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See also: Elmdale Oyster House and Tavern

The eastern, 2-storey half of the present Elmdale House tavern was built in 1909 by Ernest Laroche. He operated a dry goods (later men’s clothing) store in the building and lived with his family above the store. The one storey part of the building and the entrance canopy were probably added in 1934 when the Elmdale Hotel was opened. The 1934 modifications have hidden the original store-front but some of the features of the residential part of the building can be seen above the entrance canopy. The decorative finials on the corners of the roof are also typical of ‘main street’ construction of the early 20th century. This is one of only a few remaining traditional Ontario taverns with its “Ladies & Escorts” door still visible although unmarked.

Elmdale House
Elmdale House
Elmdale House
Elmdale House
Beer at Elmdale House
Beer at Elmdale House
Beer at Elmdale House
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2008 Sep 28
Beau's Party

"The Man" and I made it out to the Elmdale last night for the Beau's Party. It was a lot of fun, not an empty seat in the "House". Natalie & Bruce were as ever the welcoming hosts, and the "band" was a hoot! For those who haven't heard the Beau's Beer Family has teamed up to play music, the "Oh Yeahs!" is comprised of the Beau's kids and their respective mates. Steve heads up the group on lead guitar. Their style is somewhat difficult to describe (afterall this was their first gig since their college roommate days) but just like their relationship with beer, they are an enthusiastic bunch!

The band had some give aways for the audience - stickers, mason jars, "farm hats" and toques. Of course all the merchandise is available for sale at the Brewery, and your loyalty points can be exchanged there as well (save those bottles).

Elmdale House has recently teamed with Beau's and is selling t-shirts with the Beau's logo on the front and the Elmdale House logo on the back. Natalie said the first batch sold out as soon as they arrived... more will be available in the weeks to come.

In addition to serving great beer the Elmdale House regularly has bands in, for an upcoming list check the website.

2008 Apr 15
Ducked into the Elmdale House on Saturday night (April 12, not sure if this was a different Saturday than the one Jules frequented on). Unfortunately, I obviously arrived too late since they are no longer serving Bog Water! They only had some kind of domestic and Lug Tread on tap. The bartender said they won't have any more Bog Water until next season.

My partner was disappointed as he's not a lager fan. I thought the Lug Tread was okay, but definitely a sense of disappointment that we'll have to wait until next season to finally sample some of this infamous Bog Water.

2008 Apr 15
Had my first pint of Bog Water here about a week ago! Definitely a unique beer. Food and Think's description of Elmdale House is bang-on (see Feb 27). We were there on a Saturday afternoon and everyone was just chilling out to some jukebox tunes and enjoying their beers.

I am looking forward to going back for the live music and cold beer...not to mention Indian food from next door!

2008 Feb 29
Good place for a cheap beer! A great place to drop in (and stay!) on your Wellington Street pub/tavern crawl. Glad to see they are serving local brews now, as opposed to some of the neighbourhood competition who only serve swill in quarts.

2008 Feb 29
new updated pic of The Elmdale House

2008 Feb 27
Because the Elmdale has an (old) Tavern liquor License, they are not allowed to serve food, other than chips, pickled eggs, pickled cheese(?) and the such. But they do have BYOF.

Imagine that, just like the the matinee Blues Jams at the Rainbow Bistro (, you can bring your own food (BYOF). (The Rainbow Matinees are Thur 5-7, Sat. 4-7 and Sun. 3-7.)

Enjoy a good pint and the food of your choice.

At the Elmdale, I like to bring in a Murgh Makhani (Butter Chicken) with rice from Indian Express Indian Express Food and Sweets, which is in staggering distance of the 'Dale.(my comment is here: With the Murgh Makhani, I usually get a few pakora (see picture) and a barfi for dessert.

Hey Zy,

It would be a cheap nite out when you and your beer buddies bring your own pizza's to the Elmdale. And the LugTread is only $5.50/pint glass (Taxes included !!!) The BogWater is a bit more.

2008 Feb 27
Captain C - Great Photo! It was a great night, what a gem of a place. A real step back in time with a twist.

Zymurgist - Sorry no eats (see Visit #1), BUT they do allow you to BYO Food, and I know they suggest pizza... maybe someone who lives in the neighbourhood can suggest where you can pick up eats on the way.

2008 Feb 27
So what's the food like here? Say, for lunch during a week day. And is there a vegetarian option?

The brewers are planning their next outing and we're looking to try Lug Tread and Bog Water.

2008 Feb 27
Sorry I missed uou last night at the Elmdale. I usually come out on Tuesdays and play my Blues Harp (Harmonica's). And last night was the first one I missed since Xmas.

As an accompanist, I get to play with various groups of players, throughout the evening. When the band 'breaks', I like to play Johnny Cash's 'Folsom Prison Blues' on the jukbeox.

Did you get a chance to see all music that's in the jukebox ? It reminds me of what they used to have at the 'ol Lafayette (down in The Market).

Hope to see you and/or any other Foodies, some other Tuesday night.

PS: The Harp player in the picture is Mark, and not me.

2008 Feb 27
VISIT #2 - Tuesday Night Jam Sessions

Tuesday Night Jam Sessions hosted by Bary Buse featuring the Mississippi Blues Society (MBS). The MBS supports up & coming blues musicians by giving them stage time with veteran players from the Ottawa Valley, many of whom are noted studio artists, Grammy and Juno Award winners.

We arrived about 45 minutes before the beginning of the jam session. Just in time to catch some of the Ottawa Senator’s hockey game on the big screen tvs.

We found a seat upfront by the “stage area” and settled in with our drinks. The Blues Jam is scheduled to begin after 8:30 PM, and with the hockey game in the background the musicians set up. At 8:45 PM the tvs were switched off and the show began. (The 2nd & 3rd periods of the hockey game played on in the adjoining pool room, for those wanting to keep up on the score).

The main room was about half-full when the jam session began, and quickly settled into the first set led by Barry Buse. As the 90 minute set played on, the Elmdale continued to fill with music lovers and musicians alike, and by 10:30 PM the place was a-rockin’.

The owner, Nathalie, tells me that every Tuesday night attracts more and more people. And that the jam sessions have stretched out now to midnight or later.

For our first Tuesday Night Blues Session at the Elmdale, “The Man” and I were extremely pleased. We had a wonderful time and got to see many musicians, who we otherwise would have had to travel downtown to see at the Rainbow. We will be back… and also spreading the word and bringing friends with us in the future.



2008 Sep 28

Exclusive to Elmdale House... as a result of the Beau's Party, and the first gig by the "Oh Yeahs!" and of course the "festive" mood of the evening... A keg of FESTIVALE PLUS (the red beer) was delivered to Elmdale House for the event. But when it's gone, it's gone.


2008 Feb 25
Beau's Bog Water is now on tap.

2007 Dec 7
Cpn. Caper, FYI - Lug Tread is brewed by Beau's, located not very far from Ottawa out in Vankleek Hill (think just south of Hawkesbury)

2007 Dec 7
Just to be a nit-picker ale is top fermented and lager bottom.

The style is called Kölsch, and it is the much better known of the two unique beer styles brewed in and around Köln, Germany. You can read further into the style in a fair bit of detail on this page of my site "Kölsch" is an EU-wide geschutzte Herkunftsbezeichnung or appelation controllee or however the French spell it. Same as how Champagne can only be brewed in that area of France, Kölsch can only be brewed in and around Köln.

And of course there is my beer-drinker's guide to Köln which I've already posted in the forums section of this site where you can learn more still.

2007 Dec 7
Finally got to try a pint or two.... last night.

The Lug Tread Lagered Ale is a treat..... Fresh and crisp on the palatte .. Mild hopping... lingering straw-like finish... no additives or preservatives ... and at $5.50 (INCLUDING taxes)a pint , it's a steal !!

Anyone know of a fancy-pancy beer (cottage industry, import, or microbrewery) for $5.50/pint in Ottawa ... please let me know. I'm so there.

It's made in a Cologne stylee.. bottom fermented like an ale but lagered (cold aged) like a .... well.... like a lager. Best of both worls , I guess.

I'll try the Heritage products next time.

2007 Dec 2
Bloodshot Bill WILL be at the Elmdale House for his LP release party on January 12th!
And by the way Walter, I've already made sure we don't run out of Beau's or Heriatge again! ;)

2007 Dec 2

WHAT ???!!!??? All out of the fancy-pancy beers ???

Went Sat nite. They were already sold out of their Heritage and Beaus products, because of the success of their Grand Re-Opening this weekend.

The server in the picture is pointing to the Heritage tap with a "Sold Out" sign on it.

Will have to return soon, maybe for their Blues Tues:

PS: The new owners (really nice) are putting some spit and polish on the 'ol place. They started with the washrooms. Immaculately clean and modern !!

2007 Nov 30
Haven't been here in a million years or so! Bloodshot Bill is on their friend's does that mean he will be playing here?


Bloodshot Bill will be playing here January 18!

2007 Nov 29
The grand opening is this Saturday featuring the hip country swing band, Ball and Chain. Yeeehaa.

I'll report back on the beer.

Check it out :

2007 Nov 21
The establishment is under new ownership and they are now serving 3 different beers from Heritage Brewing in Carleton place.