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chicken, corn flour filling with choice of red or green salsa==both delicious. Moist and flavourful.

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2008 Aug 13
We had a delicious breakfast here a few weekends ago. There's only a few tables, and really nowhere to wait, so I'd try to go early or later. In short, the food was delicious -- it was so nice to find authentic Mexican food in Ottawa. The sauces were excellent -- I had an omelette with beans and veg, covered in a chipotle sauce, and my husband had the burrito. We enjoyed both. We particularly enjoyed the homemade hot sauce the waiter brought at our request. It was genuinely hot, but the flavor had depth -- he indicated it was made with several different kinds of chiles, some I wasn't familiar with.

The restaurant doubles as a little store, which when we went didn't seem very strategic -- several parties walked out upon seeing all of the tables were full, but no one seemed to be browsing or buying any of the housewares/handicrafts for sale. Who knows, that may be a breakfast thing. Just seemed that the space might be better used for more tables. Regardless, all of the pieces for sale actually contributed to the atmosphere, so perhaps they're onto something.

The only slight complaint would be that the waiter (who appeared to be the owner) doesn't seem to be a "natural" at waiting tables. Interactions with him were slightly awkward, and we had to hail him and ask when we wanted more water -- neither time was any offered. Minor issue, and certainly nothing that would keep us from going back. On the upside, he knew a lot about the food and was able to answer all of our questions in detail.

2008 May 7
Amate Food & Handcraft
1311 Wellington St. W.
I took pictures but am still having trouble getting them down (or up!?loaded…) Decided to write this up anyway. Will post pics later.
I noticed this place about a month ago on a Saturday when my daughter and I were looking for a non-brunch spot on Wellington St W . We didn’t go here because it was very busy but we were definitely intrigued…
So last week my son and I decided to stop in—we debated about Vina Del mar but decided to try something unknown. What an awesome choice!
The food is “authentic” Mexican—and very tasty and tho’ I’ve only been to Mexico once it was very much as served there and not so “Tex-Mex”.
The space is small and crowded but seems to work. There are 4 or 5 tables that seat about 14 people. Be prepared to be intimate! The owner is very interested in helping out with choices. The menu is limited and the specials change weekly. They serve an all day breakfast and also offer starters and mains—dessert on weekends only.
Boy ordered Enchiladas de Pollo (tortilla with chicken—he chose the mole sauce which was nicely spiced—not eye watering but still spicy, served with onion, cheese, thick cream and lettuce).
I had the Taquitos Flautos ( rolled chicken tacos with salad, cheese and beans). Absolutely delicious—I devoured it all—I love food but most often bring some home; I ate everything and scraped the plate! I had red sauce but he brought some very spicy extra and the green sauce to try—nice touch.
The patron beside us tried (for her first time ever) plantains (Tostones Amate)—toasted plantain with chipotle mayo, smothered with cheddar. It looked awesome and she said tasted good—tho’ she had never tried plantain and expected them to be more banana like. (she did ask if the chipotle mayo was available to buy as takeout—not yet, owner said!). She was still hungry so ordered a Tamale (chicken, corn flour, she chose red salsa—at this point we were sharing all details of our choices—all excellent!) She loved the tamale (again 1st time for her) and I can’t wait to go back and have 2! (only $3.75 each, steamed in banana leaf and looked fabulous—she raved!)
There are 6-7 choices for all day breakfast—several styles of eggs with beans, salsa, bacon, tortillas, ham, plantains…look yummy!
Several starters, tortilla soup, sides, and a few mains. Crepes for dessert—weekends only. A weekly bring home special (stuffed peppers with 2 sides the day we were there).
Prices are very reasonable, servings generous, interesting drinks (not licensed yet).
2 drinks, 2 mains (quite large) came to about $22.00
Owner’s wife is from Mexico City and they are really trying to do authentic Mexican sauces. Very good from what we tried—needs a little polish perhaps but they are trying hard—service friendly and quick, and thoughtfully presented, delicious food. Good luck! Try this place—it is great!

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2008 Dec 15
Stopped by Amate today, and found that they do in fact have Corn Tortillas, made with corn flour (rather than the tortillas from the Blue Menu line at PC, which are wheat flour with corn as the second-to-last ingredient).

I was super pleased with how knowledgeable and friendly the staff was, and given that they have received really strong reviews otherwise, I think I will be back for a meal!