Baconnaise [General]

2010 Jul 23
yessi posted a picture in Forum - A Chef's Perspective on Ottawa

I'd already been thinking about this - making mayonnaise with bacon fat instead of vegetable oil.

Anyone ever try something like that?

Forum - home made mayo

2010 Jul 30
i love bacon spiked aioli/spread/vinaigrette but i first choose the healthiest option possible. a fantastic baconnaise i had a few times at @atelier which was the highlight of this dish in this photo (flanked left by a sauteed morel and right with a spherified liquid cheese. this lean bacon spread was thickened with tapioca starch or tapioca maltodextrin -- a starch with no inherent flavor and also gluten free.

one version you can try at home and enjoy in moderation: nuke smoked bacon until as much fat is removed (to minimize the unhealthy combo of starch/carbs + fat), grind in a blender to bits, mix with tapioca starch + water, and add a touch of maple syrup just because you like flavor. no more salt or fake mayo needed or added, trace amounts of fat from the lean bacon, no oils blah blah. a leaner, strongly flavored bacon spread and (hopefully) healthier option. goes GREAT on shawarma! i bet you'll find it RAPTUROUS! remember if it's good for your heart, it's good for your mojo.

2010 Aug 6
I finally made it! Tastes most excellent!