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Provides handmade fresh and ready to bake pies to restaurants, cafés and retail customers in the Ottawa area.

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2016 May 12
I like the ability to slightly customize to better suit my parent's dietary requirements...

Not as tasty as the one we had in a gastro pub in London but better than red apron and fairly tender. Easier for Dad being boneless and well cooked enough that he just used a fork to eat his dinner.

They have some extra family meals of different sizes in the freezer from previous days so you can potentially load up on some food. The beef short ribs meal I ordered is competently cooked comfort food.

2016 May 12
Called this am to reserve 2 family meals for 4 of today's dinner of braised short ribs with mashed potatoes and roasted beets since it is one of my mom's favourite. The time I cooked it I did not do well and it was only so-so.

Had braised short rib from red apron last year but it was too salty and also less than half was short rib the other part brisket so was a tad let down.

Called back and spoke to Caroline for some feedback on sodium and nutritional information and she was able to tell me 2tbsp of salt for 30 portion of beef which I worked out to be about 460mg and another tbsp of salt for 30 portion of gravy so about 230mg and I was able to request no added salt for potatoes and roasted beets for lower sodium. I touched briefly on fat and was pleasantly surprised to find a little note telling me there is 1.5 cup of salted butter for 40 servings or about 7.5g og fat in the mashed potatoes.

Brownie points for able to accomodate request for lower sodium and more details info with which I can calculate and approximate the sodium vs "we salt to taste" at Red Apron and a few other places with meals leading Mom to reach for water due to high sodium.

I had to ask for reheating instruction since it was not included automatically nor can you look it up online wso that was a minor issue.

$25 and no HSt for 4 servings is a great price since it is just a little over $6 a serving for a main with 2 sides and I don't have to cook. One was for dinner with my parent with some leftovers and a regular sodium one for my sister's family..

2016 May 5
Apparently Life of Pie now do family meal from 1-6 servings Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4pm. You can see what is being offered on their weekly menu and pricing are as follows:


Family Meal Price List:

1 Person $8.00
2 Person $15.00
3 Person $20.00
4 Person $25.00
5 Person $30.00
6 Person $35.00

Not sure about the nutritional info or dietary suitability but apparently you can call and ask to speak to the cooks Sarah or Caroline to ask about it.

2015 Sep 30
LOP is once again open but now in their fancy new location 1 block south of the old. They have chairs.

2012 Mar 26
I still love the food, but am rather bummed that they don't sell pie by the slice any longer. I get the reasoning, but even so and despite the awesome cookies, cupcakes and other goodies... It's called Life of PIE.

That aside, picked up an excellent cajun chicken jalapeño pie for dinner last week. Tasty, filled with good stuff in an evil crust. No complaints about the quality from me.

2012 Mar 12
My review of the Life of Pie is not about food.
The pie we ordered was OK...not great a bit too much dough and not much in the pie BUT..

This feedback is totally about service.
Dear Owner
The reason why this rating is low is due to the very poor quality of service. I have been to the Life of Pie on two occasions. On both occasions, I found the staff member(s?) not sure if it was the same person) serving clients to be cold, rude and just plain disinterested in serving clients. They ask you what you want with a cold disdainful look. Its as if they wanted to hurry up serving the client so that they could continue to do something more interesting. I asked them a question. They did not know the answer and did not attempt to find it out. How difficult is it to find out roughly how many calories there are in one of your cookies. I mean, really...

Walk over to Stella Luna and see how young vibrant workers with warmth, caring and no attitude (like I am better then serving customers) works for this place. No, I do not work for Stella Luna-I just happened to go there for gelato and genuinely felt welcome in the place.

I do not feel welcome in your place at all-more like I am someone to quickly serve and get rid of so that I can do more purposeful things like bake etc .

Train the people at the front in how to provide customer service-A genuine smile helps-like I appreciate the fact that you are here.
How about can I help you stated in a warm tone and if I don't know the answer to a question I can find out what it is.

The first time I went to Life of Pie I purchased a pie and thought that perhaps the woman at the front was not in a good mood. The second time I went in I decided to purchase some cookies. Same treatment.
Think its time I went to some other lovely establishments that serve wonderful pies and provide genuinely warm service.

2011 May 2
JUNE 27 2011 - RUMOUR: i could be wrong about this, but my sources (yes, i have 'sources'... humour me) tell me that the lovely lady from LIFE OF PIE obtained the mac n sheese recipe from the outgoing Serious Cheese and will be offering it for lunch at some point.

Which is really cause for joy because their lunch was already awesome and this just kicks it up another notch.

Plus as a bonus i resent Kanata slightly less.

MAY 2 2011 - This is a thing with Life of Pie... everything is made fresh and in small batches.

Because of this approach, they only cut slices from one pie at a time. So if you want only a slice (as opposed to an entire pie) whatever is on the counter is what you get.

Similarly the cookies and scones are only the ones they've made that day. No defrosted 'same six flavours every day'.

So yeah, your pie selection is limitted and if you don't like what's being served you're s-o-l.
This worked against me once when the pie was something the person i was with couldn't eat.

That said, i've been there about every 2-3 weeks for the last few months and liked everything i've tried and loved most of it, so the limitted selection doesn't bother me, but i see how some could find it offputting (until they try one and become another addict...).

if you're planning a visit i think you can sign up for an email that tells you what they're making for the week.

2011 Apr 29
More like the lack of pie. My sister and I thought we would try the new location on bank in the gleeb area. Well let me tell you we went in and we thought we could get a slice of different pies BIG NO NO. They sell mainly whole pies and the one pie they had out as a sampler Pecan pie looked soggy and disgusting. Key element is presentation especially when trying to run a new business. I have to be honest that was the last time I ever went there I won't be recommending that place to anyone.

2011 Mar 25
Had the Apple Pie with our Christmas dinner (2010). It was excellent. I've made many pies in my life and they somehow managed to exceed all my attempts. I was not able to divine how exactly they made something as simple as an apple pie so good. It must be pixie dust.

2011 Feb 6
We went here on Saturday to get a pie and to give their cinnamon buns a try.

We opted for a tart cherry pie ($14) with an amareti crumble topping. The crust was excellent; nice and thin, and the filling/topping combo was good. Don't know if it was $14 good, but we did enjoy it.

The cinnamon buns were a bit of a disappointment though. They were a tad on the dry side and the ratio of filling to dough was low to the point where all I could taste was bread. I probably wouldn't have noticed it as much if there had been icing or a glaze on it, but there wasn't. Fun store, but I might just stick to the pies in the future.



2012 Mar 23
Had the peach vanilla bean pie last week. First time in the store. I only wanted three pieces but was told they don't sell slices. Service was pleasant enough. The pie itself was just ok. Too much crust and very little fruit. For $15.00 I did not find it was really worth it. The farmer's market pies at the grocery store are as good and way cheaper. I will try again in case it was an off day.

2010 Aug 12
GREAT Pies! Plus they are moving to Bank Street in September 2010! Can't wait!











2010 Sep 28
Life of pie is their name. Baking is their game.

Finally a place where I can grab a coffee and a breakfast treat in the morning before I make my way to work.
I didn't have my coffee at home this morning, a ritual that I have been doing for a while now to save a few pennies. As I hopped out of the bus, I said to myself "I deserve a little treat, what a great way to try the new little bakery that just opened up around the corner!"

I have had their scones and cookies here before... stick with what you know! I grabbed a delicious tripple berry scone and a coffee. The coffee is excellent and the scone was still warm and moist inside. You don't need butter or jam, it has a great flavour and it's not too sweet, which is what i like most about the scones.

It's so refreshing to get a fresh local treat and coffee that doesn't have the green circle on it :)

Have a great morning!

A little history lesson:
Life of pie was originally located in the residential area of sunnyside and Bank in a mud room type enterence of a home. It was the size of a closet! Obviously this didn't stop "the pie lady" to grow her business and open her store on hustling and bustling Bank Street! Congratulations on the growth of your local business!

Check their website for the dynamic menu of freshly baked goods :)

Check out my Ottawa blog theovalley.blogspot.com



2016 Apr 25
Standard bacon and egg brunch with in house sourdough and baked potatoes. The bacon was nice and thick and the eggs were eggs. Bread was tasty and the fresh jam was a nice touch. Potatoes were slightly battered and seasoned with dill which was different for a baked potato but led to a crisp outside.