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Cornbread at D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
Dessert at D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
Armadillo Eggs at D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
Pulled Pork at D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
Dessert at D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
Wings at D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
Ribs at D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
Pulled Pork at D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
Hush Puppies at D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
Onion Rings at D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
Cornbread at D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
D and S Southern Comfort BBQ
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2015 Jun 28
I am not sure why it took so long for me to try this place but I am glad I did. It reminded me of a memorable dining experience I had in Syracuse at Dinosaur BBQ minus the biker gang atmosphere and hour long wait...

My husband, my daughter and I shared the Dave's Platter and we had leftovers to take home. The platter consists of beef brisket, pulled pork, one beef rib and 3 pork ribs. It was all smoky and nicely flavoured. The beef brisket was a little too salty for me but hubby loved it.

It comes with two sides (one potato and one another choice) so we added beans and corn bread. The beans were amazing! Really saucy, sweet and meaty. We got seasonal vegetables which turned out to be sweet snap peas that seemed to be cooked in a pan with onions. Excellent. The other side we got was corn bread and they were really fresh and soft.

Overall, a great, finger licking BBQ experience with everything you expect from a BBQ joint!

2015 Apr 1

I will of course, have to confirm this in person, and immediately, and with great messy eating of the evidence.

2015 Mar 30
I went to D&S on Friday evening and can report that you can get the beef ribs seperately and/or create your own platter. The beef ribs are $8 each and the sides are 3.50. Three beef ribs and two sides comes to about $30, pretty decent when compared to some of the other platters. I believe our server said that each bone has 4oz of meat each.

2015 Mar 8
Dear D&S,

I dig your food. Really, i totally do. Your armadillo eggs could only better better if they were served by real armadillos in aprons. The onion rings rival the bestest i've had anywhere. Your pork ribs are right up there.

But i showed up for the beef ribs. Y'know, those monster glorious meat clubs that can feed an entire family and be used to defend them from a ravening polar bear at the same time... those. Those were all i wanted.

And i don't understand why i can't just order a few of those. Smoque Shack does it. Zydeco does it.

It's not that your platters don't make me happy, it's just that i only wanted the one thing. I would have paid you whatever for it.

So yeah, i ordered a Dave's meat platter and i took most of it home except the beef rib which i devoured and really wanted another. And i just don't get it... it's not like you don't have beef ribs.... are we short on cows in Ottawa? Even the bigger meat platter has just the one, lonely, beef rib, all alone on the plate

So anyways, my meal in early Feb 2015 was all good except for that i couldn't order more of what i wanted even tho you had it in the kitchen and were willing to sell it to me but only with a pile of other stuff, thanks. The leftovers were ok but mostly reminded me that i wished they were a leftover beef rib.

Your server was great and managed my disappointment admirably.

2013 Dec 19
I was there on the weekend and had Dave's meat platter.

1 beef rib, 3 St. Louis, Brisket, Pulled Pork
Sides: Hush Puppies and fries

Hush puppies were ok. I tried a piece of my friend's Armadillo eggs which was awesome.

Beef rib was good.

Pork ribs were good as well. I can and have made ribs of this quality at home.

Brisket was amazing. Definitely worth getting again.

Pulled pork was meh.

When I go back, not if, I will get the brisket again with armadillo eggs :)

2013 Sep 28
Did the the full spectrum of meat last evening with the Good Luck Platter. It comes with one Armadillo egg, 2 wings, 1 leg, 2 St. Louis ribs, 1 beef rib, brisket,pulled pork, and a sausage. I had yet to try a few things on the menu so we shared this behemoth. The pulled pork was North Carolina style with just the right amount of vinegar sauce. The chicken was super juicy,tender with a big smoke profile. The one miss was the sausage. It was loosely packed lacking that snap,a tad lean with a grainy texture. My wife the beef rib fan snatched it quickly and it was gone before I got a chance to get a taste. The jumbo wings had a nice bite to them. We got the fries for one of the sides and I was impressed with the crispy hand cut offering. Brisket was consistent with our last visit and so were the ribs. Leftovers were great wrapped in a corn tortilla for lunch today.

2013 Jul 5
My wife order her side ribs dry with sauce on the side. They explained that these have some chew to them like real BBQ should. I just pointed to my Martin's t-shirt and said no explanation necessary. I was lucky enough to get a taste. I know what will be on the menu next visit.

2013 Jul 5
After two mediocre experiences at The Shack it was time to revisit D&S. This was a very enjoyable experience. Our server was knowledgeable. I asked several questions and there was no stumping this lady. Started with armadillo eggs. Some porkylishous eggs with a jalapeno stuffed cheese centre yummy! My brisket sliced thin was tender with just the perfect amount of pull that would make a Texan proud. Not killed with sauce and seasoned perfect. The accompanying beans were great with just the right amount of sugar. Fried mac and cheese balls were something different with a slight bit of tang to get the juices flowing. They brew their own beer and the blond was nice light and crisp with a hint of citrus. The smoked chocolate cheesecake had a slight bit of bitter to offset it's richness genius. Almost everything is made in house except a few items. Dave sat down with us and talked BBQ for a while. Will be back soon with friends. Pictured is the Brisket a heaping load of meat for a reasonable price.

2013 May 27
Finally finally FINALLY got to D&S, Satnite early May 2013. Let's get right to the food...

BEEF RIBS - like those ribs that make Fred Flintstone's car fall over. Awesome. Tasty. Meaty. Want more.

PORK RIBS - Solid. Dryier style but tasty, ample meat, nice crisp. Would order again.

PULLED PORK - A vinegary style we hadn't tried before. Not bad but not quite as yummy as the saucier style. Problem solved when drenched in the glorious house-made bbq sauce, which was provided in abundance on request. Would not order again but mostly because the ribs were so damn good.

BEEF BRISKET - Delicious. Benefitted from the extra sauce but didn't really need it. Nicely lean and thin cut. The leftovers made great sandwiches.

ONION RINGS - Until this visit i thought DICKS had the bestest massive pankoriffic onion rings in the world. Now i am conflicted and will have to eat more from both places until i decide which is better. Darn.

HUSH PUPPIES - Fried balls of cornbread with inions and jalapenos aka The Bestest Thing Ever on the side.

MAC AND CHEESE BALLS - Almost the other bestest thing ever. A bit salty.

Service was cheerful and great. Will be back. Will send others. Will go with them too.

2012 Apr 24
I was really eager to try D&S since I love that type of food, and after seeing it featured on 'You Gotta Eat Here'.

The food experience, however, was a disappointment.

The highlight of the experience was the service. Our server was incredible!

The lowlight was the actual food ... unfortunately.

Two of us ordered the Southern Pride Platter ( Armadillo Egg, beef brisket and chicken leg) both with hush puppies and red rice. The other ordered Dave's Meat Platter (beef ribs, beef brisket, and pulled pork) with fries and corn bread.

- the Armadillo egg was tasty enough (cheese stuffed jalapeno pepper wrapped in ground meat)

- the beef brisket wasn't very tasty, I wanted it to be more succulent and flavourful. In fact, it tasted quite vinegar-y which is not what I expected

- the chicken leg was pretty awful as it lacked flavour and I thought the roast chicken one can purchase in a grocery store is more flavourful. UGH, I hate saying so but it's how I feel. Neither of us finished our chicken.

- the hush puppies were great, I really enjoyed those (fried corn bread with onions and jalapeno)

- the red rice was okay (rice cooked in tomato sauce with onions and green peppers)

- the beef ribs were delicious! If I were to return to D&S, I'd order those next time

- the pulled pork was disappointing and also lacked a succulence that I had wanted and expected

To end the meal, we tried the smoked chocolate cheesecake. It was delicious, although we didn't really find it had much of a smoked flavour as John C from 'You Gotta Eat Here' had indicated.

All in all, I was pleased with the service but less so with the food. I really really really wanted to love it. Oh well.



2015 Jun 28
Another picture of the corn. There are two in one order.

2009 Oct 27

Cream Corn Bread - side dish choice with the Armadillo Eggs.


2009 Oct 29
That photo literally has my mouth watering. I've wanted to check this place out for a while. Perhaps I'll take a drive this weekend : ) Thanks for the mouthwatering photos!

2009 Oct 27

Snoopy Loopy - you are so right. Uploaded the wrong photo and completely missed it. Thanks for catching that.

Mini pulled pork sandwich from the Kitchen Sampler combo.

Piled high, very tender. BBQ sauce does not overpower the pork.

2009 Oct 27
I'm no pulled pork expert, but that doesn't look like ANY pulled pork I've ever eaten :)

2009 Oct 27

Mini pulled pork sandwich from the Kitchen Sampler combo.

Piled high, very tender. BBQ sauce does not overpower the pork.

Ribs 1



2009 Oct 27

D&S has 3 types of ribs (beef, St. Louis Style, and pork back). I had the Kitchen Sampler which came with 2 St Louis style ribs.

Crispy bark, tender meat, sweet and smokey sauce. Not overly big or meaty, but very tasty. Smoked low and slow over hickory.


2013 Jul 5
Some pork goodness. Perfect BBQ sauce to glaze things over.


2009 Oct 27

Breaded Onion Rings - big cruch, big onion. Served with a chipotle mayo dip. Chipotle was very mild but the dip complimented the rings well.

I'm not a huge fan of breaded onion rings (I prefer battered) but these were good.

This portion was in the Kitchen Sampler combo.


2009 Oct 27

Great Hush Puppies - crispy outside, soft inside. Little jalapeno in the puppies give a little kick.


2009 Oct 27

The wings are served whole, marinated, dusted then hickory smoked, then drizzled with sweet and smokey sauce.

Two whole wings came in the Kitchen Sampler.

The wings are about a medium to large size and is relatively meaty. The skin is not very crispy, but tasty.

You can taste the smoked flavour in the meat. The rub and the smoke in the skin are also really good. You could eat these as is, but BBQ sauce is drizzled on. The sauce is Sweet & Smokey (they also have Spicy Apple and Creole) and is just shy of being to sweet for my tastes.

If you liked smoked wings, you'll like these.


2013 Jul 5
Smoked chocolate cheesecake. The smoke gives a slight bitterness to offset the richness of the dish.

2009 Oct 27

The Chocolate Triple Threat: "Chocolate hazelnut pot du creme, orange chocolate tart and a Bailey's truffle".

We split the truffle first, which was rich and hinted of Baileys.

The tart tasted like a sophisticated Terry's chocolate orange.

The pot du creme tasted like a mousse (is that what pot du creme is?). Either way, it was a decadent and delicious end to the meal.