasonable price.

THURSDAY BRISKET & HOGSBACK- It is $1.00 off every 20oz pint of Hogsback draught. Also our smoked brisket plate, brisket on a bun, and beef brisket wrap are all $1.00 off as well.

2012 Feb 27
I have eaten lunch here a few times but decided to check out the brunch. I was very hungry when I arrived and immediately hit the buffet before checking out the whole set up. The buffet, with the exception of the baked beans was pretty standard fare with scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, etc. Now the baked beans were great with a great tang of BBQ and the buffet was far above average with the bacon being a standout. Now I was expecting more BBQ fare then I saw on the buffet and was feeling underwhelmed . But, because I had not checked out my surroundings properly, I didn't notice the huge hunk of brisket on a carving board in what looked like a separate omelette station. What great brisket!! A beautiful pink smoke line nestled below a lovely rim of buttery fat that framed some succulent juicy beef. One of the best looking briskest I've seen. Topped by great service and an excellent peach cobbler, this resto is 15 minutes from Centretown and well worth the trip.

2012 Feb 25
Thanks Lady Ilsebe for the suggestion to try the smoky chocolate cheesecake! I am not a huge cheesecake fan, especially the chocolate variety which I often find heavy and cloying, but this one really surprised and delighted me. Very unique and a "must try".

Customers should note that a lot of the BBQ items are not on the lunch menu, and when we arrived at noon we were disappointed to find only sandwiches and burgers on offer. We did however ask the server about more options from the bbq pit, and he checked with the kitchen and found that we could indeed order off the dinner menu. We tried the St. Louis Ribs, brisket and chicken. St. Louis Ribs had amazing flavor and one half the rack was tender and perfectly cooked, but the other half was a bit tough and undercooked, still with great flavor. Chicken alone was worth the trip; succulent dark meat bursting with juicy deliciousness and finished with just enough tangy sauce, with extra sauce served on the side. We enjoyed the brisket, excellent flavor, but the portion I had was a little overdone for my taste; I don't like it that soft and almost mushy. My other half thought it was perfect. The armadillo egg was interesting. Sausage meat wrapped around a cheese stuffed jalapeno. Tasty, but I'll save room for more chicken or ribs next time.

For sides we had coleslaw, which was a touch bland, but the grilled roasted root vegetables were really impressive. Glazed parsnips, carrots and red onions finished on the grill that had outstanding flavour and were a perfect complement to the meats. I usually don't care too much about veggies when I'm eating barbecue, but these were a highlight, and I would definitely choose them again. Corn bread was good and not too sweet.

D & S is the only place I know in Ottawa that serves authentic hush puppies. They are a really good example, crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and when you go, make sure you try them.

They run various specials on certain days; Beer & brisket, wing night etc. I will definitely be back on Wednesdays when the special is $1.25 per rib.

2012 Feb 23
We went to D & S last night for my birthday dinner. I'd been hearing the ads on The Bear for quite a while, and LOVE proper southern bbq (see my comments on Smoque Shack for instance...)

We got there about 6:30, and there were only a couple other tables seated. We ordered the armadillo eggs as an app to share, a kids chicken finger meal, the brisket reuben, the brisket, and the pulled pork. Sides were coleslaw, chef's salad, hush puppies, french fries, and the grilled veggies.

I CANNOT say enough good stuff about the food. The brisket was amazingly tender, the pulled pork perfect. They brought out the kids meal quickly. The sausage on the armadillo eggs was very yummy and obviously homemade. And I could eat a whole meal out of the grilled honey-glazed veggies.

We got talking with the manager after our meal, and she even brought out dessert for us, and made sure to invite us to their showing party next week (sadly, I have to work, so we'll miss it). The smoky chocolate cheesecake sounds gimmicky, but really, it's amazing, with just a hint of smoke at the end of a taste.

Service could be improved upon a wee bit - I wanted my pork plated, and got it in a bun. My dad wanted the brisket chopped, and got it sliced. Water refills could have been speedier. But those were minor details.

Decor is homey, but it is obvious they put the food first over the atmosphere. That's ok by me! I was really hoping to go back for the breakfast buffet on Sunday, but I have to work, so unless we get there for open, I doubt I'll manage.

I know it looks like it's in the middle of nowhere based on the map, but it's really only about 10 minutes from the 417 and Anderson/Leitrim road, and maybe 20 minutes from the airport. Compared to the other bbq in town, I'll GLADLY go back when I need that fix.

2011 Oct 29
I read the previous comments and I have to say I disagree with most. Yes, the decor is a bit strange ...but the manager explained they opened with a different theme in mind. That didn't work out and they decided to go smokehouse. Great idea!

From a business cost perspective, I can understand why they did not change the decor earlier, but hoping they do soon. Hate to say it, bit it needs a Montana's type theme.

As for the food, I thought it was great. We had beef ribs, St-Louis ribs, Baby back, brisket, wings and hush puppies. Favorite were the wings and brisket!

Ribs had the right tenderness and smoke (not pureed meat on a bone). Unfortunately, this is what a lot of Ottawans are used to.

They allowed me to view the smoker in the kitchen ...a huge southern pride smoker.

I have not experienced true smoked bbq like this in Ottawa ....ever.

If you like the food at D&S, encourage them to invest in the decor to match the food.

PorkButt out...

2011 Jun 5
I discovered this place by accident about a year ago... I found the decor and ambiance to very very weird. ie...the TV's show the security cameras outside in the parking lot. Anything else would be more entertaining. We were kinda skeptical but we figured what the hell give it a shot. The service was horrible..thats being polite. The food on the other hand made up for what everything else lacked. The food was true southern BBQ. The ribs were some of the best I have had (in Canada). We left feeling a little confused as to how the food can outmatch everything else so much. We decided to give it another shot about 2 weeks ago. Well, absolutely nothing has changed and to make it even worse we waited over an hour for our food. I am able to let go of decor if the food rocks...but this time was enough. Unless I am able to pre order an hour before arrival...most likely will not return

2010 Jun 3
We recently heard about this place and have gone there twice. The first time we went at lunch but what we wanted was on the dinner menu, not on the lunch menu so they let us order from that. My husband had brisket dish , which was excellent. His dish came with hush puppies which were delicious. I had the sampler plate which consisted of ribs, wings, onion rings and a mini pulled pork sandwich. I enjoyed every mouthful. For dessert we shared an apple "springroll" served with ice cream, caramel sauce and whipped cream. They were nice enough to put it on two separate plates, each with it's own embellishments. Each half of the springroll was equivalent in size to a Chinese spring roll. Yummy stuff, that.

We also took in a brunch. They were not very busy and that was a shame because it was worth every penny. Smoked salmom anyone?

This is a true southern, Texas - style bbq place, so if you like your meat smoked low and slow, this is your place. It is the only bbq place I know of in the Ottawa area. If there are any others, maybe someone could let me know?

2010 Apr 5
Generally speaking, the meat was overdone. The brisket not only looked dry but tasted dry too. A sauce could have masked the dryness and would definitely have been a welcome addition. However, the flavour of the meat was good as was the flavour of the beans. But again, moisture was lacking and the beans were dry.

The flavour of the ribs was good and they were pretty meaty but unfortunately they were a little tough.

One of my fellow diners who had visited this establishment before had warned me about the pulled pork and the fact that it was too saucy and overdone. But I love pulled pork and I had to try it... but I pre-empted the sauce issue by asking for the sauce on the side. I'm happy I did this because it was served perfectly sauced and I never touched the sauce that was served on the side. I enjoyed the pork and found it had just the right amount of vinegar and sweetness. It was a tad overcooked but the sauce kept it moist regardless. I found the serving of vegetables small but the taste was good and they were cooked properly.

The service was... interesting. Our server shared with us twice that it was her birthday and she had to work late. Two of the diners had water and the third hesitated before ordering a beverage. The server encouraged him to have a beverage and he chose a beer to which she replied that the beer was like water anyway. Stella Artois is far from beer that is reminiscent of water.

The food took over 45 minutes to be served which is what I would expect if the food is freshly grilled and wonderful. I don't have a problem with the wait time because I know that grilling takes the time is takes, but I expect it to be great if I have to wait that long. A courtesy to ease the wait time might be to serve buns or a munchie.

Even though we indulge in grilled goodness at home regularly, it's nice to have the option to enjoy the same great food without having to cook it. I really want this place to succeed to be able to do just that. To the sporadic griller, this restaurant would probably be 'something else'. To the connoisseur, it needs improvements to keep me coming back.

We probably won't be going back... our BBQed food is consistently much better than what we had at the restaurant.

We did dine late (at around 8 p.m.) not that's no reason not to have the same quality food as those who dined at the regular dinner hours.

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Ribs 4



2009 Oct 27

D&S has 3 types of ribs (beef, St. Louis Style, and pork back). I had the Kitchen Sampler which came with 2 St Louis style ribs.

Crispy bark, tender meat, sweet and smokey sauce. Not overly big or meaty, but very tasty. Smoked low and slow over hickory.


2015 Jun 28
Another picture of the corn. There are two in one order.

2009 Oct 27

Cream Corn Bread - side dish choice with the Armadillo Eggs.


2009 Oct 27

Great Hush Puppies - crispy outside, soft inside. Little jalapeno in the puppies give a little kick.


2009 Oct 29
That photo literally has my mouth watering. I've wanted to check this place out for a while. Perhaps I'll take a drive this weekend : ) Thanks for the mouthwatering photos!

2009 Oct 27

Snoopy Loopy - you are so right. Uploaded the wrong photo and completely missed it. Thanks for catching that.

Mini pulled pork sandwich from the Kitchen Sampler combo.

Piled high, very tender. BBQ sauce does not overpower the pork.

2009 Oct 27
I'm no pulled pork expert, but that doesn't look like ANY pulled pork I've ever eaten :)

2009 Oct 27

Mini pulled pork sandwich from the Kitchen Sampler combo.

Piled high, very tender. BBQ sauce does not overpower the pork.

Dessert 2


2013 Jul 5
Smoked chocolate cheesecake. The smoke gives a slight bitterness to offset the richness of the dish.

2009 Oct 27

The Chocolate Triple Threat: "Chocolate hazelnut pot du creme, orange chocolate tart and a Bailey's truffle".

We split the truffle first, which was rich and hinted of Baileys.

The tart tasted like a sophisticated Terry's chocolate orange.

The pot du creme tasted like a mousse (is that what pot du creme is?). Either way, it was a decadent and delicious end to the meal.


2013 Jul 5
Some pork goodness. Perfect BBQ sauce to glaze things over.


2009 Oct 27

Breaded Onion Rings - big cruch, big onion. Served with a chipotle mayo dip. Chipotle was very mild but the dip complimented the rings well.

I'm not a huge fan of breaded onion rings (I prefer battered) but these were good.

This portion was in the Kitchen Sampler combo.


2009 Oct 27

The wings are served whole, marinated, dusted then hickory smoked, then drizzled with sweet and smokey sauce.

Two whole wings came in the Kitchen Sampler.

The wings are about a medium to large size and is relatively meaty. The skin is not very crispy, but tasty.

You can taste the smoked flavour in the meat. The rub and the smoke in the skin are also really good. You could eat these as is, but BBQ sauce is drizzled on. The sauce is Sweet & Smokey (they also have Spicy Apple and Creole) and is just shy of being to sweet for my tastes.

If you liked smoked wings, you'll like these.