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Located between lululemon & Mountain Equipment Co-op

"Come visit our charming European style candy boutique in the heart of Westboro Village. We carry a wide range of sweets, sours, gummies, gumballs, licorice, the finest chocolates, buttery caramels and so much more! We have hand chosen confectionery products from around the world, there is sure to be something to please everyone!"

The Candy Store
The Candy Store
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2009 May 15
Nanook: They are a touch on the pricier side (I believe around $500, depending upon the number of guests and amount of service), but they do provide a full service candy bar.

We're planning on ordering a tonne of malt balls from the Candy Store for our wedding; we're having a sundae bar in lieu of dessert.

2009 May 15
Yes, the Candy Store does weddings. They'll actually coordinate the candy to your wedding colours and will order in specialty candy. They had a booth at the Wedding Show in January showing off their services. I can't comment on the price, though I've heard they are on the pricier side.

2009 May 15
If you stop in here you can't pass up the Truffle Treasures or Louise's Belgian Chocolates in the next block and a half to the east past Churchill.

2009 May 14
I think a lot of foodies live in this area. I'm at Parkdale and Lyndale... so much fun to walk up to Wellington to eat!

2009 May 14
For the record, I think *Proulx* is referring to herself moving, as opposed to The Candy Store; we walked by tonight and The Candy Store was still safely intact at its Richmond Road location (next to MEC).

2009 May 14
Whereabouts at Parkdale and Wellington?

2009 May 14
Stopped in here for the first time Tuesday(just moved to Parkdale/Wellington!)

I was truly amazed at the assortment of goodies they had!

It looks like they do weddings too if you are interested.

The girl (who was very friendly and very helpful!) gave us a free sample chocolate which was mint chocolate with a peppermint candy inside - boy was it delicious. Long after I left the store I found myself craving for another :)

2009 Apr 24
The Candy Store just received a replenishment of Galler bars, Malt Balls and Salt Water Taffy in the past few days, so when we stopped in today, I loaded up for my long weekend of the studying. I have to say, the Salt Water Taffy is some of the best I've tasted! It comes in a variety of flavours, probably close to twenty. My favourite so far (haven't eaten them all, yes) is the cookies and cream. It tastes like the ice cream version of C&C...And, the malt balls. So sweet, so succulent. Yum!

2009 Apr 15
I am now part of their facebook group, and I was pretty excited to try the cupcakes to objectively compare specimens in Ottawa lol... my SO works nearby and I got there a little before noon - they were already sold out! Other than the fact that I clearly have to be waiting outside when they open to get one, I just hope that in the future they will stock more to have customers throughout the day enjoy them, or at least until noon!

Oh, and yes I could order a bunch through the Cupcakery itself, but I am a commitment-a-phobe, and I only want to try one or two at most! :D

2009 Apr 2
Now with a fantastic new Facebook page - get all your candy info as it comes in!

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2008 Oct 25
They have some interesting bars from around the world - you know the kind where they tell which plantation the cocoa beans come from.

They also have old school cadbury too.