Diner in the Westboro area, located in the space that Amber Garden vacated. It is owned by the same guys as Elgin Street Diner.

Breakfast Sandwich at The Wellington Diner
Macaroni and Cheese at The Wellington Diner
The Wellington Diner
Eggs Benedict at The Wellington Diner
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2007 Apr 5
I was there last night with a friend after work. Good comfort food as Candice points out. I had my first burger in forever and it was worth it.

2006 Dec 30
My husband and I tried The Diner for the first time tonight, and we're sure we'll be back.

The menu is very similar to Elgin Street Diner's. They have less snack/fast food choices (burgers, platters, etc) but have included some classics like spaghetti and meatballs and fish and chips.

My husband ordered the fish and chips, which he enjoyed. His only complaint was the tartar sauce was too heavy on the mayo; otherwise he enjoyed it. I ordered the mac and cheese, which I'd never ordered at ESD but decided to order here. It was nice and creamy, exactly what I was craving. We both had fries with our dishes. The fries here are a little different from ESDs, not quite as crispy and brown. Still quite tasty, just not the same.

Another difference between here and ESD: they aren't open 24 hours. I suspected they wouldn't be, but I'm not entirely sure what their hours are because they aren't posted yet. They appeared to be getting ready to close when we left tonight at 9:30, though. Also, breakfast is only available until 3pm, unlike ESD where they do all day breakfast. I am looking forward to popping by here for breakfast some time.

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2010 Aug 17
This combination of gorganzola cheese, spinach and spicy caplabrese was amazing!

2013 Dec 12
Had the mac & cheese for breakfast this past Sunday. I love the fact that you can order from the regular menu for breakfast! There were 4 different kinds on the menu, and I went with the "plain" regular option (cream and parmesan). It wasn't overly saucy, but the sauce that was there was fresh and nicely seasoned. On top was shredded cheese and panko bread crumbs. I upgraded my side to a poutine, but really should have gone with something less substantial because it was so much food, in addition to my milkshake, that I couldn't finish the poutine. Unlike others who have reviewed, I found the service appropriately speedy for a Sunday morning. I'm looking forward to trying other things on their menu!

2013 Dec 12
My friend had the Breakfast Club, and she found it quite filling! I tasted the home fries and they were delicious!