This little shop is on Beechwood about 1 block west of the Bridgehead store. The shop sells cookies, cupcakes and Isobel & Co.'s signature decorated cookies.

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2009 May 21
My GF and I went to Isobel's yesterday afternoon. We immediately saw the cupcakes as we walked in and I was taken by the wonderful aroma. I checked out the price and it was $2.50 per cupcake. I was used to the cheaper superstore cupcakes, so I thought of only getting three.
My GF was checking out the cookies and bought a few. I saw they had "no tax" or "tax included" specials if you buy 6 or 12. So I bought six. We bought Lemon Curd, Espresso, Ganache, White Chocolate, Chocolate Orange and Vanilla Bean.
The Chocolate Orange stood out. My GF liked the Vanilla Bean. I forgot to take a pic because I wanted to try them out right away. Overall, it was nice, but a little pricey for me. Sure it's all fresh, but if you need a cake fix, I guess superstores are okay.

2009 May 14
I have been into this place a couple of times and although they're not cheap, the cupcakes here are excellent. They're not huge but they come with copious amounts of icing and they packaging is so nice you can take them right to a dinner party. They also carry other goodies such as cookies and bars and absolutely amazing home-made coconut marshmallows. The owner has been working the counter every time I've gone which I always take as a good sign.

2009 May 9
I had a bit of sweet tooth today so we got some cupcakes from here. they were really good. The cake was moist and mine had a filling of lemon curd which was full of flavour and delicious. There is a lot of icing on them but it is not overpowering so I didn't mind it. the presentation is beautiful too right from the cupcake to the box they came in.

2009 Apr 17
I headed on down to Isobel's this morning. I am looking for cupcakes for a special birthday coming up in May and nothing but the best will do. (I should add though that price matters somewhat as I need 4 dozen).

Isobel's has a delightful array of lovely cupcakes. They are all the one size and I would say these are "medium". Not too big, not too small. I bought three cupcakes here (but gave the Chocolate Ganache one to an ailing neighbor).

The Lemon Curd cupcake is a little beauty. It has a light textured cake and then a sweet surprise dollop of lemon curd on the inside. The icing is softly whipped and buttery and doesn't compete with the lemony interior. The Chocolate Orange Cupcake is similarly very nice. The chocolate interior is moist and rich tasting and the orange "curd" on the inside is not too sweet. I have a Lemon Raspberry Cupcake that is very pretty to look at with a pale pink icing that is not in any way gaudy.

I then headed to Three Bakers and a Bike. They also sell cupcakes but there is less choice. The Vanilla Cupcake is very good-a moist cake with a rich butter cream icing that they make themselves. The Chocolate cupcake apparently has a commercial icing on it. Unfortuately I did not taste this (since I gave it to the same neighbor). These cupcakes are considerably less expensive than Isobels but are also not as whimsical to look at.

2009 Apr 15
My opinion on their cupcakes is already well documented... and in regards to their icing, buttercream can be made three different ways, and some people like it, others don't. You simply have to try one to figure it out for yourself. If not, more for me hehe.

Anyways, day before easter sunday I went to pick up some cupcakes for dessert - um, wow... it was packed more than I had ever seen it! Aside from the cupcakes I got, which I enjoyed (including the lime and coconut one btw), I picked up some cookies that were easter themed.

I really enjoyed this cookie. My SO was less enthused as the icing was "crunchy" and he prefers his cookies softer in nature. You can really tell they use fresh ingredients in these cookies, and I loved the designs. I would have taken pictures, but I ate them too quickly. The price is a little high for the big cookies I think, but hey, for a treat it's not too bad. I will probably add a cookie or two to my future cupcake orders...

2009 Apr 8
I went to the Ottawa Wedding show this weekend and was taken away by Isobel's Cupcakes. They had samples of chocolate, vanilla, and raspberry cupcakes and little Easter decorated word, FANTABULOUS! The set up and the girls in their pink chef jackets were adorable. I will be getting my wedding cupcake cake done this summer by Isobel's and cannot wait for all my family and friends to try these delicious treats!

I highly recommend these cupcakes as they are available at the 1st Cupcake Shop in Ottawa!

2009 Mar 10
Got 1/2 dozen assorted cupcakes from Isobel's on the week-end. Epic disappointment. Epic.
They were, well, pretty to look at, but had dry and mainly tasteless cake. The chocolate icing was passable but nearly devoid of any sweetness, but the ones with the white icing were downright nasty. Like spit it out nasty. No taste other than lard-like. I swear they tasted like Tenderflake.
Do not want.

2009 Feb 26
Kiwiw, I think you mean the Candy Store in Westboro--they don't actually make the cupcakes; it's a kitchen called Ottawa Cupcakery (it's in the forum somewhere). Honestly, I provided them feedback and tehy were so pleased they offered me a cupcake on the house. It's worth talking about with them since they're so new.

I can't (yet) speak to the squality of cupcakes at Isobel, but friends of ours brought back cookies, marvelous cookies from I&C. Oh, my gosh! They were divine (what was left by the time I got there anyway). Mine was a black and white cookie, and it was prefectly moist and the icing was just the right amount of sweetness. I'm a little glad I don't have time to trek to New Edinburgh, otherwise I'd be a metric tonne!

2009 Feb 25
We ordered 4 different kinds of cupcake and were sadly disappointed by each and every one. The flavours were indistinguishable and the cupcakes were actually extremely stale (crunchy around the outside!). The icing also had very little flavour and was so fatty that neither of us could stomach it. Although the box and the decoration were both very fancy, I would not recommend these at all. Definite pass.

2009 Feb 17
After having a lie of a red velvet cupcake from the candy shoppe, I was hesitant to fall in love with cupcakes again. Well Isobel won me over... These cupcakes are fantastic. I have been ordering them with alarming frequency over the past few weeks. I have tried chocolate, double chocolate, chocolate ganache, white chocolate, strawberry cheesecake, raspberry, chocolate orange... I could probably go on, as they make different ones every day it seems. The flavours are excellent, the service is pleasant - when I went on valentine's day, even the kids were put to work and I like seeing that family sort of attitude! I would write more, but I have a feeling if too many people start going I won't have first dibs on the good ones anymore!

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2009 Apr 15
I'm copying this from the Cupcake area, I didn't notice Isobel's listed in the vendor section.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, when it comes to food, mine just happens to be the correct one!! Hey - I just came up with my tag line!!!

Finally an actual "cupcake" shop in Ottawa. Isobel's on Beechwood. Absolutely fabulous. A friend brought a dozen to Easter dinner the other night. They looked so good we were almost fighting over them.

I managed to get a chocolate with white icing…. But it wasn’t plain old vanilla icing it was a white chocolate butter crème with crème cheese…. OMG…. And the cake part so moist and flavorful.

Needless to say, I had to go check the place out.

1st thing I noticed as I drive up… the pink and white, so welcoming. Then…. The door was opened and the smell that lingered in the air, I’m not even sure how to describe… sweet, fragrant, yummy… that’s it, yummy.

In I went…. Décor, very classy, pink and brown and very clean and the people, professional and friendly and to see them pouring this fresh made lemon curd into the bowl for the cupcake’s, I’m not talking sheriff’s here, the real thing… lemon zest and lots of squeezing J

At first I thought… more than $2 for a cupcake then I used my brain…. Look at the place, look at the ingredients, all nature favors, look at the art… WELL WELL Worth it. Go to the supermarket and get one of their deserts and compare… you’ll be back on Isobel’s doorstep pretty quick.

I settled on the chocolate ganache, lemon, the lime coconut, of course the white chocolate chocolate etc….

I tried the lime coconut for myself last night, I’m not going to try to explain the favor, you have to try. I quickly grab the other one in the box and hid it from my family.

This brings me to the end of my very 1st blog entry…. I’ve just finished my “best hidden secret” lime coconut cupcake and freshly brewed coffee… I’m sitting here with a smile on my face, I used a fork… and it’s been licked clean (I can do that, I’m in the privacy of my own home) it was truly a breakfast of champions.

Til the next time – Welcome to Ottawa Isobel’s, I’m sure glad someone finally had the business sense to make this move to cupcake specialty with a retail front!!! I’m not dissin’ the others who operate from home, I’m sure they are good… but to be able to go to New Edinburgh and get a coffee and a truly “gourmet” cupcake can’t be beat by having to order ahead….. wait…. Pick up or wait…. For delivery.

I can’t wait for my next celebration, I’ll be bringing cupcakes from Isobel’s, because there is no doubt in my mind everyone will walk away happy.

Food Lover Ottawa

2009 Apr 8

Agreed, I will be back for more.

2009 Apr 4
delectable, buttery, fresh, rich ganache, moist cake, beautiful,

will be back for more. perfect cupcake.