Food Purism? [Food/Vendor]

2011 Jul 11
Some recent incidents have made me think about purism as it pertains to enjoyment of food. I would call myself a food purist because I tend to appreciate the classics.

* Poutine - Fries, cheese curds, gravy. Other toppings may spoil it.
* Hamburgers - Lettuce, tomato, cheese, bacon... they're popular because they're good!
* Cheesecake - New York style, topped with whipped cream and maybe berries. Please don't put anything into the batter other than cream cheese, eggs, sugar, and vanilla!
* Crème Brûlée - Vanilla, maybe a little citrus.
* Ice Cream - Vanilla, maybe cookies'n'creme.
* Doughnuts - Don't be too clever (maybe this is why I was underwhelmed by NYC's Doughnut Plant?)
* Chocolate - I love to eat chunks of it, but tend not to like it as an ingredient (with some exceptions, like Nanaimo bars).
* Martinis - Nothing really beats gin, vermouth, and olives.

Restaurants often try to differentiate themselves by serving eclectic twists on a traditional dish, often sacrificing quality for diversity. Hamburgers are probably the best example. Why offer it with peanut butter and sliced avocado if the patty and bun aren't all that great?

The really good restaurants are able to take a perfected classic and embellish it to make it unique -- I have no problem with that! What bothers me is when the essence of perfection that has made the dish a classic is somehow lost along the way.

2011 Oct 3
actually over 4 years now LOL. OOOOOOOOOOh SCRUMPY! hhhhhhhmmmmm hhhhhhmmmmm good! max 2 pints for me... the range of sugar plus the alcohol causes me temporary amnesia as does Mead LOL