Hope for the 'Hof [Food/Vendor]

2012 Apr 10
It sounds like the Lindenhof is in trouble, and needs saving!


(Am I the only one who wishes they'd called the event "Don't Hassle the 'Hof"?)

2012 Apr 10
Is there any info outside of facebook? (No FB at work :-))

2012 Apr 10

"Who cares about local business? We all should. I sure do. I own one. My husband owns one. My friend owns one. Her name is Alison Geehan. She owns the only German restaurant in Ottawa. The Lindenhof. Itís been around for almost 40 years. Sheís owned it for eight of them. In this economy it is nearly impossible to stay afloat as a local business. I wasnít surprised when she told me she was thinking of selling it. But I was sad. Really and truly, I was sad. Alison and I have had many conversations where we are both hanging by a fine thread of hope, bordering on hopelessness. Alison helped my business by hiring me to transform the upstairs section of her restaurant. Itís my turn to help her.
I want to pay it forward. I want to give back in some small way to help someone else find their fire and fight. Iím doing this because I care about my friend Alison, a fellow local business owner. Why should you care? Youíre also helping me and my business. Tell everyone you know via Facebook and Twitter. Send people to my Art Walls page for this auction. Tell someone you know who can write about this and publish it.
After speaking with Alison, she has decided to do a re-launch party at the restaurant. I want to help her in some small way, so I am hosting an online art auction called HOPE FOR THE HOF. 20% of the proceeds of this auction will go to her to help with the cost of the party. And do you want to hear the BEST news? Alison needs some help to come up with a permanent late night bar menu. My husband, Steve Mitton (chef/owner of Murray Street) has generously offered to donate one hour of his time for every painting that is sold above the starting bid in this auction.
Many of you have been so incredibly supportive to me especially in the last month. I am so grateful to all of you for listening, and for your motivational speeches. Without your help, I feel I may not have had the strength to push forward with my business. You have reminded me to find my fire and fight. Iím going to pass the torch, and help Alison re-ignite her fire to fight. This auction begins today, right now. It will close at 12:00 noon, Ottawa time on Sunday April 15th.
Go to my page on Facebook, and you will find the album with the paintings that are for up for auction. Every little bit helps! Pass it on! Thank you all! xox"

2012 Apr 10
I'm a bit confused by the event. Where do you do to see the art that is being auctioned? She says go to her FB page but when I do it says she only shares info with friends. Are you supposed to "friend her"?

2012 Apr 10
Hmm. I think that people on this site are probably pretty good at supporting local restaurants by, y'know, eating at them. I have to say that I'd be more inclined to support the Lindenhof by giving them money in exchange for food rather than them getting 20% of what I might pay for some art I don't really want.

I haven't ever been to the restaurant and had to look it up to see where it was. The menu does look quite authentically German, but I can see a significant problem with it:


I couldn't go for dinner there with my wife - she's very conscious of eating healthily, and there really isn't very much that she could pick. Were I a single man I wouldn't take a date there for the same reason, and if I were organising dinner out for a group of friends I'd be very wary of it for the same reason.

Rather than worrying about gimmicks and late night bar menus, I think they'd be well advised to consider at least a couple of dishes on the menu that aren't fried, breaded, made with cheese or pastry-based. For someone counting calories - and many, many people do - the only dish that doesn't look too bad is the Lindenhof Salad, and that sounds frankly quite unappetising.

I mean no offence to the restaurant, but in a competitive market I think that such a one dimensional menu is possibly at the heart of the problem.

2012 Apr 10
Woo - as soon as I saw the Title "Hope for the Hoff" - I thought there was going to be a fundrasier for this guy ...The Hoff ..What did he do now ...I am glad its for a good cause !!

2012 Apr 10
Maybe the restaurant is past its time. I go by daily and get the tired vibe from it. Expensive German food has a limited draw. I don't know that a late night menu will help. It is in a strange location for late night crowd, it would have to be a destination spot. I just don't see that happening.

Why not revamp and go after the crowd that used to go to JJ Schnitzel house on Wellington. Offer lots of schnitzel varieties (with a choice of pork, veal, chicken) and simple home cooked sides?

2012 Apr 10
Johnny English has a good point, but then so does hipfunkyfun

Really, if this is authentic German food, then it has to be exactly as Johnny English describes, otherwise it is not authentic. I'd think with the re-emergence of decadence these days, there would be a way to promote that.

But it may well just be the case that German food is not in high demand anymore. Sad but true I guess. Even more sad - this is exactly the sort of place I LOVE to go, but we have not been there since the new owner, which I see is 8 years. We started doing all of our eating in the direct neighbourhood, what little we do. Aside from breakfast at a greasy spoon it has been quite a few years since we've had the whole family out to a restaurant together - I would say a good 5 years anyway. In the largest part because we just can't afford it.

I really wanted to get out to the new location now that it is really close to home, but we have not been yet. I did notice a sign out front a few months ago that they have a kids night, but they did not seem to have details on their website which maybe is part of the problem. I hope someone from there is reading this thread. I did email them and asked for details, and got a response. And I pointed out the info was not on their website - no idea whether it is now.

2012 Apr 10
I love the Lindenhof, so this news is quite sad. The food is fantastic.

2012 Apr 11
Agreed, the Lindenhof is my favourite place to eat in town by far precisely because it is old school and unapologetically heavy fare - exactly what traditional German food is supposed to be. I wish them well...

2012 Apr 11
Follow the current trends !

German/Swiss Small Plates and/or
German/Swiss Fusion.

2012 Apr 17
I like the Lindenhof. I've only eaten there a few times but it was very good, and I could never knock a place that serves Hacker-Pschorr :) I don't think a lack of demand is to blame, but I do find it extremely poorly situated: Preston Street sucks! The locals don't eat there, and the working crowd wants fast cheap lunch. In many ways it reminds me of Queen Street. A kiss of death for all but the highest-markup insta-lunch and bars.

Move it someplace a little more touristy, with parking, and it will fare much better. It's hard to bring a dinner group if they all have to park three blocks away, and in the winter there's no parking at all. Even Elgin St. would be an improvement if they're willing to embrace the late-night crowd with beer and munchies.

2012 Apr 18
Good luck-like Captain Caper I suggest a change in approach/trend, not the actual food. All the best.

2012 Aug 15
I just heard they went under


2012 Aug 16
Damn, because of your bump, zym, I read the thread, and I was thinking, I better go eat there before they close...

Alas, when I read the dates on the posts, and your last post....

I was there once, it was fantastic... expensive, but fantastic. :-(