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2009 May 23
Triple sniff...I loved that place. I was just about to head there this weekend, I guess that won't be happening.

2009 May 22
Double sniff.

2009 May 21

2009 May 21
Some not so good news-

I went to pick up a pizza at Georgie's tonight and saw the notice of white death on the door- dated May 20th-Rent not paid and now the locks have been changed....

2009 Apr 9
I went to CF for the same time yesterday. My friend is Trini and I have lived in the West Indies so we both have experience with good authentic West Indian food. The resto is not that easy to spot (located right on Carling) but the owner said that business is still pretty good.

Last night's highlights were our server (such a sweetheart) and the owner (very nice personable fellow). The lowlight, I am sorry to say, was the food. I ordered the goat roti and my friend had the chicken roti. Both came with side veggies, a slice plantain, and rice and peas. The plantain and rice and peas were yummy, however I found the roti rather bland. I asked for medium spice so the spice wasn't the issue but I had to salt my food which was a surprise to me. The roti contained curried goat however it was mostly potatoes and chickpeas rather than the yummy goat meat.

My friend also wasn't all that impressed with the food.

I thought the prices at CF were on the higher end but then again, I haven't found too many great West Indian spots so far. It was a good-to-try place but I doubt I will go back.

2008 Nov 3
Amazing place to get the real flare of the Caribbean. SLOWEST service I have ever experienced but it is part of the style of the joint. Plan to eat out for about 2.5 hours or call very far in advance if you are getting take-out. I love the goat Roti. I once got the Jerk Chicken Roti and I almost died it was so spicy; be warned if you do like spicy food. The fried plantain is really good, and you can get a side of yogurt which makes the dishes a bit less hot. I like the Sorrel much better than the ginger beer, it helps to have something sweet to gut the spicy.

The new location is somewhat unfortunate as it is difficult to get to and in an unattractive part of town.

2008 Oct 11
I stumbled across this place by accident while I was having my car worked on. I grabbed a roti for take out and ate it at home.
I was surprised at how BIG a serving it was. And the flavors were amazing. the roti itself had a nice texture and complimented the spicy filling.
I have not had a lot of Caribbean food before but this sample makes me want more!

2008 Aug 16
The goat curry my boyfriend ordered. He loved it but thought there wasn't enough of it, which was okay since he had to help me finish off the huge roti that I ordered.

2008 Aug 16
Beef roti platter and ginger beer. Delicious and filling but very very spicy! I ordered the mild roti and it was still very spicy for my taste.

2008 May 17
We enjoyed dinner here with friends. We shared an appetizer of grilled shrimp in Creole pepper sauce ($11.95). This was served topped with strips of roti skin. The shrimp were small and didn't really look or taste grilled but that was just fine -- the sauce was so incredible all we really wanted to do was dunk the roti skin into it.

The rest of our meal was good too but that Creole sauce was the high point. Next time I'll want to try either the kingfish filet in Creole sauce or the shrimp Creole meal. Anything with that amazing Creole sauce!

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2008 May 17
My goat roti platter ($19.95) was accompanied with veggies, fried plantain, rice and peas (off camera), and a bowl of simple but tasty vegetable soup (off camera). The veggies were pretty good but of course the star was the roti. The roti skin was like a super comfort food -- hearty and satisfying with a nice round (buckwheat?) flavour. The stuffing of goat curry with chick peas and potato was also very nice. Being a roti virgin, I asked for a "mild" level of spice and ended up with something that could have been a little hotter. Still, there was enough flavour that I appreciated being able to eat the whole thing without burning my face off!

Wifey's beef roti platter ($17.95) was strangely spicier than mine, even though she asked for "mild" too. The not so great thing was that the chunks of beef were incredibly tough, almost to the point of being unpalatable. The bigger pieces needed to be chopped up with a knife lest they form an unchewable lump in her mouth. I tried some and it was like leather. The flavour was very good but texture was nasty. Since nobody else has mentioned this I would guess that we just had bad luck with our cut of meat.

2007 Nov 17

Mmmmmmmm Goat Roti.

The Man here is top notch !! I even put him up against any roadside vendor in Jamaica.

But, after the move to the new digs, the Goat Roti went up from $9.50 to $11.95 (25%) and the Goat Roti Platter went up from $15.95 to $19.95 (also 25%). What's a Po Boy gonna do ?

I know .... space out the vists to The Man !!


2008 May 17
My expectations were high and I was not disappointed! They brew the ginger beer in-house and as a result it is less carbonated than the bottled Jamaican-style stuff. It was also less spicy than others I've tried, likely due to a lack of artificial non-ginger spicing agents.

This drink is very sweet and is seasoned with cinnamon -- a nice touch.