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Howdy! I maintain a fairly low profile here on OF. In fact, it took me more than a year and a half to get around to putting something in my profile. :-)

Despite my low level of activity here, I do consider myself to be a dedicated foodie, and a wine lover. I don't do a lot of cooking, as my wife has more expertise in that area - my role is best described as kitchen help and sommelier. I find the marriage of food and wine endlessly fascinating. My favorite foodie experiences often involve wandering around in wine country, tasting at the vineyards and dining at the better restaurants. When we're home, though, we don't dine out all that often - maybe a couple of times a month, and more often for lunch than dinner.

My wife and I, fortunately, have similar tastes, though she for some unfathomable reason loves wasabi, and I can't stand the stuff. We've been organic gardeners for many years, and veggies from the backyard figure prominently on our table. We also try to be locavores, and support local farmers and merchants as much as we can. We're not vegetarians by any means, but we're big on veggies and fruits, and don't eat much red meat (when we do indulge, it's usually lamb). We both adore seafood, and have become converts to the sustainable seafood movement. We avoid fast food like the plague. And, yes, we hug trees, but not usually literally. :-)

That's probably more than you want to know about me... anyway, thanks for dropping by!

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2009 Oct 1
BDM, thank you for taking the time to post your fantastic reviews / descriptions to the Niagara threads. Between your posts and others, i'm beginning to look at (and recognize) Ontario wines when i wander into the LCBO. Kudos.