Saint John NB restaurant recommendations... [General]

2008 May 20
Going to Saint John NB next week for work. Anyone have some good restaurant/pub recommendations?



2008 May 21
Hey X-13D .... Is the King of Donairs the same as the ones in Halifax ?

According to Wiki, "In Canada, gyros are sometimes sold as donairs, especially in and around Halifax, Nova Scotia and St. John's, Newfoundland where it was first introduced to Canada in 1973." By King of Donars!

The picture is the one on the famous "Pizza Corner" in Halifax.

According to Wiki Travel Guide to Halifax , "Pizza Corner - 3 different pizza restaurants at corner of Blowers and Grafton. Good cheap pizza and donairs (Gyro-type wraps, often overflowing with meat and sauce). However, this area can descend into anarchy when the bars let out, and the restaurants often lock their bathrooms, even to customers.

Iv'e seen hords of cutomers at pizza corner at 2:00am singing ".... for I'm a drunken' man on a Halifax pierrrrrr .... the last of Barrett's Privateerrrrrs."

The Halifax (or East Coast) Donair is something quite unique. The 'fried' thick pita contains only sliced of 'kebob' meat, onions, tomatoes and sauce (which contains sweetened condensed milk or evaporated milk and sugar).

Now back to Ottawa.

There was a place on Elgin St. that tried to sell a Halifax Donair a while back. Since they were unable capture the true Halifax Domair experience, they went under.

Does anyone know of any other Halifax Donairs available in Ottawa?

PS: Part of the Halifax Donair experience is stinking (and I mean reek) like the donair, while being hungover the next day.

PPS: King of Donairs (KOD) was also made a little more famous by their appearence in "The Trailer Park Boys".

2009 Mar 10
Just wanted to say that the Halifax Donair is something to be proud of! I have one every summer when I go home. The other thing I always have is deep fried whole clams. Guess I miss the junkie food the most!